Monday, January 23, 2012

pick me, pick me!

Um, WOW. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement from my post last night! My phone was BLOWING UP with all of your comments, emails, Facebook messages and texts...makes me really happy I decided to split "the story" into a few parts so that I can look forward to a few more days of this...ha! Don't worry, Part 2 will be posted tomorrow morning at 6 EST...just in time for your first cup of coffee!

However, before we delve back into the emotional and serious stuff, I thought I would remind you that I am about to be on my way to my FIRST EVER JURY DUTY. Despite coming down with some kind of mysterious illness yesterday (typical winter gunk: sore throat, earache, headache) and still feeling the same this morning, I am determined to get picked to serve this week. In case you can't remember WHY I want to be picked, it is very simple: free vacation from work + $25/day. Oh, and a deep, deep desire to serve justice in my county. Of course.

To help increase my odds of being picked, I selected today's outfit with care. I felt it would be important to look halfway decent and clean, like I am a person who pays attention to details and cares about life. However, I didn't want to look too stuffy, because I'm pretty sure 98% of my county is populated with rednecks, and I didn't want to look snooty or like I couldn't relate to what's up in town.

With that in mind, here is my first ever Outfit Of The Day: Jury Duty Ed.

Cardigan, ruffled tank-top, and shoes-- Old Navy; pants-- Gap; earrings-- Premier; ponytail-- Classic Erika, keepin' it real.

OK, so this thing apparently did not post this morning like I thought it did. Oops. That's okay, though, because now I'm home from jury duty and can give a proper update.

Apparently being selected for the jury has nothing to do with how cute your outfit is and everything to do with how far down on the list your name is. And my name was really far down, so I didn't even have a chance to get picked. :( :( :( Sadsies. I do have to call back tomorrow afternoon to see if I have to go back Wednesday, so there is still a little hope, but basically I'm assuming my jury career is over for this time. And I didn't even get $25. Ugh. There is NO justice, I tell you!!


  1. Bummer that you didn't get picked, but at least your outfit was cute!

  2. they should have piced you because you were a criminal justice major and worked at the Alcove. Duh!

  3. This may even entice me to wake up at 6AM.

  4. I'll be reading part 2 over my coffee tomorrow, for sure!

    Your jury duty outfit was cute! I've never been called for jury duty but I don't know how excited I'd be...making sub plans, blech!

  5. can't wait for tomorrow morning!!!! Soo looking forward to Part 2!!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today!


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