Wednesday, May 16, 2012

just wait.

My used-to-be-neighbor/wonderful friend Michelle shared this story and blog (she is friends with this family) with me yesterday. And now, just because I love you, I'm going to share it with you, too. Because I want your world to be rocked. And because I know a lot of hurting people read this blog-- and I want your hearts to be filled with hope. Like mine is right now. And I know the filled-with-hope feeling is...well, let's be honest, it's temporary. And it needs re-kindling almost constantly. So here's today's dose of hope.

When God Says Wait

Grab a hanky and start reading. Don't worry, it isn't long.

This could be my story. Soon.

And PS- let's be praying for Alisa and baby Asa, okay? Because WOW. Just wow.

And PPS- if you go read the Caringbridge page, you will learn an interesting factoid: buying breastmilk from a milk 'bank' (or whatever it's called) costs $6 an OUNCE!!! Wowza. That blew my mind. 


  1. Hi Erika! I came to your blog after you commented on mine and then found this link back... thank you! That was so nice of you. I'll be praying for your own little miracle to happen soon! AND, thank you for praying for Asa!

  2. Sweet story- thanks for sharing!

  3. Ooh, I love a story with a happy ending! Praying for Asa!

  4. Oh my goodness...what a beautiful story! I shouldn't have read it at work, I need to fix my eye make-up.

  5. *smile* And stories like that are what kept me going too.

    Milk banks ARE very expensive because of all the testing etc. I'm sure you read on my blog about my friend Susanna that adopted Katie? When her Verity was born, she pumped enough for Verity and another friend of ours that had a baby around the same time Solomon was born.

    When I first started walking the motherhood road, I thought things like that were weird, but wet nurses go wayyyyy back in history.

    I'll be praying!

  6. This made me bawl! Beautiful story.

  7. Wow! It sounds like they were blessed twice with miracles. What a wonderful story. I know and have been praying for your miracle to come and for God to say IT IS TIME!!!! I can't wait to blog about the day my friend becomes a MOM:)

  8. Needed that inspiration! Thanks :-)

  9. Hi Erika! Michelle sent me the link to your blog and I'm so glad she did! Thank you for posting this and thank you for your prayers for Asa. I'm believing with you that God has a perfect miracle in store for your family!

  10. Thank you so much for posting this story!

    I have one son and have been trying for 14 months to get pregnant again. This story summed up my biggest fear, that he will be my only. BUT the post also gave me hope and reminded me that when we tried for Griffin, I prayed for my God to bring me my babies...anyway he saw fit.

    I'm learning and struggling to trust Him...even if that means I don't get to be pregnant again.

    Praying God blesses you with pregnancy and a little one soon! Don't give up, keep praying and waiting!! God has YOUR baby out there:)


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