Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a very biker christmas

 WHOA. Sorry for the blog absence here lately. As I've mentioned before...I'm slightly not ready for Christmas, so this week has been spent working, spending time with family, Zumba-ing, and also trying to start my Christmas shopping. Basically, I'm swamped.

But not too swamped for Way Back When-sday!

The Blogivers

WAY BACK in 2004, I was a senior in college. My sister was a senior in high school. My mom was a senior (HAHAHAHA just kidding Mom!! Not that you read this!!). We decided to take the traditional Family Pictures on Christmas Eve.

Apparently leather jackets were all the rage (in our house) that year. And bad Christmas sweaters. Yikes.

Can we all just agree to never let our fathers buy those 'progressive' tinted glasses or whatever the heck they are? Because looking like you're wearing sunglasses indoors on Christmas Eve? Not cool.

I would like you to refer to more recent pictures as evidence that my family has made great progress on the fashion front since Biker Christmas 2004.

And that's all we have time for today, folks, because SOME people gotta drive to work. Boo. Have a very happy last-few-days-before-Christmas, and in case you were still stumped about what to wear to your next Christmas dinner/party/church service...may this post serve as a reminder that probably your Black Leather Coat is NOT IT.


  1. Haha your dad kinda looks like he's trying to be John Lennon there :)

  2. those jackets are awesome. i believe i still have a similar one hanging in my closet back home! hilarious.

  3. Ha isn't it funny that it doesn't seem like this was that long ago, but the pictures totally imply otherwise??


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