Friday, May 13, 2011

this and that

Okay, you have been pre-warned that this is going to be a random blog.

First of all: Where did my last blog go??! I did a Way Back When-sday post on Wednesday (imagine that)...the title was "the one where i embarrass myself and my freinds"...I received several comments, which are still in my email inbox...and yet, the blog is gone? It's not on my list of posts when I go to 'edit posts.' I clicked on the link that is in the comment emails (you know how it says "so and so left a comment on your blog 'the one where i embarrass myself and my friends" and you can click on the link to the blog, but then it goes to a blogger page that says "this page is not available on the blog 'something beautiful'. Um....huh??? Anyone else had this problem? I can't even just 'repost' it, because it's not there to re-post! I 'labeled' it w/ the WBW label...not showing up there either. Can a blog just disappear?? Did Catherine or Kristina do some voodoo magic on it to make it go away so that they wouldn't have to be embarrassed?? This is a big mystery, not one I foresaw myself solving on this Friday afternoon, but alas.

OK, second of all: I never got around to sharing the awesomeness that was the beginning of LAST weekend. Mother's Day had to come ruin my life and all, and I neglected to talk about the good things that happened last weekend. I have lots of pictures and everything, but wouldn't you know it that at this time, my camera is not so much feeling like uploading anything.

I swear. Technology hates me.

But trust me, there are cute pictures. Of me and friends and family and I really wanted to post them just so that you wouldn't think all I do is sit around and mope. Ha.

Thirdly: My current obsession du jour is planning a trip to Six Flags over Georgia. I am a HUGE fan of Six Flags (and any other excellent theme park). It's really because of the roller coasters. I'm addicted. And I haven't been in a few years AND-- this is really sad-- I've never been with Matt!! I know, ridiculous. He hasn't had the pleasure of enjoying me in my truest element: being a marathon roller-coaster-rider. If you're the kind of person that enjoys a leisurely day strolling through Six Flags...then we would definitely not get along. I am the girl with a plan (okay, 80 plans, from my hairstyle down to my shoes) and I run with strategy and purpose from Point A to Point B. There is no walking. There is running. Some people at the gym are training for 5ks or marathons or triathlons. I'm training for my next theme park trip. There is no stopping for some overpriced food. There is only running to the next ride. It's amazing. But at the end of the day (which will be a weekday, preferably with a 50% or greater chance of storms), I've ridden every coaster multiple times and spent very little time in lines, and THAT is how we get 'er done, my friends.

Anyway. I am dying to go. I had a dream earlier this week and I was on the Freefall and even in the dream I could feel the bottom dropping out of my stomach and that weightless was the best dream ever. I never wanted to wake up.

Also, I feel like it is important to go soon because I figure once (if) I get pregnant, it will be like 14 years until I can go again. Because there's no way my Theme Park Strategy can allow for the slow-pokiness and whininess of any child under the age of 13 (and/or 54" tall). I will never be that mom sitting on the bench holding the diaper bag. So, now's a good time to go.

Next topic: I really want one of these:

I'm not really a McDonald's girl, but these frozen strawberry lemonades look fantastic!! Anyone had one yet? Worth breaking out of my "I don't eat at McD's" snobbery?

Finally: I read this book last week (in about 24 hours) and immediately passed it on to Mollyanne who polished it off in about the same amount of time. UN-BE-LIEV-A-BLE.
 It's a true story (obvs) and definitely worth a read. Or if you're lazy, you can just Google their names and get the gist of it from news articles, etc. I'm going to file this one away underneath "books people who are undergoing infertility treatments probably shouldn't read, or maybe they should?" I know, my filing system is pretty detailed.

Right, so, I think that's it. Off to search for my missing blog...


  1. Blogger messed up for everyone! I had a post missing, but it magically appeared this afternoon. Maybe everything will return for you! I really want to try the McD's drink, too. Let us know how it is!

  2. I, too, was super excited to try the McDonalds Strawberry Lemonade. You can imagine how crushed I was when on a HOT Carolina afternoon I order a $2.59 LARGE and I proceded to vomit from the srawberry mess they put in it to make it a STRAWBERRY Lemonade. It's way too sweet and chemically tasting. I attempted to mix it thoroughly, but after every sip, all I tasted was chemical strawberry. Super SUPER lame. The lemonade is great by itself however, and since the stawberry stuff is like a squirt of stuff before they add the lemonade, you can order just a lemonade.

    But the ads to make it look delicious, which is obnoxious.

  3. word. I live about 15 minutes from six flags, have a guest room in my house and there are multiple mcdonalds in douglasville. I'm just saying, you could cross several items off your list with a simple visit to the douglas-ville. You know you are always welcome. Heck, I might even bust out the mashed potatos, creamed peas and chicken nuggets for you and Matt.

    p.s.- great seeing you guys last weekend!

  4. The missing blog is back as of today! :)

    As far as the strawberry lemonade, I say go for it. I've had their smoothies before and was quite surprised at how good they were. I'm guessing the lemonade will be, too. Of course, I've also heard good things about Dairy Queen's strawberry lemonade, so you could do that if you wanted to keep your "not eat McD's" streak.

  5. Hmm... Maybe I'll add that book to the "Bawl Your Eyes Out But Continue to Read?" file?


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