Monday, May 28, 2012


 ...and I'm back in the game!

The wreath-making game, that is. I've been on a wreath-making hiatus since Christmas, but this weekend I remembered a wreath I pinned a long, long time ago (one of the first things I ever pinned, actually!) and since today is Memorial Day and all...well, there was no time like the present.

My Pinspiration:

My wreath:
If this doesn't make you want to jump to your feet and belt out I'm Proud to be an American at the top of your lungs, I don't know what will.
Do you love it??! I do. Now we don't look like we hate America, which is easy to look like in my neighborhood, since the neighbors across the street have like 2,000 flags in their yard/swagging their porch/lining their driveway. I actually have one more bit of flair to add to the wreath, but I haven't finished it yet...but it looks perfectly good enough for me to go ahead and be hanging while I finish the rest!

And can we talk about those stars for a minute?? Um, okay, so...stars. I just cut them out of white felt. "No biggie!" I was thinking before I started that endeavor. But au contraire...NOT the easiest thing ever. Those stars look gheeetttttoooooo. But then I made myself feel better by considering the fact that the ACTUAL stars (you know, like in outer space? or wherever stars reside?) are probably not all identical, five-pointed shapes. And so my stars are just unique individuals, just like the real stars. And they look crafty. Like me. So there. Flag-makers of the world, do not judge my stars. They are special.

Wanna know one of my favorite things about America?


 In case you weren't already jealous enough of my neighborhood (patriotic neighbors, free hydrangeas, creative thinking when it comes to moving trampolines, free clothes)...well, now my next-door neighbors (same ones who gave me the shorts) have a litter of PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Three-and-a-half week old Pembroke Welsh Corgis, to be exact. Purebred. And completely adorable. They bring them outside for potty time, and I just so happen to spend all of MY free time outside, so sometimes the stars align and I get to go over and play. And if being surrounded by a wiggling, mewling pile of tiny puppies doesn't make you love life and your home and America, then YOU, my friend, have something wrong with your brain.

PUPPIES!!! Is there anything greater in life? I submit to you that there is not.

Except for maybe freedom...and equality...and justice...and all of those other things that are actually important. I'm so thankful for all the men and women who fight for those things (while I sit around whining and crafting and dreaming about puppies). And I doubt that any of those people are actually reading this blog, but just in case...thanks. 

And if you'll excuse me, I need to go snag my husband and make him go look at my wreath again and hopefully convince him to join me in a rousing rendition of Proud to be an American (our favorite song to belt out with great gusto together. Go figure. It's just so darn inspirational/cheesy!!!). Happy Memorial Day, all!


  1. LOVE the wreath and LOVE the puppies! I also love how you said you were going to make Matt come admire your wreath again because I do things like that to Wade all the time.

    P.S. BOOM, I totally beat Amanda.

  2. I love your wreath, special stars and all! You did a great job. And those puppies... oh my! how are you not bringing every one of them home?!

  3. LOVE the wreath! i think i might need to pin that too.
    oh and puppies? LOVE them too! so jealous that you get to smell puppy breath!

  4. I would like to request that you send me a wreath and a puppy of my own. Thanks.

    Ps- Allison is dumb. The end.

  5. I like the wreath too. You did a really nice job. I have a question at the end of my blog will you check it out and if you have any pointers let me know.

  6. Love the wreath and it looks identical to the Pinterest one. My crafts are usually a FAIL from ones on Pinterest. Those puppies are pretty cute too!

  7. I didn't even notice the stars were each unique! But I like them the way they are!

  8. Love the wreath! I am the most non creative non crafty person on the planet so I am super impressed. :)

  9. The wreath looks awesome! And I like the imperfect stars; asymmetry is way more pleasing compositionally:)

    OH MY GOODNESS! If we had puppies like that in my neighborhood I would be outside ALL THE TIME so I could hold them and play with them! So cute!!


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