Saturday, April 10, 2010

and then there were 4.

Once upon a time, I had two blueberry bushes.

Then I planted four more. When it comes to blueberries (especially little teeny tiny baby bushes like these), the more the merrier-- they need lots of options when the bees come to pollinate them. So four + two equals SIX blueberry bushes.

The bushes started growing! Wahoo! Well, most of them did. One of them has turned into a black stick. Unless there's some sort of blueberry miracle, I'm considering that one a goner. We're down to five.

And then today...well, it all happened very quickly. You see, our meadow-like back yard...well, the weeds are a-plentiful and quite tall. Taller than our fledgling blueberry bushes in most cases. And although the blueberry bushes are each surrounded by a little bed of mulch...well, the grass/weeds keep growing up through the mulch, too, so it's a little hard to even tell where the blueberries are.

And I was on the riding lawmower. And it happened so fast.

And-- chop! chop! chop!-- then there were four blueberry bushes.

I almost cried.

Luckily the rest of the weekend has been much less traumatic. Actually it's been downright good.

Last night Mollyanne and I went to Restoration-- "an evening of worship, dancing in adoration of the Lord." It's an annual event hosted by our alma mater and I look forward to it every year. I danced in it once, back in '07. And every year since, as I watch, it makes me wish I had some way to continue dancing now. Especially last night-- there was a TAP dance this year!! Believe you me-- I was quite the mad tapper back in my day. And I still have all my shoes. Don't think I won't bust them out and tap all over my garage, driveway, porch, etc. In fact, I just may do that tomorrow. Remind me.

Today has been a great Saturday. After sleeping in (well, as long as I hacking cough *thanks, allergies!!* makes any sort of lying down rather impossible) we made some blueberry-pecan pancakes and then hit up a few yardsales. Matt was impressed with my yardsale-savvyness. So was this random lady that we kept running into at different yardsales (it's a small town, not that unusual). I believe her direct quote was "now THAT'S how you do it, girl." This was after I asked the man running the sale how much these bookends were, and he said "$3" and I laughed out loud as I said "right, okay, thanks!" and ran back to set them down. He came over and said "how much were you thinking you'd pay" and I said "maybe a dollar." And he said "well, how about $1.50" and I stared him long and hard in the eyes and then agreed. And a few minutes later when I found a basket I liked, I just walked up to him and said "I'll give you a quarter for this" as I held a quarter in front of his nose and he looked kind of scared as he said "well that sounds good." That's how I roll, folks. I don't need to wait around for you to tell me how much you want. I'll tell YOU how much I'll pay and then you can take it or you can be stuck with your crap for another year. :) It was a good day of yardsaling.

Then we did some yardwork, and THEN we went to G-Day! G-Day is our alma mater's (our other alma mater. The one we gave lots of money and got degrees from.) annual spring football scrimmage game. It's in the stadium and the band's there and it's a lot like a "real" game...except for, you know, an opposing team...and the other half of the stadium being open...and the tickets are FREE! This was ultra exciting because believe it or not, Matt and I have never been to a Georgia football game together! Although we both went to and graduated from UGA, we didn't know each other during college and therefore never attended games together. And we haven't been to a single game SINCE graduation (August 2005) due to lots of unfortunate events such as having to work on Saturdays (2006-2008) and not having any way to get tickets (2006-present and forseeable future). Anyway, we do both love UGA football and were very happy to finally go to Sanford Stadium together. The weather was PERFECT and the game was good-- I mean, either way, Georgia won...there was just no way to leave disappointed!

We convinced our neighbors to take a pic of us before the game.

Walking to the stadium. They only opened up half the stadium so it was a little strange looking across and seeing absolutely no one!

At the game. It was a fun afternoon, and unlike "real" football games, only took up about 2 hours. That gave us plenty of time to go give Lowe's some more of our money (I swear that's where 80% of our monies end up) and get back home to do lots more yardwork.

Now we're about to watch a movie Matt got for his birthday (The Fantastic Mr. Fox...I dunno, some Wes Anderson cartoon movie?? There's no explaining Matt's taste in movies. We'll see how it goes.) and rest up for a semi-busy Sunday.

Happy Saturday!


  1. FYI: The Fantastic MR. Fox was written by Roald Dahl, who also wrote Matilda, the BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach...just in case you were wondering...and in case you were also wondering, I have read EVERY single one of the books that Roald Dahl has in print....nerd.... :P

  2. Yay for spring football games! Maybe we'll take Leah to next year's and visit Athens. I guess we could hit up Clemson's if that doesn't work out. I'm sorry for your blueberry bush loss. I'm procrastinating on planting in our yard... maybe this weekend! And love your new profile pic, you and Matty are looking hot!

    FYI - the word verification for this comment is "pedrolo" which to me sounds like a combination of Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite and rolo candy.... weird....

  3. Sorry for the blueberry bush casualty! What a busy weekend.


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