Sunday, April 25, 2010

randomly thankful

Do you ever have moments when you're overwhelmed with thankfulness? Okay, but how about for something really, really silly?

Occasionally I try to take a break from my constant whining and complaining (okay, that's just what I feel like I do sometimes) and appreciate the smaller things in life.

The really small things.

Or rather, the lack thereof.

It hit me this morning as I was digging in a bottom cabinet (in the kitchen), trying to unearth my Pyrex Portable (LOVE LOVE LOVE) to take a dish to our potluck at church. I just plopped down on the floor, moved aside the bags of dog food, half-empty packages of dog treats, and the salad spinner (that thing is HUGE, where do you keep yours?) and rearranged things until I could reach the Pyrex Portable. As I sat there, on the floor, it occurred to me: I'm not afraid.

I'm not afraid.

A bottom cabinet? In a kitchen?? Whew buddy. For the last few years of my life, you couldn't have caught me dead digging around in a bottom kitchen cabinet. ESPECIALLY the one with dog food. That is PRIME roach mouse EVERY kind of critter territory. I mean, the place we used to live...pretty much the whole HOUSE was prime nastiness territory. And it's not for a lack of's just the way it was. An old house in the woods. What do you expect. Well I for one expected LOTS of bugs, and that's exactly what I got.

I kept practically everything in my cabinets in tupperware boxes so that the roaches couldn't get in (or at least would have more of a challenge). And generally, digging in a kitchen cabinet was a conniption fit just waiting to happen. Expecting them though I was, I just can't encounter a roach without freaking out. It ain't gonna happen. I was frequently panicked in that house. Very frequently.

And I know this is a nasty story, not the kind of uplifting news you generally come here looking for...but I just can't tell you how thankful I was this morning when I realized how now I dig through cabinets so blissfully unworried about what I may find. In fact, we haven't seen a single roach since we moved here. It's been almost a year, too. Not even one. Not inside, not outside. NONE. Perhaps we live so far out in the country the roaches haven't even found us?? That's what I'm thinking. Ha., that's my Really Random Thing I'm Thankful For on this Sunday evening. What's yours?

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