Tuesday, September 29, 2015

these glory days

Ummm…yeah, another week just went by. Sheesh. Remember when I used to blog five days a week? Ahhhh. The glory days. For blog-writing-frequency, anyway. Not actually for like life. The glory days for that are now.

September just trucked right along and now it’s basically gone. It’s fall and there’s football and pumpkin-flavored-everything (recent fave: these English muffins. Totally legit way to start your day!) and it’s finally cooled down enough that I don’t sweat through my clothes every minute of the day. In fact, it’s been raining and/or cloudy every day for pretty much the last week or two…and it’s pretty glorious. We can’t get outside much, but we’re pretty good at entertaining ourselves indoors. Or rather, Millie’s pretty good at entertaining us.

I will scream like a banshee if you put a wipe anywhere near my snotty nose or my bottom, but it's hilarious when I put them on my head!!!!!
Help, my mommy dresses me up like a basic white girl!!! I literally can't even!!!
Her current favorite pastimes include:

1. Playing her instruments (FUTURE BAND GEEK FO SHO)

Sorry, I'm busy working on my first concerto. Don't nobody need to see the keys to compose.

Then again, it would be a shame to waste my amazing maraca skills. What's the job market like for professional maraca players?

Buttttt...I'm also really great at tambourine-ing. Pantsless. Every band needs a pantsless tambourineist, right?

But if I focus on playing cymbals, I can be in the marching band!!! OH THE DECISIONS!!!
 2. Kissing and being kissed by Lola. Lawd have mercy, I feel like I’m chaperoning a middle school dance with those two…Millie, you don’t need to be THAT CLOSE to Lola…Lola!!! Get your tongue out of Millie’s mouth!! Millie!! Stop encouraging her to stick her tongue in your mouth!!! Actually, forget middle school dance. This is straight up high school marching band away game bus ride material. ;)

But I just love her so much...I will love her forever!
3. Bringing Mommy and Daddy book after book after book to read to her. I’m telling ya. Having a bookworm baby is more exhausting than I’d anticipated! When do they learn to read quietly to themselves, again?? ;) Kidding, of course. I love almost every minute of reading to her. I’m going to love ALL the minutes as soon as I get done hiding the books I don’t like/am most sick of reading…

Do you see my Mommy's exhausted face and insane hair? That's what happens after 382 consecutive hours of reading me my stories. Another thing that happens is the stories get shorter every time. It seems like the pages of the books get stuck together. I will need to work on that...

Sometimes I am nice and I let her go get a sip of water. I look at books by myself during that eleven seconds. AND THEN I PUT HER BACK TO WORK!!!!!
I'm serious, though. Little Bit gets more and more personality every day. It's like she gets a fresh impartation each night as she rests. Right now she's also the one-man sunshine committee wherever she goes. Grocery store, walking in the neighborhood, church, Target, restaurant- doesn't matter where. Millie's busy smiling and waving at every single person (and most of the inanimate objects) she sees. If you make even a halfhearted attempt at smiling or waving back to her, she will reward you with a second round of even bigger, more enthusiastic waves and smiles, probably accompanied by some clapping and maybe even dancing. She's big fun for everyone. It's the best thing ever. (Until some strange lady- clearly enamored by my daughter and probably under the influence of something other than just Millie's smiles- PICKS HER UP in the store!!!! When she saw my horrified face (and my snatching Millie away), she was like "oh, can I hold your baby?"...and I was like....NOOOO??? Ahhhhh. Anyway, it was horrifying, but luckily the lady took no for an answer. And the younger woman she was shopping with was like "MOM, you can't do that!! That's so weird!!!"...so at least Matt and I weren't the only ones who thought that was totally not okay.) (The bottom line is: if you encounter a joyful, happy, waving, laughing baby in a public place, the appropriate response is to wave and smile back, maybe say hi and comment on how cute the baby is to the parents. DON'T JUST PICK HER UP.)

Pick up pumpkins! Not babies that aren't yours!
P.S. That pumpkin is foam and weighs about half a pound. Millie loves carrying/throwing it around. We think she's going to be super confused when we go to the pumpkin patch and she expects to be able to throw around the pumpkins there...ha!

We're looking forward to October: we have a fun weekend trip to the mountains planned, as well as other stereotypical fall things (pumpkin patch, costume parties) to look forward to. Our football team is doing well this year. It's just a really great season. :)

In case you were wondering...yes, I still like to eat.

But sometimes my long days of being Suzy Sunshine catch up to me and I just....can't...make...it...zzzzzz
I hope you have a wonderful week! I'm off to continue trekking through Season 5 of Walking Dead (which just came out on Netflix...and since it's been about a year since I last watched it, it's taking me a little while to get back into it and remember what's going on...and also remember how to not throw up the whole time I'm watching it. Ick). Good night!


  1. You made my day!!! A post filled with tons of adorable Millie pictures. I can officially move on with my week.
    I remember reading book after book and trying to figure out a way to shorten the story. Matt became wise to my antics though, so reading the entire book was my only option!
    Have fun this weekend! Post a fun picture loaded update next week, m'kay?!

  2. Millie and Clara can be band nerds together!! Ha . Clara LOVES music and all things instruments! (I don't really think band lovers are nerds fyi!)

    Cannot believe a random person picked up your child in the store. Um no. What gets into people these days???

  3. Love this musical little bookworm! Janie would always call us out for skipping pages when she picked the longest book ever. We would hide the books that we were sick of reading too! Luckily, I have 2 extra readers in the house for Asa.

  4. Great post- equally hilarious and adorable. Where did you find the English muffins?? And omg on that lady!!! What's wrong with people?

  5. I love all of the bows in her hair, just too cute!!! It's almost time for her white girl riding boots..yipee!!!

  6. Totally thought that was a legit pumpkin and wondered if you had neglected to tell us about Millie's super strength! Also, I was at Whataburger with a co-worker and her baby the other day, and an employee walked up to the table and (a) asked if she could hold the baby, and (b) asked if she could take the baby back to the kitchen to show everyone else. "Sure, lady, take my baby back by the deep fryer with a bunch of strangers. Have fun!"

  7. I know this looks like a spam comment but HEY! IT'S ME! So it's not. I feel like I found Millie's calling. If there's a way to post images in a comment, I have no idea what it is. Copy and paste below.

  8. "This is straight up high school marching band away game bus ride material."- I just spit my coffee.

  9. She picked her up?!!?!?! What?!?! You just don't do that!!
    I love all of Millie's outfits!! Can't wait to see what else she has in her fall wardrobe!! :)

  10. What a joy she is! I can't believe someone just picked her up, but I love that her daughter was there to call her out and tell her she can't do it. I hope you have as much fun in October as you did in September!

  11. I also spend most of the Walking Dead trying not to throw up or hoping that Jesus takes me FIRST, before I have to be one of these retched survivors. Best to go out with the first wave. MY jaw literally dropped at the baby-picked-up-by-stranger story. Are people drunk?? I would flip out and I'm glad you were rightly defensive and protective. You have to be! Don't pick up other people's babies! Millie is getting so freaking cute and so big. I love the picture of you are her reading. It's such a special time, but there is also that time where you hide books - like Go, Dog, Go doesn't get to come out this month.

  12. Your week-long blog breaks make me feel a little less guilty about my month-long blog breaks. The time just gets away from you!

    Cant even with the basic white girl wardrobe. In love!

  13. Okay, a strange lady PICKED HER UP?!?!? I would have completely freaked out. Yikes!!!

    Also, I'm glad you clarified that the pumpkin was foam because I was both amazed and worried.

  14. "Not actually for like life. The glory days for that are now." What an awesome quote, more life less blogging seeing God's glory in the today.


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