Friday, May 22, 2015

party all week

It's been an ordinary (but lovely- ordinary doesn't always mean boring) week here. We work, we commute, we cook, we clean. We enjoy our sweet girl and try to make the most of every minute we have with her.

Like with a Tuesday night pool party in the driveway. Who says swimming is only for weekends? 

You see this face? This face likes to swim EVERY night.
We're trucking along with Whole30- today makes Day 22, so the end is nearly in sight.

Can't say I haven't been thinking about that day and about the glorious phase of 'reintroduction,' as they call it.

Since I don't see an official day to reintroduce gum, I'm going to assume it's day 1! Wooo!
 On Wednesday night we celebrated my niece's first birthday! Millie was a big fan of the party hats. And also, not shockingly, the cupcakes.

Trust me, I know exactly what to do with food.

We didn't actually let her eat one...I just wanted to see if she knew what to do when presented with a frosting-and-sprinkle-covered item. Eliana basically just stared at her cupcake for a few minutes and looked bewildered. But then, she doesn't eat many finger foods, so how was she supposed to know to pick it up and shove it in her mouth? Millie, on the other hand, eats with her hands all day long. So I was pretty sure she would know exactly what to do with a cupcake. And I was right. Cupcake right in the face, BAM. I snatched it away (mean Mommy, I know), but she had several good licks of frosting before I could wipe off her hands and face, so she felt like it was a pretty good deal.

Obviously it would be awesome if there were pictures of this monumental moment, but I live in a constant state of "memory full; no space available for new pictures" on my phone, and it all happened too fast for me to have time to delete older pictures, pictures. Waaaaah. My next phone is going to have one billion gigs of memory. Mark my words.

On Thursday Millie got to have water day at school! Not surprisingly, she was a big fan.

I showed those babies how we DO it!!

I was pretty jealous of her teachers for getting to experience that much cuteness in one morning. But then I became un-jealous when I calculated how much work it was to suit up, sunscreen, and swim diaper all those babies...and then keep them all happy and supervised...and then undo it all twenty minutes later when they were done. Yeah. Hats off to them.

The transition to the crib is going okay, still. She's better and better through the night- she doesn't wake up or need help hardly at all in the middle of the night now. But the going to bed part is definitely not as smooth as it used to be in the Rock n Play. I think that back then, even if she wasn't overly exhausted, once we laid her down...well, she may lay there for awhile with her eyes open, or babble, but there just wasn't much she could do, swaddled and stuck in a small enclosure like that. So she'd fall asleep pretty fast. But now, if she's not absolutely exhausted? Well...FREEEEEDOMMMM!! She can roll around, hop up, throw her pacis on the ground, jump...I mean, the world is her oyster. She takes advantage. And it's the same in the morning. Even in the RnP, she would often start stirring earlier than we were ready for her to get up- 6:30 or so. But we'd put her paci back in, leave her alone, and she really had nothing else to do but fall back asleep. But now, when she wakes up early...well, it's the same as at night. She just gets herself on up for the party.

So anyway- all of that is to say that she's not getting as much sleep as normal. And then her days are filled with swimming and sun and birthday parties, and sometimes it just all adds up to this:

Sometimes you just can't stay awake to finish your breathing treatment. I had turned around to work on some packing- two seconds later I look at her and she's toppled over asleep!! It was the cutest and most pitiful thing ever! Don't worry- I picked her up and cuddled her while she slept and finished her treatment. Then I put her straight in the bed and for once (this week, anyway) there was just stillness and sleep. Sweet girl didn't even have it in her to give us a good roll. 

We are visiting my family this weekend- we are looking forward to spending time with Millie's cousins, doing some swimming and fishing, and most importantly, seeing my grandparents! They are coming all the way from Texas and this will be Millie's first time to meet her great-grands! I'm so excited- they had been waiting and hoping and praying for her right along with the rest of us, and I am so thankful that they will finally get to meet her.

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend (well, if you're American. Sorry everyone else.)!

P.S. Today it occurred to me that I graduated from college TEN YEARS AGO, so now I feel particularly ancient. That is all.


  1. OH my gosh! Love her!!! and that flower swimsuit-my favorite!!!!

  2. She is just perfect in that pool, so cute!!! And that last picture is just too funny, she was pooped out! Have a great weekend! Hope your family has safe travels our of this state of constant rain!

  3. Love the adorable/pitiful picture of Millie snoozing while getting her breathing treatment!

    And yes, I cannot believe it has been ten years since my college graduation!

  4. so cute. The pool picture is the best and the pic of her sleeping is cracking me up!! Boo for not enough phone memory.. you need to figure that out STAT!

    Gum FOR SURE on day #1!

  5. Bahaha! She's just adorable. That smile never gets old. Hope u have a fun time with ur family.

  6. Crashing face down during a breathing treatment is proof of exhaustion! My boys always found neb treatments relaxing.
    Millie's bathing suits are way too cute! The Coppertone baby has nothing on Mills!

  7. Look at how adorable she is!!!

  8. We had an ordinary week, too, but it was more of the boring kind, and at points even kind of annoying (I'm looking at you, ear infections), so I'm glad to hear yours was the good kind of ordinary! Also, please make sure you have enough memory to take pics when she does eat her first cupcake (likely at her birthday), ok? You'd totally lose mom points if you missed that!

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  10. I think the first picture of her in the pool may break the Internet.

  11. Ha ha! Love the pics, love the commentary, as usual ;) She's such a sweetie! That happy face!

  12. Ha ha! Love the pics, love the commentary, as usual ;) She's such a sweetie! That happy face!

  13. Pool time is always fun!! Also, my reintroduction phase of Whole 30 was definitely not planned out or carefully done. I went straight into the bad stuff! Which might be why I'm having such a hard time avoiding that junk now. But yay! You're almost there!

  14. That last picture is PRICELESS. I swear, that kid is too cute for her own good!

  15. Such a happy baby!
    I love the photos. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend w/ your family.
    Off topic: Athens,Georgia was featured in a AAA magazine here in SoCal looks -so- lovely.

  16. I really do love the "ordinary" weeks, where "ordinary" doesn't mean "boring" but really just good. I'm so glad you're getting to experience them with your sweet girl.

    Also, that last picture -- Ha ha ha!!! It's both hilarious and "makes me want to scoop her up and cuddle her" inducing all at the same time.

    I hope you're having a good long weekend. I'd be slightly less envious if I'd been healthy for our long weekend last weekend, but that's the way life goes.

  17. Her smile is ridiculously cute! Seriously! Love that one of her in the pool...I think she likes it! :)


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