Saturday, December 4, 2010

a cold and rainy Saturday

It wasn't supposed to rain today, for the record. The weatherman said it would be cloudy, but wouldn't rain. He was wrong. Matt's thinking about suing. I mean, seriously. We got wet. And we were unprepared. But anyway.

It's my last complete weekend of being 27. Next Sunday I will be joining the ranks of the super official late-twenties. I mean, when you're 27 you can still sort-of pretend that you're in your mid-twenties. But 28 takes that out of the question. Oh well. I think I will age gracefully.

Anyway, check out my Christmas-y house!!

Here's our Big Fat Tree 2010. Super fat. We ran out of lights. Twice. So we're making do. Don't judge.

The mantle. I added a few bowls of ornaments, that's why it's different than the last time I showed a picture of it.

Our room. I haven't decorated in here before, but I added a few small things to the dresser.

I thought this was pretty-- my wineglass-turned-candle-holder. I got the idea from Christopher's mom and I like it! I stuck a few small ornaments in there.
And all around my house are vases/bowls/mason jars filled with ornaments. LOVE that look!

And laugh if you will, but this is a tree in our backyard. Last year on the last day of school one of the teachers was throwing out these 4 giant gold ornaments. I took them. And then I stuck them on our tree. And yes there are only four, and yes they are all congregated on the one side (the side we can see from our dining room window) and yes we didn't bother to get out a ladder to put them up's ghetto, just the way we like it. And I would buy more of those huge ornaments, but those suckers are like $5 each!! Not happening.

Anyway, those are most of the exciting decorations. I forgot to take pictures of a few other cute things...shame on me.

Today we got a lot of our shopping done! We have only a few more things to get...unfortunately, they're for people we have NO IDEA what to get for them. So who knows when we will finish up.

I think that's all the news I have. Happy (cold and rainy) Saturday!!


  1. Love the wine glass idea! Are you still having to go to the library for internet?

  2. Yes...although we're at Matt's parents' house today, using their internet. But usually it's the library. Yay library. :)

  3. Love your fat tree. Although I do think you should cut down the one in your backyard next year and use it. Just make sure there are no squirrels living in it.

  4. i can give you some suggestions for my gift if you are really stumped.


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