Saturday, April 24, 2010

SUYL: how we met

This week at Kelly's Korner the "Show us Your Life" theme is How I Met My Husband. It's a story I'll tell, if for no other reason than I love looking through (and sharing) old pictures. So here we go. [Editor's note: picture are not in any sort of order whatsoever and may have nothing at all to do with whatever I'm blabbering about.]

In summary, Matt and I met because of pirates.

It was fall of 2005. I had just graduated from the University of Georgia and started a full-time internship at the Wesley Foundation at UGA. There were about 35 other interns that year...most of them I knew, a few I didn't. The tall, dark, and handsome Matt was one of the few that I was not acquainted with. Please note that "not acquainted with" does not mean "never heard of." On the contrary, I had heard PLENTY about Matt a few years prior to this, when my then-roommate (but always-friend) Catherine had been madly in love with him. In fact, I'd actually partaken in some light stalking of said cute boy-- "pleeeeeease go with me to the mall, Matt's working there today!!" Like any good friend, I agreed-- begrudgingly. And with much mocking. ohhhhh Maatttttieeee..he's sooooo cuuuuute!!!! So when the internship started and I found that Cute Matt was now my co-worker...well, nothing. See, he had a picture of a girl on his desk. A large picture. Evidently Cute Matt had a girlfriend. Duly noted.

A few months went by. It was September 19, 2005-- International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I'm a pretty big fan of pirates. It's genetic, by the way-- my dad has always had a thing about pirates. So it's more like an inherited fascination. So I was pretty amped up about celebrating TLAP day that year. Especially since the work environment at Wesley really lent itself to celebrating such things. Much to my dismay, most people were not as interested in talking like pirates as I was. Most people got tired of it by like 11am. Most people suck. Matt doesn't. Cute Matt seemed to enjoy talking like a pirate all day long. Talking about pirates. Talking about lots of things. And that picture on his desk? I don't know what happened; suddenly I didn't see it there anymore.

Fast forward a few months. Fast forward this story, too-- I talk too much. Anyway, much hanging out and talking took place. All at work, though. No numbers were exchanged. No facebook friendage took place. But we talked. And I maybe had a teensy tinsy crush.

By January we found ourselves "running into" each other a lot. Oh, hey, funny I should see you your house...I was just, the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by to see...your roommate. Yeah. Then one night he invited me to come over to watch the Superbowl with him and a bunch of people. I happily accepted the invitation. And then he forgot to invite all the other people. Silly Mattie. So we watched the Superbowl alone, and he cooked me Jiffy cornbread muffins and some really disgusting pancakes and I guess that's what pretty much ruined me for anyone else. We start texting all the time (ahh, 21st century romance), finding excuses to run into each other (at our after-Wesley jobs, at restaurants....yeah), and a few days later, in the comfort of our separate cars and while sitting in the parking lot of the Cingular building, we made it official. We became us.
Ten months later, on the night before my 24th birthday, he proposed. I said yes.

We got married on June 30, 2007. It was wonderful. It is wonderful. I am so thankful for my crazy pirate husband. He was totally worth the wait.

That's the end. Well, really it's only the beginning, but I would never be so lame and cheesy as to actually say something like that.

And now I would like to apologize for the absolutely wacky format of the pictures in this blog. Blogger evidently hates me and I can't figure out what I broke or how to fix it, so pictures and text are just all over the place. So sorry. Also, looking at all these pictures has made me desperately miss my long hair. I think I will grow it back. The end.


  1. I think your story is so cute! Arrrrrggggg! ;) Glad you & "cute Matt" found each other!

  2. Too cute! Y'all make a very handsome couple and I know that you will make equally good-looking babies (soon)! And speaking of 21st century romance, when Brian and I met, we exchanged AIM SCREEN NAMES before phone numbers. It was before facebook, FYI, so IM was about our only option :)


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