Thursday, February 7, 2008

why not?

I seem to spend a lot of time stalking other people's blogs. You know how it is-- you're reading the blog of someone you really do know, but then there's this other person leaving interesting comments, so you check theirs out. One of their "Favorite" blogs has an interesting title, so you check that one out, too. Six months later you find yourself laughing and crying and emotionally involved (on your end, anyway) in the lives of people who live far away that have no idea you exist...and all at once it's completely normal and also a little (or lot) creepy. Except they have no idea, so they're not creeped out. Since this seems to be me a lot, I decided I'd at least have the decency to get my own blog so I can leave non-anonymous comments like a good citizen. Anyway, I used to have blogs (or online journals/diaires, as they were called then) back in high school and early college. I loved it. I was so distraught when OpenDiary, the free site I used for 2 years, closed down. I felt like I lost a part of my life. Or at least what I'd published on the internet. goes. I work, but I usually get home 2 or 3 hours before Matt does. We don't have cable TV, so I tend to spend my free time reading, sleeping, and spending entirely too much time on Facebook. And blog-stalking. That is, after I finish all my wifely chores-- grocery shopping, laundry, slaving over the hot stove...which, as I'm sure many newlywed wives can attest to, actually takes way more time/effort than I'd originally anticipated. Boys: you have no idea how much you eat. I swear I go to Kroger every other day. And you make bath towels and sheets really dirty and in need of washing. And you require constant feeding (thus, cooking). So considering it's just the two of us, not even an inside pet, I spend a lot of time being a "housewife"! What do people do when they have KIDS?!

In other news, Matt got a flat tire today on his way to work (out of town). He was 40 miles away, in the middle of nowhere. No biggie, right? He's a man, he's got a spare, we're good to go. So he calls his supervisor to inform them that he'll be late. "We're so sorry!" she says. "But actually, we don't need you to go to Lavonia. We need you back in Athens." Well...thanks for the heads-up! So now he has to drive back to Athens on the donut. So, he changes the tire, and about 20 minutes later, the SPARE goes flat. GREAAAAAT. So he has to call a tow truck to tow him back to Athens. In the meantime, I'm at work, trying to help the million people requiring my eminent assistance. And trying to find phone numbers and policy numbers for Matt. And trying not freak out, because let's face it-- unexpected car troubles can seriously ruin the ol' bank account and thus my day. Anyway, he finally made it back to Athens around noon and the tow driver was nice enough to drive him to work (so I didn't have to leave to go get him). When he gets off, we'll go pick up the car with four nice shiny new tires and impeccable alignment. The thing that's truly depressing is that we're trying to save for a new(er) car-- Matt's really is old and on it's last legs (a '92, to be exact. No AC. Hello Georgia summers.) But we're nowhere near having enough to upgrade yet...and it's stuff like this that keeps setting us back. A new battery in November, 4 new tires adds up and it subtracts from what we're trying to save! And we'll never get the money back when we try to sell his car, you know? So that's just frustrating. But Praise God we had the money and we're not having to charge this or make any rash decisions. We'll make it.

So...this was a first post, and it's really long. Maybe I'll go figure out how to link to other people's blogs so that maybe someone will actually find mine!! Evangelize my blog-- is that accurate? Ha.



    Good to see you blogging. I myself are somewhat a blog stalker (mainly b/c my yahoo email and facebook are blocked at work).

    Our sponsor child Felix is in Kenya. I've been reading a bunch of books on Kenya, and trying to figure out exactly where Felix is located. Where's y'all's child located?

  2. word. i'm glad to have another friend in blog world. it's difficult to keep up sometimes without it! anyway, i hope things work out for you guys with the car - we could use a new(ish) one too. see you later!

  3. erika - i just have to take classes for the summer. delayed gratification, but i guess it gives me an excuse to not have a job until august! i agree re: wifely duties. i have fridays off now, and i thought i could relax/get schoolwork done...but every time i seem to end up cleaning! sorry to hear about your least you had the $ saved! glad we can keep up w/ you guys via blogs now. :)


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