Friday, February 29, 2008

Sickie Boy

Matt's sick. He seemed a little out of sorts at breakfast this morning, but by mid-day he felt pretty bad. Sadly, he was working out of town today (in Monroe, 35 minutes away or so), so even once he got off work he had a long drive home. He said that while he was driving he could "feel his insides shaking." He came home with a fever and I put him to bed, but 45 minutes later we went to the prompt care center. Everyone and their brother has the flu lately, and since that seemed to be what he was coming down with, I figured the sooner we could start him on the flu meds, the better. At any rate, the doc said it isn't flu, it's a stomach virus, which means there's even less you can do to help it. So I brought ol' sickie home where he's now turning our bed into a sauna with his 100.3 degree body. Seriously-- laying next to him made me sweat. And he says he's freezing. He had on pants, socks, a tshirt, and a hoodie, and he was inside the flannel sheets, blanket, down comforter, and extra quilt. And the house is 70 degrees. And he was shaking. And...that's just not okay with me!! I don't like him to be sick!! Now he's sleeping. I plan on waking him up every 10 minutes to take his temperature. Ugh. Husbands aren't supposed to get sick.'s doubly sad because his brother Joseph is in town (he lives in Charlotte) for the weekend. We hardly ever get to see Joe and we were really looking forward to hanging out with him and the rest of the family a lot this weekend. Sadly, Matt was in no shape for family hang-out time, and the family didn't particularly want to get contaminated with his germs, so it was a boring night in for me and the sickie. He tossed and turned and said "I'm cold!!!" and I obsessively check WebMD in case the doc missed anything and then try to convince myself not to be such a worrier. And I blog stalk. At least we have a laptop...I can cuddle and comfort Sickie as he pseudo-sleeps and also entertain my mind!! So many people have cute "we just had a kid and here's five million pictures and anecdotes" blogs...I must confess a little jealousy. My blog lacks cute kid pictures. Maybe I should find something else to take pictures of compulsively. What if I became obsessed with, say, the tree right by our front porch?? And every day wrote riveting updates on the tree's progress ("it got 2 new leaves today"; "today, 3 squirrels were on the northern-most branch") and took pictures? OK, that would be a little kooky.

Anyway...I'm just bored. Sometimes not having cable sucks. And having a sick husband...that sucks too. Plus I have to be at work at 8:30 a.m. No fun. And if I were to catch Matt's disease and become sick myself?? Tough. Everyone else is sick at work, too. There would be no one to "call in" to replace myself. Ugh.

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  1. Now you know I don't rock any cute kid pictures. Babies are for adults...


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