Sunday, March 16, 2008

sunshiney day

It seems rather strange that today is so beautiful, warm, and spring-like. Yesterday was the polar opposite-- mean-looking clouds, tornados in the area, lots of rain and lightning. No fun. But today is making up for it. We ate lunch at Cali-n-Tito's, a Mexi-Cuban restaurant where you eat outside, and I got a slight sunburn on my arms...yay!! That could indicate the official Beginning of Summer for me. First Sun. Monumental.

I've been super busy lately. The sale of our store finally became "final"'s been in the works since September and I feel like we have been "almost finished" since like...October. The fact that the closing actually happened on March 7th hasn't really sunk in yet. Brian (the former owner, *tear*) will still be around as we train John (the new owner/boss) so it doesn't seem too weird yet...but it will be sad once I don't see Brian every day! I'm excited about some changes though-- for one, I get business cards that identify me as "General Manager"! Also, I get my own Sam's membership and a business Discover card--wahoo!! And...more money. So all in all, things are looking good. Basically, I'm getting the title and pay for what I've already been doing for the last 8 months, so there aren't actually that many changes.

It's weird being a grown-up though-- as all the kids at work (98% high schoolers and UGA students) went on Spring Break this week...I didn't. And I won't. Sad story. It's weird not really knowing when your next significant break will be-- I guess whenever I have a kid and quit working! Ha! We actually do have a few fun trips and mini-trips coming up in the next few months though, so that makes me happy. I really like having things to look forward to. Otherwise life is this long monotonous pattern of work Work, one-day-weekends, and work. (Side note-- also, in the next month or so, I will be phasing out the Saturday working though, so YAAAAY!)

Next weekend (Fri-Sun)- Augusta for Easter with my family
Mar 28-30- Charlotte, NC: staying with Kristina and James, celebrating Kari with Matt's family
April 5- not sure what we're doing, but it's Matt's bday so I'm not working!
May 9-11- Statesboro, GA for my brother's college graduation & partyin with my fam
June 1-8-- Cocoa Beach, FL for vacay with my family-- yippppeeeee!

That's all so far, but that seems like a lot!! I feel like we haven't left Athens in ages, so I'm really looking forward to some fun. We hope to do some camping also, both by ourselves and with friends-- our homegroup has mentioned trying to go together, so that sounds like a lot of fun!

Anyway...I smell outdoorsy-- that combination of sun and sweat and I'm not sure what, but it's not necessarily a good smell! We went to play frisbee at the intramural fields, then went walking for awhile. It was great to be outside. Matt is pining for a dog the way some girls I know are pining for babies!! Every time we'd pass one he would whimper and whine and I'd have to drag him away. If our landlords weren't punks, we'd get one, but alas...they're punks. And that's all I have to say about it. Goodbye!!


  1. Quick question: Is Georgia Southern's graduation the weekend of May 9th. My brother-in-law James is graduating from GSU too and he told me it's the weekend of the 3rd. Did he lie???

  2. you should definitely post again. i need to know what's going on with you! :-) see you later.


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