Thursday, December 2, 2010

random mish-mash

I have lots of random thoughts running through my head. Obviously the whole world needs to know about them. Right??

Or maybe I'm just going through blog-withdrawal. Being internet-less for an extended period of time (over a month now, minus one weekend it worked) will do that to you. And yes I know I should buy my own internet. And if you have any money to give me, I will do exactly that. Until then...we will probably be internetless, save for whatever free wireless we can mooch. It's a sad state of affairs, but it's my life.

Anyway, the first bunch of thoughts running through my head on the way to work this morning (when I like to think about what I would blog about if I had a chance to blog) were all about things I was feeling thankful for.

It started when I pulled up next to some other car at a stoplight and noticed that he was going through the always-ridiculous process of trying to de-fog his windows. I hate that process. I can never remember-- run the defrost on cold? Hot?? Make the inside the same temperature as the outside-- oh wait, I'll freeze to death. Do it the opposite? Just wipe it off with my hand...until it fogs up again? It usually takes me like 20 minutes to get it right. But today, that wasn't my problem-- just that guy next to me. Me? I park in a garage now. And I don't want to take that for granted. It's awesome. My windows never fog up or get icy!! I don't waste 10 minutes de-icing my windshield or pre-heating the inside! So this morning I felt really thankful for my garage.

And clementines. You know, the fruit. I've been on a clementine kick this week and I marvel at how delicious and easy to peel they are and how they don't have seeds. Truly a rarity amongst citrus fruit. All hail the mighty clementine.

And Christmas music. Christmas music, how do I make it without you 11 months a year?? Christmas music makes me feel happy and nostalgic and it really makes me feel like I'm a great singer. I really like belting out some diva-fied version of an old hymn-y Christmas song. Even though it feels really ironic. I mean, can you imagine Mariah Carey getting all into any other hymn?? It kind of makes me laugh. I hope she'd put on a few more clothes for the occasion.

I'm also a big fan of money-making couponing. I love me some couponing, but I really love the ones that make you a straight profit that you don't even have to work hard for. Like this week, Coffemate creamer was on sale for $1.25 at Publix. I had two coupons that were for $1.50 off one creamer (each). Um, hello 25 cent profit on each creamer!! I mean, Publix paid me 50 cents to take those 2 creamers off their hands! That stuff just makes me happy. Not to mention, holiday-themed creamers make me happy. Fat, but happy.

Those are some of the things I'm feeling thankful for this week. Now, back to our regularly scheduled whine-fest.

Haha. It'll be quick this time.

It seems we've sprung a leak in our roof. Probably a small one (Matt poked around the attic and thinks he can find it and it's small), but we had some water on our living room and garage ceiling on Tuesday night. So we needed someone to come look at it and give us an estimate to fix it, right? Matt made an appointment with Bone Dry Roofing for 8:00 this morning. He (obviously) had to stay home from work, but (also obviously) the roof needs to be fixed, so you do what you gotta do, right? Well, we do. Apparently Bone Dry Roofing doesn't. Matt sat and sat, waited and waited, and they never showed up! He got mad around 9 and just left to go to work. He got a voicemail about 9:30 from them, saying-- get this-- We forgot to look at the calendar, so we didn't know we had to be somewhere that early this morning. Um...what?! Is that the lamest excuse ever, or WHAT?! Well, at least they're honest. They forgot?? Well thanks...too bad Matt still had to miss over an hour of work for nothing. Can we get that money back? And his time? No thanks, Bone Dry, I don't think we'll be needing to reschedule that appointment. Last I heard, it's not really the best economy for housing-related contractors like yourself...yall must have enough business that you don't really need ours. We'll support someone who does.

So add them to my infamous and ever-growing Black-Listed Companies list. Anyone in the Athens area have a recommendation for a competent roofing and/or handyman company??

Well it's getting dark here at the library...I better drive on home to see my puppy and my beautiful Christmas tree! Happy almost-Friday!!


  1. You should join me in my 31-day challenge of finding something to be thankful for every day! Also, my twin sis had almost the exact same experience that y'all did with their plumber yesterday- must be the holidays making everyone forgetful and crazy!!

  2. Christian Roofing and Remodeling has done several things for us and have been great.

  3. I heart clementines too. In fact, we have a song devoted to our love of clementines.

  4. I think our brains are on the same wave-length this week!

    I have also been LOVING Christmas music, and have subsequently made three new pandora stations...

    The arrival of clementines made my heart leap with joy (and my wallet groan)...

    The boomerang of cold weather has made me long for a covered parking area, and has added a solid 10 minutes to deicing my windows. I've started keeping a book in my car to read during the deicing time...

    and your couponing story has kicked some life into my waning couponing affection.


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