Friday, September 21, 2012

things husbands say

So last night, Cat and I were getting ready to leave for our women's group (Bible study thing) after dinner. As we were discussing it, Zoe excitedly piped in: "Girls' night??! Yaaaaay!!! We get to go hang out with alllll girllllls and noooo boys will be allowed!!!" So we had to break her heart by informing her that unfortunately, it was women's night...for grown-ups only. No kids allowed. Understandably, she was crushed.

Never one to enjoy seeing kids sad, Matt enthusiastically spoke up to save the day. "Don't worry, Zoe!! You are going to have way more fun here with me and your dad. We're having...Men and Little Girls' Night!!!"

One billionth of a second later, Cat, Spence, and I are dissolving in hysterical laughter as Matt slowly figures out how totally sketchtastic his "night" sounds. Of course, he tries to take his words back-- "aw MAN...yall KNOW I didn't mean THAT...come ON...."-- but the damage has already been done.

Men and Little Girls' Night? 

Are you going to be driving this van?

So!! With that happy story in mind...hope you have a wonderful and sketchiness-free weekend!


  1. Ha, poor Matt! PS- Is he really giving away free candy? Because if so, I will definitely get in the van. Is that pathetic?

  2. Vans with no windows = always a sketchy driver!

  3. Haha! Now I want to watch the movie Three Men and a Little Lady and eat mass amounts of candy.

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! My husband and I totally laughed at this. Dave especially appreciated how you described it as "sketchtastic." Then Dave turned to out daughter, "You and Daddy have Men and Little Girl Nights." And then he said, "Wow! That DOES sound bad."

    So not only did Matt say it but my husband repeated it. I'm not quite sure which is worse!

    Still laughing... And that van is also hysterical! (In an illustrating this post kind of way, not in an "it actually exists?!?!?!" kind of way.)

  5. hilarious. and something James would do...except now I think he's learned different ways after having to shmooze it up with parents, principals, and PTA moms all the time.

  6. Haha! Oh, poor Matt! At least he is a sweet man, even if his words sounded sketchtastic :) That's pretty cute that he stepped in to cheer up Zoe!

  7. Poor guy! 500 points to Matt for being empathetic though!

  8. I laughed so hard I had tears coming down my face (and I'm sitting in my cubicle at work....hope no one heard or saw me). :) Poor Matt!

  9. The free candy van is SO CREEPY!!


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