Saturday, December 12, 2009

happy birthday to me!

Why play shy?? I always think it's funny when people neglect to acknowledge their own birthdays. Like when you find out at work at 4:55 pm that it's your co-workers birthday. Like it just hadn't even crossed their mind all day long. Right. I could just not mention to the blog world that it's my birthday today, but let's get real-- I have a BLOG. Obviously I like talking about myself. :)

So it's my birthday!! Yay and hooray and WHOA I am old. 27. I bet it won't be long before I stop posting my age, haha. I guess that's how you know you're not that old...when you want to complain about how old you are but you're not really ashamed to admit it. For instance, my grandmother probably wakes up equally awed and shocked on her own birthday, amazed at how old she is. The difference is, she doesn't go around blurting it out. That's because she actually is old. I, on the other hand, am a spring chicken. Or something.

Well, I'm in Augusta for the day, celebrating with my family. Or...blogging, as the case may be. Whatever, it's my birthday, I'll celebrate how I want to. :) We had breakfast in Athens this morning with Matt's family and it was lots of fun...I married into a fun family who make me feel very special! Then we drove here where we are spending the day and getting to see both my brother AND sister (which is truly rare and has not happened since Easter. Seriously.) and hang out and then we'll head back home tonight. A quick trip, but a good one, and hopefully I'll get a haircut out of the deal.

That's all I have time for, but if you want to read more about me (hahaha) then you should check out Kristina's tribute to me which made me cry and smile and feel so blessed that I have such wonderful friends.

Happy Saturday!!!

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  1. I called you a short while ago, but let me take this opportunity to tell you via blog as well...Happy Birthday!
    I think we should schedule a joint birthday lunch in honor of ourselves...whaddya think?


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