Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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I'm pretty sure I'm winning the Worst Blogger award over here. Hands down. I'll spare you my laundry list of excuses reasons and focus instead on my current second-favorite reason I'm not blogging (first-favorite being the cute baby, obviously): because I'm catching up with 2008, yo!

I like to be really behind when it comes to popular book/movie franchises. See also: I just read/watched Harry Potter last summer. Anyway. Last week Matt and I noticed that Twilight was on Netflix and we discussed how neither of us had either seen it. Also, Matt was begging me to please NOT watch another episode of my current super-embarrassing show of I decided to appease him by opting for Twilight instead. So we watched it and I loved it!!

So on Friday (I had the day off) I went to the library and got the first book and the second and third movies, and long story all of my spare time is being spent catching up on everyone's favorite vampire love story from a decade ago. Woo! Is everyone already sick of talking about it? Because now that I know what's up, I'm ready to debate. My deepest apologies to my office-mate/friend who gets to hear my running commentary of thoughts as I wade through the franchise.

So anyway...I'm reading YA novels into the wee hours of the morning, thus I do not make time to do things like write about my weekend and my cute baby. Shameful. 

At any rate...

Between Palm Sunday and Easter weekends, we got to see ALL of our siblings and nieces and nephews! That means Millie got to have some exciting Cousin Time!

My niece Carley was all about helping "Mill-Mill" with her paci. It was rather precious.

Millie and Laney are old enough to notice each other now! They had fun "playing" (ya know, chewing toys) together and cuddling on the couch.

 Millie and Eliana also had fun playing together...although Millie seemed pretty jealous of Eliana's ability to crawl. Also, her hair. Or maybe that's just me.

We took advantage of our day off last Friday and went to the UGA Vet School's open house. They had a lot of cool animals there, which was right up Millie's little animal-loving alley.

In less thrilling news, Millie had her first school picture day. Apparently it was boring and slightly repulsive?

These pictures really crack me up. But I'm going to need to get a second job so that I can afford to buy all of the amazing photo-emblazoned mouse pads...and locker magnets...and dog tags. Truly. So many magical things to purchase.

Easter came and went and it was wonderful. Millie wore a ridiculously bright dress and she couldn't have been any cuter. I love her face in this she was just so over our photo session or something?

Life is just peachy. We don't do many things that would conventionally be considered exciting, but in between working and errands and sleeping and Twilight-reading, we manage to have a lot of fun.

We come home and play on the bed and apparently it's pretty great.

When the weather is nice, I don't even bother to change out of my work clothes before we head out for a walk. Millie is my favorite accessory to wear!

Maybe one day soon I'll finish vampire love dramas and have more time to sit down and write...or maybe I'll just find some other decade-old book saga to plow through, who knows.

Now...let's all pretend it's 2008 and Twilight is something new that we all want to talk about! Tell me: are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Oh yeah, and I'm not even done reading Book 2 (but have watched Movie 2), so feel free to not spoil things when you weigh in, ha! I'm trying this new thing where I don't go immediately read the Wiki for the final book to see how it all's tough, but I'm trying to stay strong.


  1. Her Easter dress was pretty darn cute - and I bet your first Easter having a baby to dress up was pretty darn great! Also, I hear you on school pictures costing an arm and a leg... have they always been this pricey?!

  2. Oh TOTALLY Team Edward.Here's a funny story for you - when I finally gave in to peer pressure in the office and read the first book the weekend that Sofia left for the first time to spend the summer with her dad. SO i was super sad and lonely. Not the perfect combo for reading these books. I went into a Twicoma over that weekend and read all 3 books. At some point I remember crying on the couch "I'm so lonely." If that wasn't bad enough I remember shaking myself from my twicoma enough to go for a run and I was running and wishing and hoping Edward would find me. #pathetic

  3. I have three very pressing questions.

    1. What embarrassing show are you watching? (So I can watch too!)
    2. What lipstick art thou sporting in your easter pic?
    and 3. Where did you get the dress you're wearing in the mils/carrier pic?!

  4. I second the request to know what show you're watching!

    I was team Edward for most of book one and then turned to team Jacob and then back to team Edward and now I can't fathom being anything BUT team Edward!

    1.'re putting me in a tough place here with no option to respond to you privately!!! I can't just throw it out there for all the world to laugh at my awful taste in TV!!!

  5. I think I might take the cake for worst blogger ever award, so you're good there my friend!! I have never read nor watched Twilight if you can believe it- is it worth it??

  6. Team Edward! Although my heart broke for Jacob in the second book. The third is SO good and the movie is crazy good. Enjoy it! PS- love your Easter pics and can Millie GET any cuter?!??

  7. I love how every picture of you and your sweet family you could NOT look any happier. Such a fun blog to read especially when my kids are horrible and drive me insane. I should try to be your happy.

  8. Haha well I definitely don't feel the same way about Twilight as I do with Harry Potter but at least now you'll get all the twilight references! Coming home, going on a walk and playing on the bed sounds like a fantastic way to end the day!!

  9. School pictures are one of my very favorite things ever and Millie's school picture might be the cutest I've ever seen!! Also, I love her Easter dress and your beautiful family picture!

  10. You're not telling me that you're going to deprive Lola of a dog tag with Millie's unimpressed face on it, are you?!

  11. As a person who has been to Forks...twice...I am so ready to have these conversations with you. I loved the books (except the last one, but we'll talk when you get there) and thought that it wasn't the storyline or the plotting that made the books so popular, but that somehow Stephanie Meyer was able to pen the feeling of infatuation to make the reader fall in love with Edward as Bella does. It's amazing.

  12. It's been so long, I forgot what team I was!! I think early on I was Team Jacob. Millie's school pictures crack me up. Janie's were always the same way because she needs to warm up and 5 minutes with her would never produce a good smile. Nolan on the other hand always had the biggest cheese grin. So I have very few "school" pictures of Janie and tons of Nolan because you can't pass up a good cheese grin.

  13. Blog? What's a blog? It's been 6 freaking months since I've blogged. I gotta get on that.
    Millie is flipping killing me with her perma-grin.
    What super-cute, bright red baby carrier is that?

  14. I guess I'm REALLY Harry Potter or Twilight for me :( More importantly your little Easter baby is just precious as always :)

  15. The picture of her on your Such a great capture of ordinary loveliness. On a much more shallow note, I love your polka dot dress! And I am so curious as to what show you are watching now. Is it something on E? Surely not The Kardashians?

  16. YA is just the best. I think Twilight was probably my first delve into YA as an 'adult' (I don't count Harry Potter as YA - it's too awesome for any classification). And I was obsessed. I've read the entire series twice but not in probably 6 years. Did you know she started to write the first book from Edward's point of view but it got leaked so she put what she had on her website and said she'd never finish? Yeah, I read that too! Definitely can't wait to hear what you think! Drew wore colorful chevron to church too - perfect for Easter and spring!

  17. It's going to be a serious competition for worst blogger ever.

    Also, I really wish I could hear these long conversations about Twilight with you and Ellen.

    I also think that you need to splurge and get that mouse pad… maybe you can let the office pay for it. Seems work related to me!

  18. I'm Team Jacob all the way. I was also Team Gale in The Hunger Games. I want people to stay in love with the good guy not the popular guy. And why yes, Dave and I were friends for three years first before we fell in love :)

    I also want to know what your new TV show is that you won't reveal publicly and the internet!


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