Saturday, May 2, 2015

seven on saturday

I mean, why settle for five on Friday when you could overachieve with seven on Saturday? Exactly.

1. Matt and I started doing Whole30 yesterday! If you have no idea what it is, then go visit their webpage, ha. We are trying to break our horrible addiction to eating fairly healthy most of the day and then eating 46 servings (each) of cookies or ice cream...every night. We've gotten terrible. So since we've been failing at moderation (and my clothes are failing to look good...), we figured we'd give this a try. Two days in and I'm feeling great! I mean, I'm feeling exactly the same as I always do, honestly, but at least I'm not suffering from debilitating cravings or sugar I'm calling it a win.

Oh and look, my sweet potato loves me! So surely that's a sign that I'm doing something right...right?

2. Millie is sick again. I know- surprise, surprise!! It's a double ear infection and pink eye this we'll give her an A for variety? Anyway, she was pretty pitiful in general today, and her face was constantly covered in dried goo (from her eyes and nose, and you're welcome for that mental image), but possibly the saddest part was the times when she would wake up from sleeping and literally (no, literally) not be able to open her eyes because those long, long eyelashes were so gooped up that her eyes were glued shut. It must have been so scary and disorienting to be awake and WANT to open your eyes but not be able to!! Anyway. Poor baby. She's on about a dozen(ish) new medicines now, so hopefully she feels better (and looks less crusty....hahaha) soon.

During her happier moments today, she played with her toys while Lola babysat and I drank cocktails by the pool. Just kidding, I didn't do that...but Lola totally does look like she's babysitting.

3. I must admit- I'm pretty proud of myself. I achieved my 10,000 steps per day goal 22 out of the 30 days in April!! I think that in some of my previous jobs/life stages that would have been a nearly laughable goal- I probably walked that much by noon or something. But since I currently have a basically sedentary job and lifestyle...I have to work really hard to get to 10k, and I'm proud that I did it almost every day last month!! So yay, pat on the back (or...feet?) for me.

4. Speaking of mobility...this one is contemplating it for herself.

 Well, she looks like she's contemplating it. But actually she just likes to sit in this position. She's tricky like that.

5. And yes, she sits on a beach towel on the floor in the kitchen. Let's just say that my floor-cleaning goals go unmet basically every single day. Blah. But I'm pretty good at staying on top of laundry, to your strengths?? Something like that. 

6. After reading Unbroken for book club last month (and suddenly feeling like I'm SO EDUCATED about WWII), I'm on a WWII fiction kick. My favorite so far has been The Soldier's Wife, which I think would be a really great book for a book club. The discussion questions in the back gave me lots to think about (so basically, I conduct book clubs with myself...). It also alerted me to the fact that (in addition to my ignorance about the war in the Pacific) I know nothing about the Occupation, but it made for some fascinating (albeit fictional) reading. So if you have any other WWII fiction recommendations, I'm all ears (or eyes, as the case may be). I've heard that All The Light We Cannot See would fit the bill, so maybe a copy of that will become available at the library sometime in the next decade...but feel free to add to my list!

7. Apparently Millie's #1 Biggest Fan (besides me, of course. And Matt.) is her cousin Carley. My mom reports that to Carley, every single baby/baby-related-thing/small item in her world is "Mill-Mill's." If there are two things and one is bigger and one is smaller (like, I don't know, pieces of food. Shirts. Dogs.), the smaller one is automatically "Mill-Mill's _____." I think it is SO adorable. So today the girls did some FaceTiming, and although their faces don't look overly enthusiastic at this particular was a pretty big day for them both, I think.

I'm so thankful that we live so close to our siblings (well, relatively, I guess. I grew up a thousand miles away (Georgia to Texas, yo) from all of my relatives, so two hours is nothing) so that Millie will be able to grow up knowing and loving her cousins. And it's also pretty awesome that FaceTime exists for the weeks in between visits. 

And there we go. Seven random things to round out your Saturday. You will probably be disappointed but unsurprised to learn that Matt (who also read Unbroken and also now has a renewed interest in WWII) is rewatching Band of Brothers this weekend and that my excitement about WWII definitely does not stretch that far. I'm once again ignoring it (but enjoying the lovely score), even though Matt tried to convince me I'd like it this time...nope. Just can't do it. He did mention that there's a newer (but similar) series focusing on the Pacific theater of WWII, and maybe I would like that...and I'm intrigued...but I don't know. They're just so...war-ish. Or something. Bleak. (Oh, and then I like how one time he was like "but didn't you like the movie Pearl Harbor?" "well, sure." "well, that's about WWII." ummm...pretty sure I wasn't in it for the battle scenes.)


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  2. Whole30 is a game changer. Our lives will never be the same because of it. Days 4 and 5 are the worst of it with regard to sugar crashes, cravings will come and go throughout (mine were mostly at the end). Power through your first week, it's definitely the hardest, and just remember that it's ONLY 30 days -- you can do anything for 30 days! Oh and food prep is absolutely the key to success here! Good luck!

  3. I totally need to change how I'm eating!!! The fat kid in me is stifling the skinny not right!
    Poor Millie! This time of the year is really bad for ears and eyes. Pollen is high making musous copious (yummy!) so we become a breeding ground for bacteria. Hope your sweet girl is so back to her regular self!!! xoxo

  4. I did my first whole 30 at the beginning of the year. It seriously is amazing. If you get past day 10 it's alllll uphill. I literally never felt better. Now I do mostly whole30 meals and sneak in other foods on special occasions. Good luck!

  5. Props on your healthy eating and ditto on the living near siblings... having kids grow up around cousins is the best! And I'm sorry to hear Millie is sick again- I'm pretty sure the meds Colby took for his last double ear infection didn't cure him so it's back to the pediatrician we go tomorrow. The fun never ends!

  6. Aww I hope Millie gets better and stays better soon! Crusty eyes do not sound fun at all haha. I'm also pumped when I actually hit 10k steps because I don't usually when I work. I wish I had a treadmill desk or something!!

  7. All the Light We Cannot See AND Unbroken were both book club options for us this year! I'm not sure if Unbroken will be too tough for me to read.

  8. Poor Mille. . . hope the crusty eyes are gone soon!! :(

    I live near 2 of my 3 siblings and love it!! So thankful!

    Major props for the healthy eating . . . I am pretty sure I have eaten my sorrows in crap and sugar this last month so. . . probably need to turn that around about now.

  9. The Whole30.....I'm impressed. I honestly don't think I would make it. I know that pink eye crust well. I just lay a warm wash cloth across my kids eyes.

  10. So I'm a little hurt you didn't think of me, considering I've written multiple blog posts about my obsession with all things Pacific front right now!! Hello! I should be your go-to for heavy, studious topics like that! :)

    But, yes, there is a 10-part miniseries called The Pacific that was produced by the same team as Band of Brothers. It is phenomenal and based off of two very good WWII books (A Helmut for my Pillow and With the Old Breed). Difficult to watch - graphic and (from my grandfather's view, a Pacific vet and POW of the Japanese) one of the most gruesome parts of the war. BUT, an interesting part of our history to understand.

  11. Replies
    1. I've been meaning to read that, but I think I had no idea it was about WWII!! Awesome!

  12. I think you would like reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society!

    1. That is the strangest book title ever, but it looks really good!! Thanks!

  13. Jennie's your go to girl for WW anything I'd say... Books, movies, tv shows. She's your girl. I on the other hand am your girl to help out with whole 30. You eat everything that you can (so nothing) and illeat everything else. It seems like a lot of work but as I've lived off of carbs for the last 8 weeks, I'm pretty sure I can help you out.

  14. Life after life by Kate Atkinson. It's so good. Like, it's in my top twenty of all time.

  15. Life after life by Kate Atkinson. It's so good. Like, it's in my top twenty of all time.

  16. You should read "Half-Blood Blues" by Esi Edugyan. It's about African-American blues musicians in Germany and France during WWII. Once you get past the language (1940s blues lingo, which I wasn't very familiar with but maybe you're fluent?!), it's a really good book.

    Also, I really enjoyed "Band Of Brothers." I only started watching it because in the last episode of Season Six of Friends, it said that Ross (David Schwimmer) wasn't in it because he was already filming Band Of Brothers. So of course I got it out of the library and David Schwimmer's character is a jerk but I was drawn in. So I would say, give it another chance. It's brutal but soooo interesting.

    Also, I was talking to Janice today and, thanks to this blog post, she is giving up sugar for a month. She was inspired by your Whole 30 commitment. Maybe between the two of you, you'll be a good influence on me :)


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