Monday, September 14, 2015

fashion and blankets and anniversaries- oh my.

Today and tomorrow are the one year anniversaries of two of the very best days of my whole entire life: Millie's dedication and adoption finalization. Good grief- rereading those posts and seeing that tiny little lump of a baby...the tears. They flow. What a year it has been. I remember those two days as clearly as if they were yesterday. The day we (officially) dedicated our daughter to our God. And the day the state officially dedicated our daughter to us. Big days.

But that's ancient history, Mommy. Let's talk about NOW!
 In more recent news, Millie is the most fashionable and adorable baby ever. It seems that the hand-me-down-clothes train has officially left the station and we're on our own for clothing our babe...which is a bummer for my wallet, but a big win for the part of me that LOVES picking out outfits for this girl. Her current fall wardrobe consists of about six things, ha. Luckily, they are all super cute. I'm hoping to hit up my favorite consignment store this weekend so that I can quit doing laundry every night, though...
I'll humor you and sit on this painted bulldog, Mommy, but I really want to go back to eating those delicious wood chips.
 We've been delighting in this cooler weather. We spent Saturday morning at the park and Millie definitely approved.
What I approve of is the wood chips. I'm only going to ask you one more time...TAKE ME BACK TO THEM!
I know I've mentioned it before, but Millie (and Mommy and Daddy) are huge fans of her aden + anais bamboo swaddle blankets (they are infinitely softer than the normal a+a blankets, trust me). We have four of them, which works out at daycare, one in the car, one to play/sleep with in the house...and one to be rotating through the laundry. It's perfect. But in the event that Millie finds more than one blanket floating around the house at a time, she feels compelled to carry both of them. Or all of them, as the case may be. No blanket left behind...that's her motto.

Leave me alone. I just woke up. If you're not a blankie, I'm not interested in you right now.
The only problem is that- as you may notice- the blankets are rather long. Or Millie is rather short. Or both. And our floors are rather slippery. This does make for some tricky situations...but Millie doesn't let it get her down. Figuratively. Literally, though, they do get her down.

 Two seconds later...

Oh, never mind. Scratch that. Hey, can we get back to talking about how fashionable I am?
Please note: no babies were harmed in the making of this amazing photo montage.

Tonight she found one of my winter scarves hiding on the coat rack. She thought it was pretty great.

I heard leopard was in this year?
 I tried to help her wrap it a little better so that we didn't have Millie's Face and the Floor: The Reunion Tour.

That's because we're about to have Millie's Mouth and the Dried Grass: The Reunion Tour. YUM!
 In conclusion...I wish I were as cute as my kid. That's about it.

Dream on, Mommy. And also...fetch me my blankets.


  1. Look at that baby in a scarf!! And a jean jacket!! <3 How have I missed a+a bamboo?? I think we own every other thing they make. To Amazon I go...

  2. She could not be any cuter!!! And the thigh rolls!

  3. Haha . . . the blanket over the face thing?? So Camille!! She ran smack into the kitchen wall a few days ago because she covered her whole face with her A&A blanket and was running around like a crazy person! :) I can also relate to the "no blanket left behind" motto as one just doesn't cut it for Camille. We need like 5. All the time.

  4. Okay, so I thought now that Millie was a year old, your posts wouldn't make me cry anymore. But I seriously laughed so hard at this post (and Millie's spot on captions) that I can no longer claim that! Ha ha ha!!!

    Also, Happy One Year Anniversary on two of some of the best days of your life!

  5. Love the pic of her dragging her blankies- you should refer back to that one if you start worrying about her being too much of a big girl because you can see so much sweet baby in it!! :)

  6. So stylish! Love the jean jacket!

  7. My friend/s mom cut up an A+A blanket to make it into a couple of small blankets - if only I were a seamstress, I would do the same for Millie to avoid the face planting! And I agree with Amanda - my fave is the one of her dragging them and sucking on the paci... squeezable!

  8. Every time I think Millie cannot get more fashionable and adorable...bam! you prove me wrong! Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Erica!

  9. Bahaha! That was priceless photo montage.

  10. That bow in her hair is just the cutest thing ever!!

  11. That last picture of her in the jean jacket is the cutest thing every! Happy dedication and adoption day!

  12. I am loving everything about this post!! I remember well, following along on your journey to get her, as we were struggling with our own journey. But girl, motherhood suits you, and your daughter is absolutely adorable!!

  13. That last outfit!! Toddler girl clothes are the best!!!!

  14. I love the post about the adoption finalisation! Happy Anniversary!
    BTW: I've been watching old episodes of the Gilmore Girls, how did Rory not realise what a douche Logan was?

  15. But really, it's all about that pony tail. Squeal!!! :)

  16. She's so cute! I miss my kids being this small... but I don't miss changing diapers!


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