Wednesday, December 16, 2015

nope nope nope

We took Millie to visit Santa last night.

Remember how happy and peaceful that experience was last year, when she was a clueless newborn? be young and unaware.

This year? A little less young...a little more aware.

Ummm, Mommy? I don't think I like this.
I thought that the giant sprinkle cookie might help distract her from the strangely-clothed man. It didn't.

 And I'm not sure what's going on with the pointing finger in this next one, but it makes the whole thing just extra tragic...

I promise that the entire thing took less than thirty seconds. We didn't prolong her torture, just snapped a bunch of pictures really fast and then rescued her.

I was pretty pleased with how the whole thing turned out. Crying Santa pictures are a rite of passage, so I'm glad we got ours! And as soon as she was back in Mommy's arms, she was giggling and happy about the whole thing- and especially about the cookie. I asked her if she wanted to go see Santa again, and she nodded yes, soooo...I'm guessing she also thought it was worth it. Just kidding. We'll try again next year.

And just to balance things about another festive Christmas outfit, this time without the tears.

This is only the second smocked thing she's ever worn, but I just couldn't pass up the nativity + blue + bubble pants thing. It is too fabulous for words. And although when I bought it, I was thinking "what good is a short-sleeved lightweight romper going to do us at Christmas time?"...well, turns out a lot. Because it's like 75 degrees every day still. So this is actually perfect!

Hope your week has you looking more like Big Balls Millie and less like Santa Lap Millie!


  1. Oh my goodness, those Santa pictures are golden. And that smocked romper is smocked not your style? We LOVE smocked things. Liam has a smocked nativity Jon-Jon that I think he is going to wear on Christmas Eve.

  2. Okay, that first picture where her face is just starting to crumple is sadder than all the other ones. Poor Mills :( I'm glad she had a sugar cookie and big balls to make her Christmas happier!!!

    And yes, the crazy weather is why we're wearing T-SHIRTS in our Christmas card photos even though they were taken at the beginning of November. In Canada.

  3. Oh the pictures are GREAT! You are correct they are a rite of passage. I love that you even tried to bribe her with the cookie. Hilarious. And I just can't believe how much time has passed looking back at her first Santa picture. What a funny, sweet, HAPPY girl she has grown in to!

  4. I'm just really, really hoping "Big Balls Millie" isn't a nickname that sticks around through high school ;)

  5. Love her smocked outfit!!! But of course, Miss Millie looks cute in everything she wears!

  6. This year's Santa is way better than last year! Way!
    That outfit is perfect! Can I tell you I spit my cookie out as I read "I like big balls and I can not lie!" Hahahahaha!!!!

  7. Your captions... I die laughing every time!!! She's adorable!


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