Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the year i got 50 snuggies

The Blogivers
It's Wednesday again! 

And a BUSY Wednesday it is...I have a million things to do. Really important things like Clean House so that I can Take Pictures for Friday's Kelly's Korner "Christmas Decor" blog carnival. Oh, also because a lot of people are coming over to my house on Friday. But mostly so that I can take pictures. In the daylight.

And I need to go to Zumba tonight. Because I think I am becoming a fattie sloth. And now that I'm 29, it's time to not let myself go. Hopefully I'll be around for a few more would be nice to fit into my clothes for the duration of my time left.

ANYWAY. Remember a few years ago when Snuggies were all the rage?

Apparently I've been a sloth for quite some time, because I guess it was one of those things where everyone I have ever known saw those commercials and thought "I HAVE to get one of those for Erika!!!!! They were just MADE for her!" Which was mostly true...not gonna lie, I love me a Snuggie. But it just so happened that I received MANY Snuggies that year. I also gave a few, because...ya know, who doesn't love a Snuggie?

Incidentally, Snuggies make for really funny pictures. Enjoy!

 Me and my dad, auditioning for the Snuggie commercial

Now this little brown number is a personal favorite of mine. I believe it is called the Cozy 3-in-1? It's the best...except that when you wear it, your arms are pinned down. It's super soft, though.

 Snuggies even work outside! Who knew? Not that our blazing fire wasn't keeping me toasty's just that sometimes you just need that extra mile of warmth.

My main issue with Snuggies is where to keep them. They don't exactly just lay over the back of the couch like a regular afghan (well they could, but they would look dumb). They're awfully bulky to put in a basket with other blankets (not to mention GAUDY and would NOT work with my decor). But a closet? I never remember they're there.

Dilemmas, dilemmas. 

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Oh my gosh- I have the same dilemma! And if there's no order to folding it, there's no order when you try and put it on! My Snuggie has a pocket in the front. I've always wanted to cut a hole behind the pocket and have access for pottying and other friendliness. Too much?

  2. You need to get a doggie Snuggie for Lola!

  3. In response to Amanda's comment, I would say Yes. Too much. But I have come to expect nothing less.

    Did you learn how to take good pictures of Christmas trees? Will you teach me? Or at least share a link?

    WV: probst. As in, you'll probst teach me how to take pretty pics of my tree.

  4. I have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie. Next to my feetie pajamas, it's my fav.

  5. ha. i just bought uncle danny a snuggie for his birthday. ba hahaha.

  6. Ha too funny... Believe it or not, we own zero snuggies!

  7. No snuggies here either!


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