Thursday, January 31, 2013

january's score

Last week my new blog-friend Christen (she's awesome, yall should check her out) did a great post where she 'scored' different things that had occurred during the month so that she could give the month an overall...well, score. How many times can I use the same word in a sentence? Anyway. So basically you review things that happened during the month and arbitrarily assign points (positive or negative) to each event, then add 'em up, and voila. Your month's score. I suppose if you did it every month, then you could have a scientific way of comparing months. I can't make that kind of commitment, but her January's Score post definitely entertained me enough to want to straight-up copy her.

So let's take a minute to review the spectacular month of January 2013.

First of all, it was January. I don't like the idea of January that much: -3 pts.

I ripped out my eyelashes. Ugly and traumatizing: -5 pts.

Started my new job: + 5 pts.

Had to say good-bye to my old job/co-workers: -2 pts.

Started the Bird Food Diet: +1 pts. (I'd break that down by giving -3 for missing out on bacon, waffles, and cookies, but +4 for feeling healthier, making good choices, and discovering new foods/recipes)

Beat Matt at foosball a bunch of times: +2 pts.

Lost my ability to sleep through the night: -10 pts.

Discovered a disgusting-but-natural remedy for the insomnia: +5 pts.  

Got a lot of new makeup: +3 pts.

Got to hang out with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and eat Mexican food!: +4 pts.

Took a cool picture of me and Matt's feet: +1 pt.

Worked out 13 times (yes, I keep track): +13 pts.

Had 24/7 chapped lips and itchy skin: -5 pts.   

Got mentioned on Stirrup Queens: +2 pts.

Haven't died yet of embarrassment due to Fashion Week: +3 pts. 

Starting participating in the Bachelor phenomenon: + 2 pts.

Alright! I'm out of time, so that means my list is done! Let's all pull out our TI-83s and do some advanced calculus here, 'aight? One moment, please!!

And January's total score IS....16!!!!!!!!!!  

Not bad, not bad at all, right? I mean, since I have nothing to compare it to, I'll have to say- way to go, January! Way to beat my expectations. I never thought you'd top an 11.

And now I'm off to join some of my favorite ladies for (most likely non-BFD-approved) Mexican (which will seriously be worth at least 3 more points, but oh well) was your January? Feel free to give your month a completely arbitrary point-total with no justifications whatsoever, because that's how we roll here.     



  1. Mexican food is worth WAY more than 3 points in my book!

  2. I agree with Amanda (which is shocking, as usual). Fun post idea!

  3. I'm proud of your +2 for joining the bachelor phenomenon!

  4. I'm totally going to do this for January as a blog post tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. And I'm impressed at how low you scored things. I have a feeling my January will likely end up around 30 :)

  5. You forgot to give yourself points for your slightly inappropriate poster you found in your office. You will have to decided if that was a positive or a negative.

  6. +2 more points for the time someone thought you were a fitness instructor. It makes sense you'd be confused with the yoga teacher, working out 13 times for crying out loud! Glad January came out in the positive. And glad to see it go!

  7. I feel like 16 is very respectable number, but I have to agree that you definitely missed points when you forgot about being mistaken for the yoga instructor! Winning!

    Glad your January turned out so well. Hope your February is even better!

  8. Surely new job is worth more than 5 points! :D And, I LOVE this idea!

  9. This is JUST like the points systems we used in college (except for we used like thousands...) and we mostly got 'mom points' and probably 'alpha points' or something. I'm pretty sure some girls got 1000 'mom points' for Tom the Turkey.


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