Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2 more things.

As though my first blog today wasn't long enough (keep scrolling for evidence)...

1) I am completely and hopelessly addicted to playing Spider Solitaire on the computer. I have gone through phases over the last 8 years or so where I'll get really into it, then forget about it for awhile. Well, I'm "on" again. The thing is, I SUCK at it! No matter how much I play, I never improve. No matter how much I CHEAT, I never improve. Maybe this is an instance of cheaters never prospering?? I'm not sure, but I gotta go....I need another fix.

2) I have become very aware, recently, of how many house break-ins occur in Athens. Over the past few weeks I've acquired the somewhat strange habit of hiding my laptops every time I leave the house. Always in different spots, as though someone other than me were keeping track. I just notice that in the police blotter in the paper, whenever they report what was stolen from such-and-suches house, laptops and other small electronics are ALWAYS stolen (for obvious reasons). My thinking is that if our house were to get broken into, the robber would definitely see the computer desk with speakers, a mouse, a printer, etc...but no laptop. Perhaps he'll think "oh, they took it with them to work/school, I won't bother looking for it" and move on to looking for valuable jewelry or something (there is none. I wear my only valuable jewelry.) My question is, is this just smart thinking/planning, or have I gone batty??

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