Tuesday, November 19, 2013

an outfit. and a reunion.

Going back to work was a fantastic choice. Yesterday was a great day- I was busy (but not too busy), had productive goals to work towards, and was surrounded by people who were ready to laugh, encourage, cry, or grab coffee-- whatever mood I was in at whatever minute, they were there with me. It was fantastic. I cannot overstate how much I love this job and how thankful I am to have it. I also cannot overstate how great it was to go home and do nothing except watch 25(ish) episodes of Parks & Rec. We finished Season 3...onto 4 tonight!

Today I'm wearing a fun new outfit (another reason working is great: you always have a ready excuse for buying new clothes!) and managed to convince Matt to take pictures of me this morning before we left the house. I felt like I needed photographic proof that I wear something other than my pajamas...plus I just felt cute, so there's no shame in documenting that, right? Right!

On a chilly Tuesday (high of 61) in Georgia, here's what I like to wear to work:

Shirt | Pants | Boots
 These pants are the jam. They're basically leggings (all elastic waist, no zippers/pockets/what have you), so the comfort level is Code Red. BUT- they're a much thicker fabric than 'normal' leggings, so you can feel a lot more comfortable with the 'leggings as pants' thing than I normally would. Also they have zippers on the back of the legs, which you obviously can't see with my boots, but the zippers provide a certain 90s throwback that I really appreciate. Plus they make it a lot easier to pull the pants down and off over your giant feet if you happen to have giant feet...not that I do or anything...

Anyway. And of course, now that I go to find the link for the pants, I discover they're like $10 cheaper now than they were when I bought them Saturday. Of course. That's just how life works. Maybe I'll get another color now...

The bracelet is old and you can't even see my awesome rhinestone-y headband that makes me feel like a princess (got it at Ulta last weekend because you're never too old to pretend you're a princess, right? So get used to seeing this headband), but trust me- it's there. My necklace is a gift from a friend at church- she made it for me last week and sent it with a beautiful card. I love it.

I have a lot of freckles on my chest, evidently. Who knew?

In case you're wondering what kind of jacket a fashionista such as myself would opt to wear with an outfit like this, I'll let you know: this is what I grabbed on my way out the door. 

Although it makes me look like I have huge linebacker shoulders (or maybe linebackers don't have huge shoulders-- whatever football players are the really huge ones, that's what I meant), I still think it's fun. And warm-ish. I never really understand sweaters/jackets with non-full-length sleeves. Like I want my wrists to be really cold or something? Whatever. Obviously I bought it anyway (Loft, like 3 years ago) so I can't judge too harshly. Also, it's not that cold in Georgia. So it'll be okay.

So there you have it. My fun new Tuesday outfit. And in case it's not inspirational enough for you, there's always this:

Thank you Jesus- my brother-in-law is home from Afghanistan. The bundled-up girl (probably sobbing) is my sister and I am so, so thankful for the answered prayers that brought him and his troop home. I don't know if there's any video footage of their reunion (for some reason, Sarah's photo-and-video-posting on Facebook has really slacked in the last few days...???...weird.), but I was happy to finally see this picture. I mean, if Soldier-Family Reunion photos don't tug at your heartstrings, I think you might have problems or something. And when the photo is your sister? Dang. I am so happy for them.

So there you go. Fun outfits and soldiers coming home. You can't ask for much more, really.   


  1. Super cute! Love the boots! I've been on a mission for the past two years to find a pair of boots that I like and have failed miserably so far. Finally bought a pair at Belk and then returned them last weekend. Clearly I have commitment issues. Or buyer's remorse. Who knows? Either way, I still don't have a pair of boots. Me and my ginormous calves are obviously not meant to look cute and fashionable. However, you've managed to succeed at both today, and for that, I commend you, my friend! (And p.s., nothing warms my heart more than seeing a soldier coming home to his/her family--thanks for sharing that!)

  2. First: LOVE the last picture. Praise God!

    Second: you HAVE to share the link for those pants, girl! They sound amazing and you look great. So glad work went well yesterday!

  3. I have those pants and I LOVE THEM. I wore them yesterday to work and I felt like because I wore sparkly flats with them that they were totes work appropriate. I think I may have to get the navy ones too! Excited for Sarah, and praying for you. Hope is a good thing. I know it's probably hard to find reasons to have it in your grief. Have an awesome day! Love you!

  4. Yay for your sister! That's AWESOME and such an answer to prayer! Wonderful news!

    Your hair looks particular fabulous on this Tuesday... maybe it's the headband?!?!

    Also, am I missing the link to these awesome pants?!?!? I'm always on the hunt for faux-pants... the fact that I'm essentially allowed to wear yoga pants to work is AMAZING!

    1. The link for the pants is in the caption under the first picture!

  5. You are so cute! And that reunion pic...thanks for tears today! gosh! :)

  6. First, you look amazing! Second, thank you God for a safe return! What a huge family blessing this time of the year! Third, your work peeps are the bomb. Routine is good for the mind, heart and soul. Fourth, I am looking for a pair of pants just like those...off to shop I go!

  7. You look cute, as always! I did the same as Amanda - trying to figure our where you got those pants!! Now I need to go get me some. I love leggings but hate the paranoia of feeling like they are too thin (and I'll be "that girl")

  8. love love love that necklace!! You look beautiful, as always! And, I LOVE this picture of your sister!!! So fun and so excited they are back together!!

  9. You are beautiful Erika xox
    I love, love your outfit...I was wearing something very similar yesterday ☺
    I'm happy to hear that work has been a good distraction. Thinking of you!

    I am so very, very happy to hear that your brother-in-law is home safe and sound!!

  10. Your outfit is so cute!! I really want the shirt, pants and boots now! Sooo happy to hear about BIL! That picture totally pulled at my heartstrings!

  11. I love your blogs! You are so real and I love the way you write. Your outfit is adorable and of course I love your necklace :) The picture of your sis and brother in law is so sweet! I'm so thankful he is home safe for the holidays! Praise God!

  12. It sounds like you are doing well! It is good to be at work to keep your mind busy! You co-workers sound amazing!

    P.S. I love the outfit! :)

  13. Your outfit is totally Pinterest worthy! Love it! Also, that picture of your sis and her soldier - amazing. So happy for them both!


  14. Your outfit is super cute...all of it!! Those pants sounds heavenly. I may have to get some! The pic of your sister and her hubby are priceless!

  15. So glad your first day back went well--sounds like you work in a great environment! Your outfit looks cute and comfy, and I love the sparkly touches of the necklace and headband.
    And welcome home to your BIL! Reunion pics and stories get me every time--I hope he is here to stay! :)

  16. Yay for retail therapy, yay for a good Monday back at work, and yay for your sister! I'm glad this week got off to a good start for you :)

  17. Your picture reminds me of a first day of school picture. You look adorable though! So glad your brother in law is home!!!

  18. super cute outfit! Love the necklace - how thoughtful! so happy for your family!!

  19. I have a similar outfit I invested in last weekend. I had a forever and a day long search for boots big enough to fit my cows (the full grown version of what everyone else refers to as calves) and short enough to not come up over my knee. I seriously worry I'm one bizarre looking person.

    Anywho, I was all ready to wear it and then find out this is jean week at school as a fund raiser. Yay for jeans, boo for waiting another week to wear my new outfit. I feel far too many emotions related to clothing.

    But you're a hottie in your outfit today! Rock it, girl!

  20. I'm so glad your brother in law is home safely. Praise God!

    And I agree with everyone else -- love the outfit :)

  21. Love the outfit and necklace too! What a sweet friend!

    Praise God for your bro in laws safe return home!!

  22. Welcome home to your BIL! Thank you to him and your sister for serving.

  23. We are definitely long lost twins because I adore everything about that outfit. Every thing. I bet I even adore your socks that you were wearing (or is that just weird??).

    And YAY! that your bro-in-law is home.

  24. Obviously you should be a super model, looking so effortlessly chic! And I love the 3/4 sleeves... I'm a midget, so they're just the right length on me, plus they show off your bracelets :) So happy to hear your brother in law is home safely. Praise God!

  25. I'm definitely going to ON because those pants are right up my alley. :) I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. :) http://chroniclesofanadoption.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-sunshine-award.html

  26. Aaaaw!
    So happy your sister's hubby is home safe and in time for Thanksgiving.
    Thanks to him and all the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country.

    Cute, cute out fit . . . . how old is to old for a sparkly head band?

    I like how thin yours is and how you paired it w/ a casual outfit.

  27. Hooray for your sister and her husband- that's great news! Oh, and great news about the outfit, too, of course :)

  28. You look adorable! I love the outfit. Thank the good Lord that your BIL is home safe and into your sisters arms. Nothing provokes tears like solider-family reunions.


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