Friday, November 22, 2013

(my first) 5 on Friday

This is my first time doing this 'Friday Five' thing...I like to wait until about a year after a trend starts to jump onboard, so I guess this is in keeping with tradition. Or something like that.


Yall- your response to my post yesterday was AWESOME. Seriously- your enthusiasm for grammar truly warmed my heart. And cracked me up. And then I had these awesome grammar questions/conundrums/debates/anecdotes rolling into my inbox all day and it was like NERD OVERLOAD. Sometimes I am super jealous of Grammar Girl  and I wish that I'd thought of it (and claimed that name) first, but yesterday I felt like I got my own little corner of the 'grammar advice girl' market and it was super fun. Thanks for your enthusiasm!


Yesterday I finally signed up for Dropbox! In keeping with tradition, I waited until the whole concept is super old news to everyone else on earth until I looked into it for myself. It took about a million hours to sync up all the pictures from my phone, but it's almost done now. Really the whole reason I decided to sign up was to get the baby pictures off my phone without having to look at them...but I'm sure I'll find other reasons to like the service now that I have it.


Yesterday Matt and I semi-inadvertently dressed like twinsies. Like, we realized it before we left the house in the that's why I say semi-inadvertently. I guess we could have changed if we'd wanted to. But we like being twinsies, so obviously we didn't. Anyway. One of my co-workers noticed and wanted to take our picture at lunch because our twinsieness was so inspirational to her (or something). Then she put the picture on Facebook. And this story is getting really long and boring but HERE'S THE POINT: One of HER Facebook friends (not someone I know) commented on the picture and said "they look like the couple from Parks & Rec!" And like- WHAAAAT??! Obviously this person is my new best friend. Now, we still haven't even finished Season 4, so we're nowhere near caught the thing is, I'm not sure which couple she is even referring to. Probably by now there are multiple new couples on the show that I haven't even 'met' yet. But STILL! That she thinks we look like 'that couple from Parks & Rec' is probably my greatest life achievement thus far. As long as it's a good couple and not like...Ron and Tammy 2 or something.


Did you know that I sang with the African-American Choral Ensemble when I was a student at UGA? Well, I did. It was super awesome and one of the most fun (and tear-jerky) choirs I've ever been a part of. Anyway, their fall concert is tonight and we are going to attend! I am probably more excited than is appropriate.


In the last...month...???...we have TOTALLY slacked off on our eMeals. And grocery shopping and cooking in general. After the adoption failed, our friends, family, and church were SO generous with bringing us dinners, frozen food, snacks, restaurant gift cards, and asking us over/out for dinner...we absolutely have not had to think about providing food for ourselves in quite some time. But I still get my eMeals meal plans in my inbox like clockwork and now I'm starting to look forward to getting back on schedule and cooking like a normal person. But not for at least another sense in trying to start during a holiday week, right? So December 1. That's the plan. That's when I'll re-join the adults of the world and do things like cook myself my own food again. And also hopefully become less fat because HOMEGIRL HAS BEEN LAZY for the last month and that's just not gonna fly. So, cooking and running. That's the plan. 

And that's a wrap for my first Friday 5! Only 8 hours of work to get through and then it's a weekend of concerts, Christmas tree shopping/decorating, and CATCHING FIRE!!!!


  1. Your weekend sounds like a whole lot of fun! Because we do a live tree and we're heading out of town for a week in early December I can't even think about getting a tree until DECEMBER 16. Boo. So post lots of pictures of your tree so I can vicariously enjoy it. I'll just put my computer in the spot where our tree will be and have it open to a picture of your tree. See, you're providing another awesome useful service. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like you're going to have an awesome weekend! Enjoy!!!

  3. You have such a fun weekend planned! R's making me wait until the day after Thanksgiving AGAIN before I start putting up Christmas decorations. Boooooo!

  4. I just signed up for Dropbox too - but my pictures are STILL transferring!

  5. I still haven't done dropbox!! I'm so behind! Sounds like a great weekend ahead xoxo

  6. I was reading this and obviously I am slightly "behind" because I didn't know what drop box was...? Stop laughing :) I'm still one of the few American's without a smart phone. I am still holding out :) I love your posts! They make my day ;)

  7. Gahh I need to start watching Parks & Rec! I've only heard good things about it! Have a great weekend!!!!!

  8. Seriously, no one ever told you how much you look like Aubrey Plaza (April) before?!

    1. AHH! Um, NO??! Although if they had, I wouldn't have 'gotten it' because I only started watching P&R last week...but I will consider that a HIGH compliment if that's who the lady was referring to!! :)

  9. My question-- Is it a bigger compliment to look like the couple from Parks & Rec or when someone compared you to Zooey Deschanel?

    It's a tough one, but I'd pick Zooey. Someone thought I looked like the girl from the Hunger Games once. I was glad they thought I looked like Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games, and not from Winter's Bone. Because that movie was shot maybe 45 minutes from here and it was jankey, but probably true, and made me leery of every sketch person I meet around here!

  10. Tammy 2 haha- don't worry I definitely don't think it's her. I was reading comments above and DO think you do look like April! However, since April's better half does not look like Matt I was thinking maybe this awesome mystery person thinks you look like Ann? And Matt does look like Ann's "person". And Ann does get bangs at some point. Anyway, I don't want to spoil anything for you. Hopefully you can find it in your busy weekend plans to watch more P&R!

  11. I guarantee they are saying you look like Ann & her current person (won't spoil..although he may not even be on the show yet)...andddd I'm a parks & rec freak. So. I"m with you. But it's DEFINITELY who I am saying...watching the show. Ann & _____. I will let you just watch and figure that out when catch up, oh, this weekend.

  12. I have totally thought that you looked like Aubrey Plaza. Maybe I forgot to tell you.

    Um, I don't even know what Dropbox is so you are still cooler than me.

  13. Maybe Colby and Clara should be sent to Camp Matt & Erika so they can learn how to match like twins are supposed to do...

  14. You totally look like April (especially in that pic). Way cute.


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