Saturday, December 18, 2010


Warning: MANY pictures ahead!!!

Why do I feel like lots of my blogs start with a warning?? Strange. Maybe I'm an over-warner.

But seriously. There are a lot of pics ahead. I tried really hard to pare it down to only maybe the top thousand you needed to see...but that was hard. So now I'll just try not to provide commentary on every single one, because let's face it-- you're probably familiar with weddings and you know me and my people well enough that I shouldn't have to label every single picture...but let's really face things: you KNOW I can't mince words. I'm compelled to over-comment on everything. I'm an over-sharer like that. I over-warn. I over-comment. I over-share.

But only via writing. In real life I don't usually talk that much. But that's another topic for another day.

On with the pictures! Here are recurring themes you should look out for: a) my sister is BEAUTIFUL. b) it's very handy to have a sister and other bridesmaids who are cosmetologists. c) my sister should be a model. d) I want to get re-married (to Matt, duh) so that I can wear my sister's dress. e) did I mention that my sister is stunning?

Here we are post-rehearsal dinner. You should be stunned and amazed that this is the ONLY picture from the rehearsal day that I'm putting here. I opted out of torturing you with 40 others. Amazing. What self-control I am showing! But how could I pass up on me and Sarah with Santa & the Mrs.??

And here we just jump right in to the wedding day photo shoot. A few things you should know: 1) these pictures were taken at a local RETIREMENT COMMUNITY...hahahaha...we were in it for the scenery, friends. The old folks had fun gawking though! 2) It was like 40 degrees or something. Or maybe 40 below. It was cold. 3) I had an ovarian cyst rupture at approximately 3pm, or 1 hour before these pictures were taken. For the record, it hurts a lot and I was in excruciating pain until about 8pm, at which time the pain became only moderately unbearable. I should receive an Academy Award for the smile on my face in the following pictures. And the fact that I didn't faint during the ceremony. Or maybe that one should just be a Badge of Courage or something. Anyway. Just wanted to over-share that I had possibly the worst-timed medical event of my lifetime yesterday. 4) The semi-crappy pictures came from my camera. The good ones came from Sarah's BFF/my fellow person-of-honor Lindsey. The professional ones are to come. But that's why we appear to be staring off into the distance in many pictures. Really we were just looking at the "real" photographer...and other people were snapping from other angles. 5) Sarah is BEEEEEYUTIFUL!

Well you KNOW I have to start by showing off my hottie husband!

Me and the other bridesmaids: L-R Katie (Mark's sister), me (matron of honor because apparently I'm a MATRON???), Sarah, Lindsey (Sarah's BFF since kindergarten and the maid of honor), Rebecca (Sarah's fellow fabulous doer of hair)
Sarah and Jake (our brother) cute I could die!

Is she fabulous or WHAT??!

There are a million more pics from this photo shoot...go to my Facebook if you want more.

Didn't get many shots of the ceremony since we were kind of in it...

At the reception:

Yes, I would like one of these chocolate-covered-strawberries trees at every table I ever sit at for the rest of my life, thanks. Oh, and the cheesecakes too.

My aunt and uncle cuttin' a RUG!!!

Me and Stine! So glad they came to love on my sister (and keep me company!)

Keepin things klassy (and safe)...leaving in a Taxi!!! (don't worry, we did a "fake leave" photo shoot way earlier in the night when we did sparklers and stuff....hilarious)

The this morning (morning after the wedding) there was a brunch. This time James & Stine brought baby Adoration so that I could hold her the whole time and show her to all my relatives, pretending she is mine. They indulge me like that.

Okay that really did not seem like that many pictures. I have a thousand more, just let me know if you want more (with more commentary).

It's been a great weekend, I'll share more later!!


  1. Well, the wedding looked very Sarah-not-Erika for sure, but amazing! You looked fabulous fabulous fabulous for being in pain and would give you the academy award for sure!

    As far as the heat goes. Even GA power tells you to keep your heat set at 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer for superior energy savings. I personally keep it at 71 or 72, I will bump it up to 73 occasionally but mostly get hot real quick after that...

    My apt of course is smaller but that is always been my policy. The most my bill has been is $150 and that was ONE month, dead of winter, unemployed so I was there all the time (as opposed to just evenings/nights) and it was two stories...SO bump it up and stop suffering!

    I'm coming tomorrow sometime and will be in Athens Tuesday-Thursday for sure and probably around after then some but I'll be heading back for the final two weeks here on Sunday.

  2. The pictures were wonderful! And you were beautiful yourself!

  3. Erika, you and your sister look SO beautiful!

  4. About as fabulous as I thought she'd be! (I looked at all the ones on FB on my phone yesterday during the long drive back to Florida from Georgia.) She made a perfect winter bride. You can't tell at ALL that you are in pain in any of the pictures; I say you earned as many chocolate strawberry trees as you want for that one. Congratulations to your family!


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