Sunday, March 2, 2008

monday already??

Ugh. I need another weekend to recover from this one. This weekend really didn't count. Sick boy was...sick. Work was...awful and long. I had a perpetual headache...all weekend long. Saturday night and today we got to hang out with Matt's family, so that was a bright spot in the weekend. Unfortunately, though, Matt was still sick, I am still stressing about work, and I really don't think it's fair that Monday is a mere 4 hours away. Matt will probably take a sick day. I need a mental health day, but since I don't think anyone's paying for me to have one, I guess I'm putting on my big girl panties and going to work. Sometimes being a grown-up sucks.

Bright spots of the weekend (hey, I can try to be optimistic): Eating at Doc Chey's, running into lots of people I know and haven't seen in a long time at Doc Chey's, hanging out with family, doing the announcements at church, being refreshed by worship and teaching at church, sitting on the porch at Barberito's to eat a yummy California burrito, running into old friends at Barberitos, lounging all afternoon, getting a much-needed past-due check for babysitting. Playing tricks on my cat. Doing headstands tonight until the bloodrush to the brain made me feel crazy. The first half of the Dane Cook DVD we watched.

I'm tired and need to go to bed but I just don't want to because it will mean that it will be Monday sooner and let's face it: no one wants it to become Monday.

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  1. i would say someone's got a bad case of the mondays, but that would be totally wrong. thanks for your note, and i hope work was better than you could have imagined today. if you want some real laughs, watch jim gaffigan (i like him better than ole' dane cook). have a good week!


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