Tuesday, December 29, 2009

#100 (or, Christmas 2009)

So here we are, blog #100. It only took me...what, a year and ten months? Not bad. And let's face it, consistent blogger wasn't really my calling card in 2008. 2009 has been much better for that. Sort of. When I've felt like it.

But anyway. Since blog #100 is happening in such close proximity to New Years and our one-year TTC anniversary (which was a few weeks ago) (and if you don't know what "TTC" means, you clearly don't frequent the semi-lame message boards for girls who want to be pregnant...lucky you!), I will try to spare us all the redundancy of multiple "what I've learned" and "how I've grown" posts. Instead, I will fill you in on all the greatness that was Christmas 2009: the Year of the Snuggie.

Lola and I with our adorable matching headbands. She just LOVES wearing hers!

Mattie before work on Christmas Eve. Apparently he felt "goofy" wearing this? Whatever, I think he looks great!

Christmas 2009 was excellent, filled with family and presents and silliness. And a tiny bit of food. But just a tiny bit. And more than a tiny amount of Snuggies.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning/day with Matt's family. Among the many (wonderful and generous) gifts I/we received, I received this beauty: a UGA Snuggie. Laugh if you want...I did...but once you put that puppy on, you're SOLD! How I ever lived without a Snuggie, I don't know. It must have been cold and un-snuggly. And I never want to know that life again.

After the presents were opened and while the women performed our womanly duties in the kitchen, the boys did this:

Apparently Women's Lib hasn't hit Christmas yet. (And if you've noticed a recurring theme in pictures of late...that is, Matt and a dad sleeping...well, it's because it's a recurring event. It must be how men bond or something.)

I wore my awesomely amazing new houseshoes (slippers? That sounds so old man-ish) all day. And I may or may not have also worn them shopping the day after Christmas. These were a much needed gift from my husband...hardwood floors are COLD!

You may note the bottom of my Snuggie has crept into the picture. :)

After we finished up lunch and such at Matt's parents' house, we headed back up the road to our own house. We opened our gifts to each other and then a few minutes later, my parents arrived! They stayed here until Sunday evening and we had a wonderful time. We exchanged gifts when they arrived, which meant that I gave my dad a Snuggie (in maroon, his team's color) and he also gave me a 3-in-1 Softie wrap (which I'd asked for) which is basically another version of the Snuggie...except it's down and has all these zippers and snaps which allow it to be configured multiple ways. And it's freakin awesome. So awesome that my mother was green with envy, so the next day Dad and I went out and got her one, too! Needless to say, the Snuggie Exchange necessitated lots of photos.

Dad and I "raising the roof" just like in the Snuggie commercials!

I let Matt borrow my Snuggie so I could demonstrate the Softie wrap. It's basically the softest thing ever. It also will only let you hold your hands downward, which is odd...but it wins points back by being the only wearable blanket that allows you to breastfeed with ease! Not sure that's what they'd intended when making this design, but it's certainly the first thing I noticed when I put it on! Ha!

One of our favorite gifts was a fire pit for the backyard (okay, we actually received two...one from my in-laws, one from my brother...just proving how perfect a gift it really was!). We wasted no time putting it together and enjoying a 4 or 5 hour fire in the backyard Sunday evening. Despite the awesomeness of the fire, it was still a little chilly outside. Good thing we have an abundance of Snuggies!

Mom and Goliath look on as Matt tends the fire.

So our Christmas weekend was wonderful. Dad and I went shopping Saturday morning and were pleasantly surprised to find that we were pretty much the only people shopping in Athens! It was crazy...we went to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sams, the mall, Academy...empty parking lots, empty stores, no lines. Strange but awesome! So I enjoyed picking up some 50% off Christmas stuff for next year and some new jeans and workout pants at Target. Yay!

I've had to "work" yesterday and today...if by "work" you mean sit at work and do nothing. With your bosses permission. It wasn't too bad. :) Especially when she came in at 11:30 this morning and said "uhhh...why don't you guys just go home?" Why don't we, indeed! There's nothing like getting paid for an 8 hour day but only "working" for 3.5! Days like this make me very thankful for my job!!

So my unexpected early release from work allowed me to come home, change into sweats, and catch up on this here blog. I'm feeling a little sick (and alas, not pregnant...) so I'm taking it easy in hopes of having enough energy to do the Shred when Matt comes home. We've been working out a lot lately (since December 6, if you want to be precise) and I know myself too well to let myself take a day off. :) Because one day turns into two which turns into five years...so I MUST feel better by tonight!!

In the meantime, though...it's me, the Snuggie, and a "sparkling snow"-scented candle. Because I'm in denial that Christmas is actually over, I guess. And because "sparkling snow" has a distinctive smell?? I think you're stretching it, Yankee Candle Co.!


  1. a snuggie AND a softie? what wealth!

  2. You are very strange...and btw I am almost positive they stole that idea from those baby's blankets that you can snap around them...and im pretty sure you need to live in Alaska to use them hehehe....but I guess I am glad you are happy with your creepy wrap around blankets! ;)
    Glad you had a good Christmas! come to houston soooooon!

  3. The raising the roof picture is cracking me up!

    Are you sure that thing is good for breastfeeding? Seems to me to hands down aspect would be a major obstacle to that.

  4. Oh yeah and apparently the after-Christmas shoppers in Athens wait until the 30th to come out in droves. It was crazy out there today.

  5. Jolene...I am not strange. It gets very cold here in Statham. Almost Alaska-like.

    Mollyanne, I will be sure to bring the breastfeeding softie next time I come over. :) If you take a really close look at the pic, the horizontal fold about halfway down the front (like where my hands stick out) unsnaps and unzips horizontally there. So that whole thing flaps up...insert baby...feed. :) And both you and baby stay hidden and warm!! Miraculous!!

  6. Jealous. That is all I have to say. And me over here with no blankets that allow me to use my hands. I was thinking the other day that there needs to be an invention where you can put a book in and it turns the pages for you so you can keep your arms under the blanket. Am I the only one who thinks this is an awesome idea?


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