Wednesday, February 1, 2012

baby wearing (1983 ed.)

Happy Way Back When-sday! 

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So it seems like "baby wearing" is all the rage these days. In the past few years, I feel like I've seen more versions of baby wraps than I ever imagined could exist, both on people I see or know in real life, and in pictures/blogs/magazines. In fact, here's what comes up if you do a Google image search for 'baby wrap': all this. It's a little overwhelming, actually...when the time comes for me to decide what kind of wrapping and wearing I'm going to want for my own kid, I'm sure I'll be completely overwhelmed and paralyzed with the many options! Yippee! And then I'll probably ask you people for advice, so go ahead and be thinking about that.

ANYWAYS. So I've always figured I'd be into some sort of baby wrap thing. Not creepy into it, you, some people seem to wear their babies 24/7 until they drop them off at pre-k. And then they expect me to be able to teach that kid? Who never left momma's side for 2 seconds? Right, thanks. But that's beside the point anyway. Some women look like they're pregnant for about 3 years: there's always SOME sort of lump under the fabric on their bellies...for awhile it's probably an actual pregnant belly; for the next few years, just a lump of a kid. Whom you never get to actually see. I'm not planning on being that into baby-wearing. Just a regular amount of into it.

Today, as I looked through an old photo album, I realized why the idea of baby wearing seemed so appealing to me. Apparently MY parents were big into baby wearing. Who knew?! But in a good number of pictures, I was appearing as merely a lump in a (really retro) Baby Bjorn-type-thing...mere head and legs sticking off of my mom or dad's torso. So apparently the desire to baby wear is genetic. And look how great I turned out! I am like a walking campaign for The Benefits of Baby Wearing. Some company (Baby Bjorn? Moby? Anyone? Bueller?) should definitely be paying me to be writing this blog right now.

So, on with the pictures! The first one is really awesome. The second two...questionable. You'll see what I mean.

The writing on the back of this one informs us that I am 2 months old and we are at Niagara Falls. (This would be my one and only trip so far this lifetime to Niagara Falls. Too bad I don't remember it.) There are so many awesome things about this picture-- namely my Nana and Poppie's spectacularly classy outfits (and pipe). Then there's my dad...rocking out some retro sneakers, with me on his chest. This is a very acceptable usage of baby wearing: walking around some touristy place. Much more convenient than having your arms get tired holding the infant, or pushing the stroller all over. Ideal usage, Dad. A+.

 A few months later, we find ourselves back home, ready for Family Exercise Hour. According to the writing on the back of the picture, "bike riding with Mommy while Daddy runs: 3 1/2 months". Ummm....okay.

WOW, do I look comfy or WHAT?!!! I think I STILL have neck pain from that experience. Also, I am a huge 3.5 month old. And also, I'm pretty sure this would be illegal in like 19 different ways in the present day. But you know what? Back in the 80s, it looks like the government had better things to do than make up rules about everything in the world, so rock on with your bike-riding self, Mom. At least our family wasn't succumbing to the obesity epidemic.

And on an unrelated note, if you will closely examine all three pictures, please compare my dad's outfit in the first with my mom's outfit in the other two. It would appear my parents SHARED their outerwear! Since they were at that time living in a Very Cold, Snowy, and Godforsaken State, one would think they had more than one coat between them...but maybe not. Ah, the 80s.

So! Thus concludes today's lecture on baby wearing. Bottom line: You should wear your babies at appropriate times, such as while shopping or visiting Natural Wonders of the World. Probably not while exercising...but then again, that could be the very thing that turned me into the fitness enthusiast I am today (HAHAHAHAHAHA), so who am I to judge?


  1. Ha I do like the position you're in in the last one- looks so comfy :)

  2. Haha it kind of looks like your mom stole you from someone and hid you in her jacket, and then they decided to have a photo shoot to show off their stolen goods :)

  3. <3 Babywearing. In fact, I only considered it to help Xander bond with us, and loved it so much that we continued with Solomon. So far, I've only been able to do it until a baby is around 10 lbs because of an old shoulder/neck injury, BUT my other babywearing friends have told me if I wrap instead of use a sling, that I could use both shoulders and remove that pressure.

  4. We used our baby wrap less than 5 times. It all depends on how big of a baby you have to carry. If you would like to borrow our wrap just let me know.

  5. Ok, not going to lie, you said the second one was questionable and at first, I thought your mom had just zipped you into her jacket!!! After seeing it unzipped and you were actually strapped it, the helmet thing didn't seem so bad!

  6. Oh my goodness, that last one made me laugh out loud! Are you sure you were breathing?! We used our Baby Bjorn with Anahi and ton with Caleb, but alas, we have lost a very important part of it and it's now useless. They are very expensive, btw! I tried the Moby and another one, whose name I can't remember, and didn't really like either. The Baby Bjorn is the way to go!

  7. I literally just laughed out loud through that entire post! (and the previous one)

  8. Awesome! It's fun to look back and ask "what were they thinking" about some things. Funny pictures.

  9. Ha, ha! That is hilarious! I love the 80's. Although I don't think my parents actually wore me while bike-riding, one of my first memories is being on the back of my mom's bike as she rode precariously close to the edge of a bike path on top of a huge hill with a river at the bottom. I was terrified and screaming, I believe.

    I am new to your blog and have to say you are both adorable and hilarious. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be back!


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  11. This is the funniest post I have read in awhile. LOL! I think it is hilarious when people wear their babies. Understand the convenience and bonding with mom, but only within the first year or so. Thanks for making my day.

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