Sunday, December 20, 2009

i love analytics: vol2

Lots of strange things were revealed to me during my bi-weekly investigation of my Google Analytics today. Let's start with the most disturbing, shall we?

My favorite part of the Analytics is finding out what words/phrases people type into Google that brings them to my blog. Here are a few (typical/non-disturbing) things that brought people here in December: "optimistical," "footie pajamas," "mattyerika blog" (why don't you just bookmark me next time, eh?), "funky couple" (truly we're the poster couple for that, huh?). Here's what is truly disturbing: "huffing swiffer dust and shine". WHAT????, where to begin. I do truly love Swiffer Dust & Shine (and all other Swiffer products)and it's true that I (IN A JOKING MANNER) mentioned it may be worth huffing...but people...YIKES!!! That blog was written before I watched the episode of Intervention with that skinny girl who huffed computer duster. Have you seen that one?? Umm...because you should. (Note: I think it's still running on On Demand if you need to stop here and go see it) It's one of the most disturbing Interventions I've seen, and that's saying something. That junk JACKED HER UP and it was SO freaky. And sad. If I ever thought huffing was a funny/lame/not serious drug...I was so wrong. So anyways. I hope that whoever came to my blog looking for whatever information will reconsider their plans and maybe instead use that product to clean with and just enjoy the scent (and product) in the manner with which it was designed to be enjoyed. Sad sad sad.

Well, moving on to less disturbing things. Apparently my blog has a huge multi-cultural appeal-- in December I've had visitors from 15 countries!! Wow. Among the most surprising countries to drop by: Malaysia (3 visits), Phillippines (Kristina, are your relatives stalking me?), Indonesia, Singapore, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Iran. There is apparently a world-wide epidemic of BOREDOM or something...because why and how on earth would people from these countries land here?!?! Do we even use the same kinds of characters for reading/writing? If you go to my blog in Slovenia is it translated into Slovenian? Someone, please enlighten me.

Well I think that's all I've got for now. I'm sitting on my couch absolutely freezing to death since I just worked out and haven't yet turned the heat up or put on warmer clothes. I really should do something to fix this situation but instead I'm just going to shiver and whine (this is how I roll).

I have to work tomorrow and Tuesday (YES I work for the public schools and NO I don't get the normal school holidays...LAME) but I am looking forward to a fun week! Our Christmas shopping is *thisclose* to being done and wrapped and since I've been working out I don't feel nearly as guilty doing all the baking and eating I please. :) We're not leaving town at all (save a quick trip to Atlanta for dinner tomorrow evening) this week. Our Christmas will be with Matt's family (we alternate holidays and years w/ our families), but as it turns out, my parents will have NO children spending Christmas with them in Augusta! Isn't that sad?? So they decided to drive up here Christmas night and spend a few days with us...yay!!! This is a major score: get to still be with my family for Christmas, and DON'T have to pack up and leave town (although I will totally miss seeing everyone in Augusta)!! As Kristina said, you have officially reached adulthood when your parents come to YOU for Christmas! I figured I'd have to wait til we had kids to reach this level, but God smiled on us early, I guess. :)

So that's the plans. Having Wednesday and Thursday off by myself (Matt still has to work) means I should have plenty of time for blogging, so you can all mark your calendars and look forward to that. That means you, bored peoples of Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe and the Middle East!

Don't forget...if you have any insight about whether blogs (or any webpages) are translated into other language characters in other countries...enlighten me!


  1. yes. my relatives are stalking you.

  2. Wow, that's so cool that you can see how people find your blog! And, yes. I agree. I also operate under the understanding that exercise completely justifies baking and eating anything that you want during this time of the year. :D

  3. I'm guessing your foreign readers are mostly coming from Kelly's SUYL posts. That's when I notice foreign readers, at least.

    And you should do a post on how to set up analytics. I don't get it.

  4. well I have looked at other people's blogs from other countries (by clicking the "next" button) and they are in the original assuming those people that found you speak english! Oh and I wanted to say we have TONS of kids at work that huff that air duster crap, freon, swiffer...and they don't make productive's scary how bad it messes you up....i mean alot of them could be called mentally retarded...sorry for the non-pc term, I can't think of it right now....must have sniffed some of the duster by accident.....

  5. yeah, I think it is in English when people from other countries read things online.


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