Thursday, October 27, 2011

pink out

Today was 'pink out' day at school. You know, for Breast Cancer Awareness month. (Irrelevant side note: we were encouraged to explain to our students WHY we were wearing pink/raising awareness. Pretty sure that message was lost on the four year olds. They were just happy to not wear their uniforms!) Teachers and staff were, of course, encouraged to wear pink.

My dilemma? I don't own a whole lot of pink. I'm not anti or anything...I just noticed I don't have a lot of pink options hanging in the ol' closet. I do have a cute pink sweater dress I bought recently...but it was 80 degrees today, so a sweater dress and boots was not about to happen.

I was so stressed out, scouring my brain and my closet. I MUST WEAR PINK!!! I MUST SUPPORT THE CAUSE!!! And then I saw it, and I knew.

Pink out, you say??

Pink out.
 Who says you only get one use out of a bridesmaid's dress??

Nothing shows love for the ta-tas quite like a skintight hot pink mini-dress!!

Happy Pink Out!

(Note: I did not actually wear the dress to work. Please try to picture me sitting criss-cross on the floor in this dress. Actually, try to picture me sitting, PERIOD, in this dress. NOT HAPPENING. This was just a funny idea I had. I actually wore a pink tank top. I'm sure you're shocked that I had a pink tank top.)


  1. That dress is very barbie-licious. But you look very pretty in it...and skinny!

  2. You should have totally worn the dress... with fishnets. Ha!


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