Monday, May 30, 2011

dead tired

What is it about sun and water that completely DRAINS you? You would think I'd run a marathon today, judging by the way I feel. Lucky for us all, I didn't attempt anything nearly that strenuous. But still. I'm exhausted. But I just have a few quick things to say before bed.

First of all, tomorrow I begin my "summer schedule" at work, which is 7-5:30 Monday through Thursday. So yes, I get Fridays off, but can I please point out how miserable that makes the other 4 days? Let's not forget I have a 30 minute commute on each side of that as well. So basically, I should already be in bed. But I'm not. Alas.

Also, why is it that "they" (whoever that is) take something that is perfectly good and perfectly healthy, and then think of a way to turn it into something way unhealthy and delicious? And for some reason, I can't resist the bad way. Like right now I'm eating some chocolate covered Craisins. I personally enjoy the regular Craisins, although I realize that their "healthiness" is already a little debatable. But still. Why'd they have to go invent something like chocolate covered Craisins? Couldn't we just leave well enough alone? I would also like to blame my mother for being the one to buy them and send them home with me last weekend. Thanks, saboteur! I have the same problems with fruit dips at parties. Normally I eat strawberries and grapes just the way they come, plain, and I think they are delicious. But at a party/shower, someone inevitably brings some cream-cheesey dip (usually me), and then I can't help but cover every bite of fruit with fat and calories. UGH! Who invented this stuff??! I hate them.

Alright, onto the final topic at hand.

Awhile back, someone (I think it was Amanda J, but I could be wrong...and I'm too lazy to go back and look) commented that they wanted to see a blog from/by Matt. She said she felt like she didn't really know Matt, and suggested that I do some kind of getting-to-know-Matt post. I thought that was a good idea, especially because I bet half the people that know him in REAL life want the same thing! He's a rather quiet guy, and especially if I'm around...he doesn't usually get a lot of words in. Imagine that. Anyway, I explained to him this terrible situation (that you guys don't really KNOW him very well), and he agreed to do an "interview." If anyone has any kind of questions they'd like Matt to answer, he has agreed to answer them, and I will post it here. I've seen this done on other blogs and it was a lot of fun, so you guys better jump on board. Here are some examples of questions I'm envisioning :

Matt, what's it like being married to such an amazing woman?
Do you ever get over the thrill of being married to Erika?
What's your favorite thing about Erika?

and so on. But in the event you actually don't just want to know more about ME (hard to imagine)...feel free to ask about anything. Infertility, work, sports, dealing with strong-willed know, any of the things you think Matt might deal with. :) 

So...ask away. Even if you don't have anything you want to a sport and think of SOMETHING so that I don't have to make up all the questions myself. Think to yourself "well at least this will be better than hearing Erika whine about babies again..." and I know a question of some sort will come to you.

And with that, I'm off to bed. It was a wonderful Memorial Day and I am completely exhausted. Goodnight!   


  1. Yay for getting to know Matt!

    Question for ya: What kind of kid were you in highschool? And I request pictures from the era as evidence please. You know, since homegirl LOVES scanning pictures.

  2. I have some questions. ha.

    I would like to know: What was it like for matthew to grow up with the greatest sister in the world?

    Tom wants to know: What is Matt's favorite alcoholic beverage?

    Also, Could Matt tell us his side of the story about when he shaved half his head and then went to the dentist like that?

  3. What is Matt's favorite t.v. show?

  4. YAY! Ok what are Matt's hobbies (outside of loving and adoring you)?

    If he wants to share, I want to hear about his take on infertility... hardest part, etc.

    If Matt could have any song play to announce his arrival every time he entered a room, what song would it be?

  5. Dear Matt,
    What is one dream or aspiration that would make you feel life was incomplete if you did not accomplish it? (Sorry if that's worded awkwardly...)
    Also, how did you discover your calling in life?

  6. I have just a few questions for right now:

    1) If you were in a band, would you play the cow bell?

    2) How many ping pong balls can you juggle?

    3) If you had/have a pet squirrel, what would be/is his/her name and what tricks would/can it do?

    Question from Jessie...

    1) What's it like being married to an amazing and famous blogger?

  7. Can I just say that I think it's hilarious that you are your own enabler when it comes to fruit dips? :)


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