Wednesday, September 26, 2012

being sick: UPS, YHL, & HG

Today I'm home sick. Not to be confused with homesick...just regular ol' feel-like-crap, lost-my-voice-and-can't-breathe-so-I'm-staying-home-sick. Definitely not my favorite way to be-- especially since my paid sick leave is hovering around little to none, thanks to having already taken one zillion sick days this year for hemorrhaging cystssurgery, and ridiculously frequent trips to Atlanta to visit the RE. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

On an unrelated note (I have a hunch this whole post is going to be one unrelated note), I think I have a condition or disorder wherein I always think I hear the UPS truck. Like I'm not even kidding. I probably hear a phantom UPS truck/guy (leaving things on my porch, of course) like five times a day (more if I'm actually sitting at HOME all day, such, which causes me to jump up (even if I'm comfortably napping in my bed), run to the front door, and check. So has never been the UPS guy. Which is pretty devastating. Apparently I really need someone to send me something via UPS-- who volunteers? (PS. Does anyone else suffer from this? Should I be taking meds or something? A support group, perhaps?)

So since I have nothing to do today, I was killing time on Young House Love, where they're celebrating their five year 'blogiversary' all week. I watched the entire 20-minute Q & A video with reader-submitted questions about all kinds of things and it was really entertaining. It also made me feel like my ponytail is totally lame compared to Sherry's. I need to work on pumping up my ponytail-volume, no?

{pause to run to check the front window for the UPS truck again. no dice. just another garbage truck.}

I also really enjoyed their "day in da life" post. I think that their lifestyle would totally work for me. Full time blogging sounds fantastic. So does having a two-year-old. Although I don't really want to be doing DIY projects til midnight...or writing 8 (long, picture-filled, totally legit) posts a week. That seems like a bit much. I could do maybe 6. 

I've been doing some light research into my costume for my Hunger Games birthday party (which I may as well wear for Halloween, too). Naturally, I want to be Girl on Fire. I'm trying to figure out how to best make the "fire" on the cape. There are lots of ideas (some good, some terrible) floating around about how to attempt this. The other main part of the costume will be a black catsuit. Which reminds me that I need to be spending like 15 days a week at the gym. Ha.

OH! Speaking of Hunger Games-- Catching Fire is doing a lot of filming around Atlanta. Therefore I've made it my new life goal to be an extra in it. I've connected with one of the extras casting agencies in Atlanta so that hopefully I can find out about any opportunities. If Catching Fire doesn't work out, I would also like to be an extra for Walking Dead. I think I'd be an awesome zombie.

Well, now that your mind is probably exploding from the randomness of this post, I'm going to get back to my regularly scheduled hacking coughing, reading, and listening for the UPS truck. So long!


  1. Hey, I'm sick right now too! Although I stayed home yesterday and am back at work today- boo. Still miserable, though, so I'm glad we have yet another thing in common. Your UPS paranoia is definitely unique... we used to have a mail slot in our front door (as opposed to a mailbox) and every time I was home when they dropped the mail off, it scared the crap out of me. You'd think I would have eventually gotten used to it, but you'd be wrong. Ok that's all... hope you feel better!

  2. I, too, am jealous of $herdog's ponytail. I would take that any day, but definitely NOT all the blog writing, editing, and phone meetings. Boring. So, y'all move down here. You occupy the blog and we'll do all the DIY work!

  3. So, all the beach scenes from Catching Fire (like 2/3 of the movie) are being filmed at this place that is 5 minutes from where I grew up. We went there all the time when I was little. I totally want to Extra with you (I can verb that, right?).

  4. I'm curious if your disorder is specific to UPS trucks, or if it also includes FedEx and/or other delivery companies?

  5. Hi, my name is Susan and I hear the UPS truck all day long and I think it's at my house! Yet, I've not ordered a thing in weeks :-)

  6. I have a similar problem only the Canada Post truck actually visits my house like 3 times a week {online shopping is SO dangerous}... and 9 times out of 10 I'm in my pajamas with no bra when he comes :S
    I love the sounds of your costume! I think I need to get on the Hunger Games train so I'm not out of place at your birthday. This Halloween I'm going as Where's Waldo, any excuse to wear stripes.
    And YHL started to annoy me, but your blog commentary has definitely piqued my John & Sherry interest.
    Feel better my love.

  7. I had friends who were extras in the hunger games! I was totally jealous as we moved before i had the opportunity. And as I recall....back in our super spiritual days.... I was dressed up as fire to your cloud. So maybe take some tips from outfits past. And James and I are totally dressing up adoration as catniss. She will have a costume that she actually understands and enjoys wearing and then she will have the one we make her wear. I mean.... The braid, the boots, the bow and arrow. It just has to be done.

  8. The amount that YHL posts overwhelms me. I feel like if I don't read it then I'm so far behind that it's impossible to catch up. Yes, I stress out about stupid things like that. So I would be ok if you posted 6 times a week.

  9. yeah. i defintely watched the video that YHL posted too. it was really interesting because i had never heard the guy talk before. haha.

  10. We have a friend who is dating one of the regular zombies on The Walking Dead! Perhaps she can hook you up. ;)

    As far as UPS goes, I got freaked the other day when someone knocked on my front door...turns out it was the UPS guy leaving a package. You always expect them, I never do! haha Of course, it was something I ordered, so it wasn't a fun surprise gift or anything.

  11. omg....i totally want to be an extra!!!! I would be SO in for that!!!

  12. So because of your blog I read The Hunger Games (in like two days) and then I decided I needed to re-read them (because I might have missed some of the finer points) but now I can't get my hands on them because my husband is obsessed with reading them!

    And I would be thrilled if you did six blog posts a week. That would be AWESOME!

  13. Sherry and John shop at *my* Old Navy! I ran into them there once, but I didn't want to sound stalkerish so I didn't say a word to them. Instead I hid behind a clothing rack and told Bran, "It is THEM!"

    Later I posted a comment and they said I should have come and said hello. Drats. Now I just have to run into them again in this large metro area! HA!


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