Thursday, April 23, 2015

so many options...

Millie is still a baby right now...obviously the cutest, sweetest, funniest baby ever, but still a baby. With each week that passes, though, I catch more glimpses of what she might be like as she grows out of her baby-ness. Her personality, her tendencies, her's just so much fun watching those things develop. I love imagining what she might be like next month and next year and in five years. I can't wait to see how she unfolds.

One thing that I have trouble imagining, though, is what she'll look like. Not that it matters. It's just I can only imagine her looking one way: exactly how she does now. Which is perfect, of course. But for whatever reason, I just can't imagine what she'll look like as a toddler. And I think that the crux of the issue is that she doesn't have (much) hair. I can't draw a picture of Older Millie in my head because I don't know what she will look like with hair.

But who needs hair when you're this cute?
Lucky for me, there is the internet. And free time. And possibly mis-using a makeover webpage. But who cares, because the end result was lots of laughs in my house...and perhaps a slightly better idea of what lies ahead for Millie...or something.

Like, you know...maybe she'll be blonde!

Such luscious locks...this would be convenient because then we could easily discern whose long hair was responsible for clogging the drain/covering the floor/sticking to the shower wall. No confusion about blame!

But maybe she'd rather grow up to look just like her mom?

Haha, I know, I know. My hair never actually looks that good. If Millie got hers to look like that, I'd really have to step up my game. So maybe I'll encourage her to go another direction...

Aack...well, maybe not this direction, exactly. That looks painful and very non-cuddly. I want Future Millie to cuddle with me still, so I might discourage this look. Also, all those various colors would probably cost a fortune to maintain. Future Millie's gonna have to get a job if she expects a high-maintenance look like this.

Maybe Millie will truly follow in my footsteps and just phone it in with a bun most days. Thatta girl.

In conclusion...this is possibly the most ridiculous thing I've ever done, but I'm laughing so hard I can barely breathe, so it really seems worth it. 

And P.S.- Millie, just stay a bald baby as long as you can.


  1. The bun...oh my word! It fits perfectly!!! I almost spit my drink across the room looking at these pictures. My oldest didn't have hair until he was 2 years old. Now it's crazy thick and gorgeous...not sure he'd appreciate me saying that!

  2. This reminds me a lot of your love for the Duck Dynasty beard app- think that's the next post we need to see of Millie!

  3. This is so funny! I'm loving the long, brown locks with bangs look! She's such a beautiful baby and will grow into a beautiful toddler (a long, long, long time from now of course). :)

  4. Ha, these are all amazing! You'll have to come back to this post in a few years and do a comparison pic of what she actually looks like with more hair!

  5. I also struggle with what Millie will look like, but I think it's the cheeks. : ) A slimmer faced Millie is just hard to imagine.

  6. Love that she looks so gorgeous with any hair style! My oldest stayed pretty bald til she was neary two. Now we have daily struggles with her lengthy locks I sort of wish it had stayed that way : )

  7. Haha love this!! Camille's hair is finally starting to grow in the back and she is getting curls! Looks like I will have two cute curly headed girls on my hands. . . :)

  8. Oh this is too much fun!! I LOVE it!!!

  9. Hahaha!!! I hope one of these goes in her high school yearbook for that senior year box thing parents can do that's like baby girl can't believe you're graduating!!

  10. THE BUN! That was to die for precious! It's so weird but I always think when you look at a toddler/kid/teen/whatever and then look at their baby pictures they look like themselves as a baby (if that makes sense), but when you look at a baby, it's impossible to visualize them older. I'm enjoying watching Millie grow so much (totally in a non-creepy/stalker way)!

  11. Okay, at first I thought this post was going to be sappy and make me cry. And then it did make me cry. With laughter!!! Ha! Love!!!

  12. This made me grin on a tired, cranky day, so thank you.

    I have the same trouble envisioning what my 7-month-old will look like even a year from now. Like Millie, she doesn't have a ton of hair and has such a beautifully plump little face that is impossible to imagine bigger and older.


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