Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wednesday, wednesday.

I'm tired. It's only Wednesday, but it feels like it should be much closer to the weekend than it is. Oh well. It's been a good week-- just long.

Monday I worked 9 hours. Since I normally work 5 or 6...9 is a LOT! There was a lot to do, though, so that's good. It was a packed 9 hours, which is much better than a slow and dragging 5. Monday was also Matt and I's 2 year (dating) anniversary- yay for us! In some ways, it seems like we've been together forever. In other was, 2 years seems like a mere drop in the bucket. It's strange. He's the only guy I ever dated, though, so I don't have any other relationship lengths to compare it to. That's good, I guess.

Last night we babysat for the Spradlins-- 3 boys (twin 8 year olds and a 10 year old) I've "raised" since they were 4 and 6. We always have fun. Yesterday was "Free Pancake Day" at IHOP, so we took a family trip to the IHOP for dinner-- can't pass up free food!! Everyone made fun of me (I don't stand a chance against 4 boys) because I had to try allll of the syrups before I could decide which was best. Hey-- I don't want to waste time eating the not-best syrup! After the kids went to bed and Kevin and Heidi got home, we hung out with them for awhile. I really love them. Kevin and Heidi are going to Colorado for a few days next week for job interviews, so Matt and I are keeping the kids for 2 or 3 days. School carpool, swim lessons, the whole kid-shebang! Kevin always says that babysitting for them is the best form of birth control-- I don't necessarily agree! I think it's fun!! However, I think I would like to start my own personal kid-raising with babies...perhaps jumping into parenthood with 8 and 10 year olds would be a little bit much. PS In the picture they have pillows stuffed into their shirts for some "sumo wrestling." They're not all obese. :)

So tonight we're celebrating Valentines. I don't really know what to expect!! Our "first" Valentines came 3 days after we had started dating, so we didn't so much celebrate...ha. Last year, we were extremely extremely poor in February. And busy. And I honestly can't remember if we did anything or not. That's kind of sad, isn't it?? But this year we are doing something...I just don't know what! Matt's planning it. We chose to do it tonight rather than on the actual day for 2 reasons: 1) shorter waits and 2) LOST comes on on Thursday and we're just not willing to skip that!! Anyway, I already wrapped Matt's presents, so all that is left is for me to pick out something fabulous to wear. Whatever shall I chose?? It's freezing outside, which makes me wish there were some way to make yoga pants and a hoodie look really glamorous!! At any rate, I'm looking forward to tonight, whatever we end up doing, and I'm excited about tomorrow, too!! We watch Lost with a group of friends and tomorrow we're having dinner with them as well, so what could be better?? Have I ever talked about how much I love Lost? Perhaps tomorrow I shall....

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