Friday, January 1, 2016

so long, 2015

What is there really to say about 2015, except that it was the best year of my life? It beat 2014 because we had Millie for the ENTIRE year and not just the last five months. And I suspect that 2016 will edge out 2015 for the Best Year Ever title just because there is an extra day (see ya soon, February 29!). And then after that, I'm not sure how I'll judge Best Ever for future years. Only time will tell.

Sure, there were challenging days and hours and seasons, some sicknesses and surgeries and stress, but nothing compares to the pure joy of being a mother to my sweet girl. I will remember 2015 for all of the firsts: first trip to the beach, first food, first words, first birthday. I will remember 2015 as the first year since 2008 that I never once had to wonder whether we would ever be parents. It was magnificent.

2015 won't go down as the year I blogged a lot- check it out, my lowest number of blogs EVER (not including the year I started the blog). But that's okay. It won't go down as the year I got into fantastic shape or got rich or finally wrote a book (hahaha). But it was a year where I devoted every single day to loving my husband and my daughter and working hard at my job and serving as much as I could at my church and reading a lot of good books, and I'm proud of what I did.

Thanks for being so kickass, 2015. Can't wait to see what the next year brings.

As for how we celebrated this turning of the calendar...well, it's been pretty elaborate. Or not.

Millie and I celebrated NYE by dressing in coordinating outfits (totally her idea) to run our errands. She thought the Target dressing room was both magical and hilarious. Obviously because she wasn't the one trying on clothes and being forced to view herself at terrible angles...blarrrgh.

This is so fun, Mommy! I look cute from every direction!

What is this madness? Everywhere I look, THERE I AM!!!!!
While I spent the afternoon cooking for our NYE get-together with friends, Millie spent some time cooking in her own room.

Hmmm...maybe a little more salt.
 And then she did some...reading, let's generously call it.

I just needed to see all of my options at once so that I knew I'd pick the right book (and puzzle).
The most unexpected excitement of the past two days has been the new addition the family.

We have been adopted by a chicken, apparently. 

Hey lady, less pictures, more stale Cheerios, okay?
This gal started hanging around our house yesterday afternoon and apparently likes what she's found. Matt visited a few of our chicken-owning neighbors to try and locate her rightful owners...and DID...but then we (with the help of the owner) couldn't find/catch her (she was back in our woods, which are pretty overgrown and hard to navigate). And then the owner was like "not really worth all this trouble for one chicken, see ya." I'd asked if she had a name (NO-- I mean, seriously. Who doesn't name their chickens?) and how many chickens he had (about TWO HUNDRED. No lie!!! Or so he said, anyway) I guess that in the context of having 200 chickens, maybe one isn't such a big deal. Anyway. He didn't seem too concerned about catching it and taking it home, and we couldn't find it, anyway. But then this afternoon...there she was, sitting on our back porch again!

So we threw him some leftovers (quinoa and veggie enchiladas...isn't that the normal diet for hens?) and then some stale Cheerios for good measure, and she seemed pretty happy about the whole thing. Happy enough that she "played" with us in the backyard for most of the afternoon, anyway. And by "played" I mean that she didn't run off and didn't peck us, either. About as playful as you get with a big ol' hen, I guess.

So I don't know. Maybe we have a new member of the family. Matt's researching chicken coops and making a list of supplies to buy, so I'm leaning towards thinking that if she's still back there tomorrow (she's very free ranging, you know.), maybe we'll make her a little home. Buy her some feed. Make our little animal-loving Nuggie a very happy girl.

Besides the chicken, Millie found another great love: chocolate fondue.

I want to eat this forever and for always, Mommy.
We brought home some leftover fondue from our party last night. It was a pretty big hit at snack time. Raise your hand if you're surprised.

(Also, I feel like the CEO of Oxyclean should write me a personal thank you note. As much as I buy of that stuff...they must have had a nice Christmas.)

Anyway. The end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 were pretty fantastic. And to wrap things up...just in case you missed this on better check out Millie's attempt at smiling on command. It's pretty much the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Just ignore my obnoxious cackling. I can't help it.

Happy 2016- I hope you find yourself smiling just like Millie an awful lot this year!


  1. Makes me smile to think of how much happiness Millie has brought to you and Matt :) Happy 2016 to all 3 of you!

  2. 2015 was pretty great to your family!!!!
    If you buy a chicken coop, feed and make that hen part of your family Matt will be a busy guy. There's no way you take care of a bird! Nope.
    That fondue picture...epic!!!!!

  3. So happy for you guys and your new chicken!! What a nice Christmas surprise.

  4. Based on that chocolate pic, I'm pretty sure 2016 is already going down as Millie's favorite year yet! Happy new year, my friend!

  5. I loved following along as you experienced lots of firsts with Millie!! Here's to an even more fabulous 2016!

    Also, I can't believe I am admitting this but I have a secret dream goal of writing a book. :) You can go ahead and laugh at me, I won't be offended!

  6. Okay, I've been a lurker for months and months, am a friend of Colleen's {Ranunculus Adventures} and love your blog. I am also a chicken keeper!!! You should TOTALLY keep the chicken! Buy it mealworms and say, "here chick chick chick" and it will be your BFF for the rest of your life. I have a cute yellow coop in the backyard. LOVE my chickens. Can't tolerate store bought eggs anymore.

    DO IT!!!
    P.S. Your daughter is adorable! SO happy for you!

  7. So adorable!!!! And yes to the yes about Oxyclean...we buy it on the regular too, and are always soaking Lilly/Liam outfits!

  8. I'm really surprised you're allowing a chicken to live in your yard...but I'm also assuming it died last night in the freezing cold. RIP Chicken. Poor Millie.

    Also, 2016 the year we quit our jobs to BLOG MORE. ; )

  9. I don't think much can top your 2015! I do request more blogging though - I really, really enjoy yours!! And to take an IG comment here - I second whoever it was that said you should monthly or periodically put up what you've been reading. Also Happy Birthday! Those giant ornaments were awesome. We celebrated Drew's birthday here on Saturday. I know some people say it's a bummer to have a birthday near the holidays but I think it just makes the magic of this time of year last longer!

  10. So how's the chicken doing these days? I also think you should blog more.

    2015 went down as one of my favourite years because I got to meet so many blog friends. Well there was also 2008, 2009, and 2011 (married and kid years)...

    And I really hope 2016 holds less sickness and no surgeries for all of you. And more books. Always, more books.

  11. Ok, as you can tell, I am going back and playing catch up. I remember reading this post to Olivia from my phone (hello reading!) but can't comment on my phone. Here is to a fab 2016!!


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