Monday, January 30, 2012

i can't stop this feeling


They need to invent a way to bottle up the feeling I get when I'm doing Zumba. The intoxicating combination of energy, excitement, and strength??? They need to bottle up that junk and sell it. I would buy it. And drink it all day long. I wish I could always feel as alive as I do when I'm Zumba-ing. Is that what doing drugs feels like? I can see how it would be hard to stop.

I'm getting to a place where I find myself coveting the trendy Zumba clothes. The $40 t-shirts and $70 cargo pants. I NEED THEM!!! My black workout tights and nasty t-shirts from college are so BORING!!! So in case you had some extra dough in your pocket and were contemplating getting me a Happy February present, there's an idea for you. 

It's good I have Matt to keep me grounded, though. Lest I get too full of myself and how sexy I imagine I look while Zumba-ing, there's always good ol' Mattie. Tonight I caught him checking us (me only, of course) out through the glass door a few times while taking breaks from his own working out. Naturally, I think to myself. Who wouldn't want to watch their hottie wife shakin' her thang with a coin belt a-jiggling, showing how excellently her non-Latino-but-still-impressive hips gyrate? I gave a few extra-sexy jiggles, just for his benefit.

Later, in the car: "So were yall doing a song where you dance like zombies? You looked like you were being a zombie."

Um...okay, thanks for bringing me back down to planet Earth. JERKFACE.


  1. Zombie Zumba. That's a mediocre Saturday Night Live sketch just waiting to happen.

  2. Ha leave it to a husband to bring you back to reality- but really, I'm sure you are awesome and I think we need a video as proof :)

  3. Hahahaha:) Silly hubby you've got there! I agree with, please!