Sunday, January 10, 2016

currently...freezing cold Sunday ed.

So much for my "blog more regularly" New Year's resolution, right?? Just kidding. I didn't resolve to do that (or anything). It was more like a fleeting desire that keeps getting beat out its competition: reading, watching Netflix, and sleeping.

But I have approximately 15 minutes right now, so how about a round of "currently"? You know, since the last time I did it was while I was on maternity leave...hahaha. Not so very current, is it?

Listening...well at the actual current moment, nothing. But in general, I'm all into my podcasts these days, so that's what I'm usually listening to. My favorites are Gilmore Guys (duh) and Serial II (not as great as Serial I, but still intriguing). If I don't have a fresh episode of either of those, I listen to random episodes of Freakonomics Radio, Planet Money, and Stuff You Should Know. for lunch we had Slow Cooker Italian Chicken and Peppers and it was ridiculously good. Like when I walked in the door from church, I almost fainted from how amazing it smelled. So you should probably go make that asap., hot chocolate, and hot tea. Not all at once, though. But it's finally cold, so I'm taking advantage of all my favorite toasty drinks! pants and a huge sweatshirt. But to my credit, I am actually going to a yoga class in a few minutes, so the pants are legit right now. A little while ago, though, we went on a walk around the neighborhood. It was FREEZING (and that's almost not an was 40 degrees!) and very windy, so Millie and I wore All the Layers. And then I realized how extremely COLORFUL we were, and it made me pretty happy.

Millie learned the sign language for "cold" last week at school. She's had a lot of opportunities to use that one today!

Feeling...pretty good. Actually, my back hurts. I hope yoga helps. But other than that, I can't complain. It's been a happy and relaxing weekend. 

Weather...haha, I think I've covered this. It's cold! But it's kind of nice to not being shorts the way we were a week or two ago.

Wanting...well, I'd never turn down a massage. I went to a new reflexology place in Athens last weekend and it was DIVINE and now I live in a constant state of wanting to go back. So anyway, when I win the Powerball and get my check for the cool $1.2 billion...that's probably how I'll spend a good chunk of it.

Needing...not much. I'll stretch this one and say that I need everyone to know how incredibly adorable it is when Millie plays her current favorite (self-taught...or friends-at-school-taught) game: put all the babies down for a nap.

She lays all of her blankets on the floor, then puts all of her dolls/stuffed animals on (or near, haha) a blanket, then she carefully rubs/pats/smacks their backs as they (I suppose) fall asleep. She will walk around and repeatedly adjusts/covers/pats the babies and IF YOUR HEART ISN'T EXPLODING RIGHT NOW THAN I AM SERIOUSLY QUESTIONING YOUR HUMANITY. You might need to check to see if you're actually a robot or something.

But seriously. She does it all the time, unprompted, and it'll bring tears to your eyes.

Thinking...about buying a new house. Not too seriously. But a little bit. We drove out to look at some contenders yesterday...what I really need to do is reread my blogs from last time we did this so that I will remember how awful it is and stay far far away from the whole thing.

Enjoying...everything in my life right now. It's just really, really good...and I can't take that for granted. So I try to always be conscious of the good things and the good days and weeks and seasons...and yeah. It's just...good. :)

And now I've got to leave for class! Sorry for all the Instagram repeat least I'm decent at keeping ONE form of social media updated, I guess? Ha. 

Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Love all the cold weather gear and the baby dolls pics so much! She is such a sweet little nugget! Exciting about the possible move, but yes, stressful... only temporarily stressful, though, so there's that!

  2. I love that smile of Millie's in the last picture!! And yes, a baby taking care of her baby dolls is always pretty freaking adorable!

  3. Her taking care of those dolls is so cute! We are starting the house buying process right now and it's our first house. I hope it's not all that bad!

  4. This post was the perfect start to my day! I love the pictures of her taking care of her babies, too precious!!! I'm thinking the folks where it's 0 would think we are nuts for saying 40 is freezing right. Haha

  5. This one of my favorites when we were moving in to our house. It was helpful to know that eventually, amnesia sets in. Let me help remind you:

  6. The nap time game is so cute - only daycare kids know that one ha! I was digging everywhere this morning trying to find hats for the kids - it was 30 degrees when we left for school!

  7. The taking care of babies... oh my goodness. That is basically the cutest thing ever.

    I am, however, a little disappointed with this installment of "currently" because you didn't include reading. I often look to you for book recos! I just finished all 675 pages of A Little Life and... wow. Talk about most depressing book in the history of the world. I need something to lift my spirits, stat.

  8. That last picture is priceless!!! Millies has the most fabulous cheeks!
    Hope your weather has warmed up a bit...not so much here in upstate NY. I suppose we are settling in for the long winter.

  9. I love these updates and the taking care of babies was just too much. That Millie is adorable!

  10. Okay, Millie taking care of her babies is adorable. And I love Millie's hat and your scarf in the first "cold" picture. Maybe I should go to yoga as I'm currently lying in bed with a really sore lower back. However it gives me a chance to catch up on all my blog reading so maybe yoga is overrated. And then I'd have to get out of my pajamas.

    Also, a new house?!?! Say more!

  11. Eeeek! That pink hat! Putting those babies to bed! Also, you've inspired me to start listening to podcasts :)


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