Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last night I attended my first ever Zumba After Dark-- a super-fun event hosted by a local Zumba instructor. Basically she rents out the 40 Watt (a pretty popular/famous bar/venue in downtown Athens) and invites all Zumba enthusiasts to come shake it for a few hours on a Friday night-- cocktail drinking is encouraged but not required. (FYI: I took no part in the cocktails. Are you kidding me? I was practically puking up my WATER it was so hot and I was so exhausted...I have no idea how people were doing that AND drinking) It was REALLY fun-- I went with my friend Sarah and also saw about half of the teachers in my school district was absolutely the place to be!

I will probably talk more about it later, especially once I get some pictures. There was a photographer there (from the local paper) and I swear it felt like we were having a one-on-one photo shoot, just the two of us. And every time she took a picture the flash blinded me and I crashed into the person next to me (263 people Zumba-ing in a small space= NO SPACE TO DANCE), so even though I'm sure I'm going to look super hot in all of those pics...COULD YOU CUT IT OUT ALREADY, LADY?

ANYWAY. So 'sore' does not even begin to describe how I felt after 2 hours of that (plus a half-mile walk to our car each way). After consuming basically 1 of everything at Chickfila (at 10pm, sure they loved me), I collapsed into bed.

During the night I had TWO charley horses!!! UGH! I have not had one of those in several years, and they are AWFUL! And then to be woken up twice in one night?! Ugh ugh ugh. Not to mention they apparently make me wake up screaming and hysterical, so Matt got totally freaked out. Twice.

This morning, while still laying in bed with my poor broken body and crampy calf muscles, I decided to do a little charley horse research to see if there were any good remedies. I first consulted WebMD, which was very useful. But then I thought I'd see what Wikipedia had to say on the topic. You know, because I'm sure that's more reliable than WebMD.

They had a good bit to say, but I'm not sure how trustworthy the info is. After all, when THIS is at the beginning of your article... makes your credibility a little...umm...suspect.

Seriously??! Charley horses are a common complaint during PREGNANCY while ELDERLY!?!?! I don't know all that many elderly people getting pregnant, but I tend to suspect they would have bigger things to complain about than some charley horses. Like maybe...I dunno...BEING PREGNANT WHILE ELDERLY?

Wikipedia, I might suggest you invest in some extra commas, periods, or connecting words in this sentence: How about "...common complaint during pregnancy and while elderly"? Something like that? Now to be sure, I did check that footnote reference, but since I don't have access to the medical journal it got its info from, I could be totally wrong here. Maybe elderly pregnant women DO have tons of charley horses (since WebMD also mentioned them being common while pregnant)...but if that's the case, I'm going to be a lot more interested in the pregnant elderly people than their charley horses. Where's the Wiki for THAT?

Thanks for the entertainment, Wikipedia! Happy Saturday!


  1. Ha! I had one that woke me up screaming once during pregnancy, but I was only 27 at the time... is that elderly?

  2. Allison, if that's elderly, then Erika and I are going to be ancient by the time we have kids!

  3. Well this explains why my nursing instructors do not allow Wikipedia as a source for our patient research. Although, 35 years old is considered "of advanced maternal age"...if Wiki thinks that's elderly then I'm annoyed!! (btw I'm 40!)

  4. Trying to stiffle my giggles while the rest of the house is sleeping.. at 6:44 am. Hilarious.


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