Friday, December 11, 2015

a very nuggie christmas

I've always been a huge fan of the Christmas season, but "they" (whoever they are) are's even better with kids. I mean, I didn't really doubt that...but now I just have first-hand proof. Last year was great, but Millie was too young to really understand or notice anything.

This year? She notices. Not sure she understands, but there is some definite noticing going on!!

MOMMMMYYYY!!! I noticed these awesome antlers and I want to wear them all the time! I can match the kitty on my shirt!
 Please note that I have had those antlers since...I don't know, middle school? And now they (the headband part) are broken. Womp womp. Antlers in the Hand of an Enthusiastic Millie didn't stand a chance.

I put our big balls (heh) on a small tree in our front yard. THIS IS THE GREATEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD in Millie's opinion. She lives for going out to touch the decorations. If she sees them through an open window- frantic pointing and grunting ensues. If she sees them when we're going to get in the car- forget it, we're making a trip over so that she can touch each one. It's funny/time consuming. BUT it does come in handy if she's pitching a fit...a visit to the Christmas balls results in instant happiness!!

They are magical.
 Our indoor decorations are met with her approval, but not nearly as much enthusiasm as those dang big balls outside. I have spent countless hours (okay, probably not. Countless minutes, maybe) trying to get a smiling, standing still picture in front of the Christmas tree. It's like she knows how bad I want it and she's just messing with me...

Oh but wait, there's that thing over there...

Sure, I'll play with beads and look cute...but I'll make this sick-looking face while I'm doing it!
 I gave up on the tree and decided to aim for a cute picture in front of the fireplace. I thought I'd have better luck here because lately she just LOVES sitting herself down on the hearth for no apparent reason at all (except that maybe it just looks like a Nuggie-sized seat?) surely she would go for this, right? Especially with her BFFs the nativity folks hanging out there!

Better snap pictures fast...I don't stay still for long, Mama!

...Cause I gotta give my BFF the pink wise man a hug.
I am obsessssssed (this word is way overused these days, but it applies here) with this nativity set. I saw it last year at a local boutique in downtown Athens, but it was a little pricey, so I decided I needed to think about it. By the time I thought about it and realized I really did want it, they were sold out. WOMP WOMP. So I spent the next...forever...trying to find it somewhere online, and I was totally unsuccessful. This thing has been my white whale, yo. For a WHOLE YEAR. So when I saw it reappear in the boutique's window display two weeks ago...I WAS ON IT. Whipped out my Amex so fast your head woulda spun. ;) Anyway, I'm glad Millie appreciates it as much as I do!

Although all characters are not appreciated equally. In the eyes of Millie, the nativity players are ranked like this:

Most Awesome- Camel, Donkey, and Sheep
Pretty Cool- The Three Wise Men...whom she seems to prefer in the order of how sparkly/ornate their accessories are...I wonder where she learned this??
Has Potential- Baby Jesus
Super Lame- Mary and Joseph

So anyway. Maybe on some level our nightly Advent readings will start sinking in and she'll start to value the nativity characters based more on, say, the content of their character...and less on the sparkliness of their clothes.

But I still greet Mary & Joseph when I wake up in the morning, so I'm not completely snobby...
Today was pretty exciting- Millie got a new hairdo! I decided to attempt low pigtails, and they mostly worked out! Pay no mind to the horrific part. It was my first try. I'll learn.

How can you even look at hair when there are ORNAMENTS ON THE TREE OUTSIDE?!?!
 I love the huge window in her room. She does, too. Her current favorite activity is to slide her blocks back and forth on the windowsill. You really just can't imagine how fun that is. Especially when you can glance up every few seconds and see an ornament-ified tree outside!


That face. She was clearly mid-babble. She has a LOT to say these days! I'm pretty sure it must be about how much fun life is and how great Christmas is. And how we better never, ever, ever take those big balls off the pear tree.


  1. We have some neighbors that have those big balls in their tree and every time we drive by, we yell "Look at the Christmas balls!" and Brian and I both giggle. Fun times. But seriously, Christmas is already amazing but I agree, Christmas with little nuggies is 1,000 times more amazing!

  2. We went to a MOPS party at church today and the children's minister busted out that same nativity set! So that makes you an even better Christian, right? ;)

  3. I was going to mention that I saw that nativity set at our MOPS meeting yesterday! Ha. (I go to the same group as Allison!)

    And yes - Christmas with the little ones around is so. much. fun. I am almost convinced we need to leave our Christmas tree up year round because Clara goes NUTS over the twinkle lights and it is pretty much the coolest thing ever to watch her get so excited!!

    Also - LOVE Millie's pigtails! I keep asking Camille "Can you please grow me some hair???" But then again, Clara has hair for 50 so I guess hers makes up for Camille's lack thereof. :)

  4. I know I say this way too much, but Milie's outfits are so stinkin' adorable! White tights, chubby legs and black patent Mary, win, win!
    Christmas really is joyful and fun through the eyes of our children. I'm so happy your dream has come true. Oh and your big ball jokes never get old! Never!

  5. I got Gracie a Peanuts nativity set. I do have to tell her to stop throwing baby Jesus. I love yours!

  6. Awwwww so sweet..... your baby is so cute!

  7. Confession: I come to your blot mainly for Millie photos now :)

    1. I can't find your email address to reply! :) But thank you-- I am happy to put some of the 50 billion pictures I take every day to good use!! :)

  8. Let's talk about what's really important... Those bebe sized Chucks.
    How are her feet not too fat to fit in them? Does my family just make abnormally chubby feet kids?
    They're adorable.

  9. I am LOVING the mini Chucks. Molly has a hand-me-down pair in pink and I eagerly await her feet growing one more size so she can rock them.

    As for the pigtail part issue...I struggled with the same (especially since she never stops moving), until one day I tried it with wet hair, which worked out great!

  10. I have a 21 month old daughter, and the whole time I was reading this I was like, Olivia too! The one sock off-one sock on, having to touch the Christmas decorations outside, and sitting on the fireplace hearth... They would be BFFs.

    1. Oh, they could definitely be BFF!! They could sit on a hearth and caress ornaments while they rip their socks off together!! :)

  11. I could eat her up! Love those last few pictures of her. Too sweet!!!

  12. Is it sad that I really want Millie's Christmas tree dress in my size? And also I am envying your big balls. Our outdoor tree needs some bigger ones and I just about caved yesterday at the grocery store but they weren't reduced enough yet. I hope they don't become my white whale...

    Also, did I mention that Rachel had our entire nativity set at a wedding for about a week? Yep, the wise men got married and there was much dancing and celebrating.


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