Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Apparently I am having some age/identity issues, my husband tells me. Most of the time I feel like a really old person-- like maybe 65 or so. We go to bed early-- 10 at the latest, usually. We sleep 8 or 9 hours, then get up for work. Since I eat breakfast early, I'm hungry for lunch really early-- 11 or so. Since I eat lunch at 11, I'm starving again by like 4. I usually eat a snack, since Matt's not even home by 4...but I am always starving for dinner by 5 or so. When we go out to restaurants, the only other people there that early are elderly people. That's okay with me-- less crowds!! So most of my day makes me feel like I'm practicing for retirement already.

But then there's the part of me that is 5 years old. Last night, as we went to the restaurant at 5:30 for dinner, I insisted on wearing my rain boots and made Matt walk 20 feet away from me because I really wanted to splash in all the puddles in the parking lot. For the past few days I've had this insane craving for 2nd-grade-style decorated cookies. You know-- sugar cookies in shapes, frosting, candy on top? Oh yeah. So after dinner we had to go to the grocery store so that I could make all my decorating cookie dreams come true. Man it was good. Matt says he doesn't know whether he's married to someone very old or very young. It's tricky. I'm sure he'll get over it. that I have the vanilla frosting I've found a much quicker way to get the frosting-with-candy fix. As it turns out you can skip the cookie all together! I'm taking Hot Tamales (the cinnamon candy kind, not the Mexican lunch kind) and dipping those bad boys straight in the frosting-- amazing! It's awesome to be a grown up and not have parents telling you how to eat your food and not to double-dip your candy in the frosting. I think frosting-dipped candy is a PERFECT after-work snack, and no one can convince me otherwise!!

So work is going much better than expected this week. Matt's feeling better, too, so all is looking good here. My boss gave me a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants to thank me for the crap I put up with last weekend, so that was really nice-- and allowed us to eat out last night instead of me cooking!! I'm all about a free date night! I got off work early yesterday and, finding myself with a few spare hours on my hands, ended up going to Hobby Lobby for my first time ever. I've been resistant of going there cause I was under the impression it was the same as Michael's, and I really can't stand Michaels. However, many reliable sources assured me it was much, much better than Michael's, so I decided to give it a try. WOW. It was amazing. I wandered and wandered for the longest time. It was like a magical land. Anyway, I did manage to escape without spending a dime-- yaaay! Afterwards I stopped by the beauty school (haha, doesn't that sound like something from the 70s?) where my friend Catherine was getting a PERM (doesn't that sound like something from the 80s?) was taking all day and she needed company. After that I noticed a blood drive next door so made the impulse decision to give blood-- that is, save three lives. What a saint I am. Haha. Anyway, so that took awhile and left me crippled-- they even told me that I should not cook or do dishes, my husband should definitely take me out-- so it's a good thing I had that gift certificate!! I spent the rest of the night reminding Matt to "Be Nice to me, I Gave Blood Today!" He needed a lot of reminding. I had lost my sticker.

Now dinner's in the oven (meatloaf) and I'm waiting for the hubster to get home (he worked out of town today). We have homegroup tonight, so I'm pretty excited about that. Lost is tomorrow night which is GREAT-- I've heard that Juliet is going to be highlighted, which is good and bad. She just really stresses me out cause I can't decide whether I think she's good or bad. Most characters I have a gut feeling about, but I just can't figure her out! Like me-- she's a paradox. Mwah ha ha. Peace. :)


  1. I know what you mean about feeling old...I definitely have the same eating and sleeping schedule...except it's tato that is the house husband waiting for me to come home...oh yea and my life is all in spanish...but hey, not too different hehehe :) I can't say I enjoy splashing in puddles anymore :p

  2. I hate Hot Tamales. And, yes, Stevesy or Seve will suffice. Is the name "Amerika" cool with you?


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