Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the awkwardness

Lemme ask you something.

Have you ever tried to be a model? Like, solo? Without your friend/life partner/offspring/pet sharing the frame with you, bearing some of the camera's burden on their own shoulders? Okay, but have you ever done all that but also with the full realization that you are a huge dork who cracks up when the camera's on her, doesn't know how to fix her own hair, and whose clothes are all from the Target clearance rack circa 2009?

Right. That just leaves me.

So please imagine how it feels trying to take part in your own self-imposed Fashion Week.

Pretty awesome, basically.

I was going to wait until after the week was over to post some of my extremely inspirational fashion pictures. Buuutttt...that just seems so long, you know? I hate to keep you waiting. And also it would be a really long, photo-heavy post. So I figured I'd go ahead and get two days out of the way. We can call Days 1 and 2 of Fashion Blogger Week "The Awkwardness." Please imagine Diana and I uncomfortably standing around saying "ummmm....what should I do now?" and then posing each other and trying to snap a picture before the model busts out laughing again. YALL. I was not cut out for modeling. Which is convenient since I'm pretty sure I'm too old and slightly too...uh...curvy. So whatever. No skin off my back. (What does that expression even mean??! Sick.)

First of all, you should know: Extensive research has gone into this project!! I mean, we subjected ourselves to hours of looking at fashion blogs...getting ideas for posing, for outfits, for camera angles.

Diana apparently actually gleaned something from all that research. Me? I think I'm too uncomfortable even looking at fashion blogs. I feel embarrassed for the (cool, pretty, skinny, trendy) girls. They're posing alone!! Over and over!! What are they laughing at??! Where are they looking? Who do they con into taking all these pictures every day? So many questions...I can't focus. So anyway. I tried. By day 3 (which I won't show right now) I did at least learn that they always carry something in their hands. A purse. Some 'sunnies' (gag me). Something. So at least that gives them something to do with their hands. Smart girls.

SO. On with The Awkwardness.

Fashion Blogger Week, Erika and Diana Style.

 Ooooohhh I was uncomfortable on Monday!! Out of about 40 pictures, I'm only not-cracking up or looking terrified in like...3. Thank goodness Diana firmly understands the Fashion Blogger Rule about chopping heads off. Why is that trendy? Because then you don't have to continue worrying about "what do I do with my FACE??!"

 I'm going to break the Fashion Blogger Rule about listing where you got your clothes. Maybe that's fun to do if you're bragging about your sweet labels (I'm not) or your clothes are this season's and people could go purchase them if they wanted (mine aren't). The earrings, however, were a gift from Amanda J-- so if you like them (I DO!!), she gets the credit!


 Tuesday was better. Outside is definitely better. Hey-- almost this whole outfit is this season, even! (Fancy labels: TJ Maxx times 2, Forever 21 times 2, Old Navy times 2. I'm an equal-opportunity wearer.)

 From this angle, you can't even tell how disgusting my nails are! Truly, Diana has camera skillz.

 I'm telling you, head-chopped-off pictures are what's up. Never going back.

Alright. So now you've seen the first two awe-inspiring days of Fashion Week. Things can only go up from here, right??

PS. I did the Adrenal Cocktail again last night and slept well again. All you people who were wanting long-term evidence...well, now we've got two nights of success. AKA get your OJ and cream of tarter out, ladies, and get mixin! 

PPS. When I just now "previewed" this post before posting it, it made me cringe. So many pictures! Of me only!! AWKWARD!!! other words, if I hadn't already told you I was gonna do this, I would never, ever post this. I'm mortified in advance. Just so you know.


  1. These are NOT awkward. They're adorable! LOVE THEM! :) :)

  2. I, for one, am proud of you for posting ;) Also, I will never, ever, ever be able to do a serious fashion post. Please refer to previous outfit posts of me wearing old sorority t-shirts with workout bottoms.

  3. Not awkward at all! You could totally be a super model! Awesome outfits thus far... and I love the accessories! The Amanda earrings and the silver cuff bracelet are so pretty! Love Love Love that dress!

  4. Please keep posting about the awkwardness of taking and sharing these pictures! I don't care if your blog about your labels, but I love your how you show your humanity and admit how awk this was!

  5. Both outfits are so cute and fashionable!! The first pic of you on day two totally looks like it's fom a fashion blog. I love this and can't wait to see what you wore/wear for the rest of the week!

  6. I am loving how you are doing this! I was thinking you would be posting everyday and I was really disappointed when there was no fashion post yesterday so to get two for the price of one today was great.

    Also, I would never ever be a model because I can't act, I can't do my own hair (notice how there have been no pics of me on the blog lately because I don't know what to do with my new haircut -- arg.), I don't wear makeup and my clothes are not fashionable.

    Obviously my wardrobe will be much improved when Target and its clearance racks hit Canada! :) And I really love your second outfit too.

  7. 1. Cute outfits!
    2. So jealous that you get to wear leggings to work.
    3. One time when I was traveling for my sorority, I had to legitimately model a Chi Omega outfit for the magazine. I'll try to find the pic for you.
    4. Thanks for the earring shout-out! For all of your adoring fans, the earrings are from Francesca's :)

  8. You could totally be a model...real women have curves and wear fashion from past seasons. Must say the headless shots came out great. I'm not sure I'd know how to chop the head off without making the picture look weird. Kudos girls!!!

  9. You are so brave for posting so many pictures of yourself! I am completely aware of how awkward I would be even attempting something like this. Also, I really love that bottom pic (with your face in it) where Diana stood higher up than you.

  10. So I know you probably felt awkward, and I can understand-my weekly bump pictures always leave me feeling like that BUT you look great and relaxed! Not awkward at all! Seriously!!!

  11. Reading this post makes me want to do my own "Fashion Week," but ... I think I would be way more awkward and my fashions are not even close to as cute as yours. Who really wants to see sweats and pajama pants (I work from home) over and over again??

  12. Those look GREAT Erika! Love both of those first earrings and then love the aqua skinnies!

  13. You are adorable. I think you've missed your calling.

  14. I think you need to come dress me.

    Or at least email me some ideas?

  15. I think you make a great model! And I laugh when I am getting my picture taken alone, too! Looking forward to the next fashion week post!

  16. when I saw this post I realized that I hadn't fully thought through fashion week picturing taking, in that I'd be posting photos of me only on the internets. Gulp.


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