Friday, December 16, 2011

this is actually how i spend my nights.

 So I know I've probably never mentioned it here before, but I'm learning to take pictures with a real camera!! I know, I know...shocking. And I can't decide if it's just proof of how boring my life is, or if it shows my dedication to my new hobby, but I seriously spend many nights doing nothing but taking pictures. You are so lucky I've restrained myself (mostly) from boring you with the results of these evenings.

But today your luck is up. Today you get to see PICTURES! But I promise that they are at least semi-entertaining, and two of them are actually GOOD (by my standards)!

So last weekend when we were in Augusta, we celebrated Christmas with my family. Like all good 'grandparents', my parents thoughtfully include Lola in the gift-giving. Or rather, the gift-receiving. That Lola...she is BROKE. She never remembers to buy other people presents. Jerkface.

Anyway, one of Lola's presents this year was a toy that seriously made me LOL. Literally. It's a ball with a mustache/beard combo attached to the front. Like...what's the world's obsession with mustaches and beards lately? I don't know, but I support it- especially when it's really ridiculous like on dogs or babies. So in theory, if Lola would hold the ball in her mouth correctly, it would look like she had a beard and mustache. Only she kinda sucked at that part, and mostly preferred to hold it by the beard or mustache.

So Wednesday night we spent a good long while playing and trying to convince her it was most fun to hold the toy the RIGHT way. We mostly failed. But I got a few pictures anyway so that you can almost see what the toy is supposed to do.

Her preferred play pose.

Almost right here! Just slightly the wrong angle. You can barely see them, but there are little fangs that stick out beneath the 'stache. I'm not sure if these are supposed to be regular dog fangs or if the makers of this toy are also trying to cash in on the vampire popularity. Either way, it's cute.
See?? Cute!!

OK, after we tired of the new toy, I focused on trying to get some good pictures of my girl. The following are officially the Best Pictures I have of my daughter. LOVE THEM.

Isn't she beauuuuuutiful??!?!?  I know, I know. I can barely stand her cuteness myself.

OK, enough of my dog. One day maybe you'll get lucky and these will be pictures of a kid instead. Keep praying! 

So that was Wednesday night. New dog toy. Pictures.

Last night (after I nearly died at Zumba) we had a lot of baking to do. Treats for the neighbors and my co-workers. And we waited til the last minute, naturally. So last night was Bake-a-thon 2011. I was in charge of the AMAZING OREOS (I could think of a more descriptive name, but that really sums them up quite nicely) and Matt made 3 loaves of banana bread. We're a formidable team in the kitchen, for sure!

First up was the Oreos. Matt was in charge of crushing up candy canes...

...while I prepared all the other ingredients.

 White chocolate, and plenty of it.

This is what they look like when I'm done:

Yes, they taste as good as they look. I also made a batch with regular (semisweet) chocolate. You'll see a pic of those in a minute, so hold your horses.

  In the meantime, Matt whipped up the banana bread. It's my mom's recipe (aka the BEST BANANA BREAD EVER), but I really don't have the patience for making it. Matt doesn't mind it, though,'s officially His Job.

Are you ready for the next picture? It's me with one tray of the Oreos. When I saw this picture, I thought "this is the most me picture I've ever seen." Here I am in my sweaty workout clothes, greasy hair pinned back...and I'm having some sort of jealous love affair with chocolate-covered Oreos. Yep, that's me.

How I want people to think I am:

How I really am:

Welcome to my real life. And keep your hands off my Oreos!!


  1. Ha the last picture comparison made me laugh- I totally relate! And I do love the pics of Lola... such a cute pup!

  2. Very clever self-portraiting. And I LOVE the last pic of Lola in particular.

  3. Ditto to Amanda's comment! (Don't you wish you had a twin sister so you could just "ditto" to everything she says?)

  4. hahaha! Love the pictures (all of them!). I needed to see a dog with a mustache toy and you with those oreos after the day I've had (and the night I anticipate having - blerg!). Thank you for brightening my day!

  5. Your dog is too cute!! I love the last picture of her.

    Those cookies look delicious! I've never tried Oreo & peppermint together, but I bet I'd be a fan.


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