Friday, April 27, 2012

the countdown is on!

Thanks for your massive outpouring of support on Wednesday regarding me needing to bite the bullet and book the vacay. It was exactly what I needed. That and some friends at small group last night acting really excited for us to be going somewhere fun...that made ME feel really excited to go somewhere fun!

Therefore I am excited to inform you that THE VACATION HAS BEEN BOOKED!!! And paid for! Yikes!

Sorry, same picture as Tuesday. Wah wah wah. (Source)

Now the counting down and uncontrollable excitement can commence! Cancun, here we come! Wanna know what seriously the most exciting detail so far has been? After the tickets had been booked and we realized that since it's an 'international' flight (seriously, it's a shorter flight than going to most places IN the country...) we can EACH CHECK A BAG FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! This totally made me fist-pump, as I had already been stressing about packing super light and/or paying massive checked-bag fees. 

One important detail already figured out: house/dogsitter has been BOOKED! Actually, she was volunteering herself for the job a few days ago, prior to us even booking-- how's that for a dedicated friend/housesitter??! That is a HUGE relief, knowing our babies (Lola and Aidan and all plants/flowers) will be taken care of!

Next important detail: renewing my passport. Forms have been filled out and printed, but I need to go get a picture, a certified copy (???) of our marriage license to document my name change, and mail the whole thing off. With a check. Of course.

Next NEXT important detail: Find side jobs to make extra cash to take on vacation! Anyone need a babysitter? Want to buy a craft? I can do some custom limerick-writing...just let me know!

Happy Friday...I'm going on VACATION (in a few months)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. YAY!

    P.S. Who is Aidan?! Do you have a cat or something that I overlooked?

  2. Allison obviously doesn't know about Aidan, the secret baby that you have... ok but seriously, I'm assuming Aidan is a (clearly neglected on this blog) cat?

    Regardless, WOO HOO! Congrats on booking!

  3. I had to married-name-update my passport last year and it was surprisingly super easy. I went to a next-town-over passport-friendly (enough-hyphen-ated-words-yet?) post office and they were great! Hoping you have the same experience!

  4. Oh man. SO jealous.
    Cancun sounds amazing.
    Take me with you?

  5. sounds like a lot of fun. so excited for you and matt :)


  7. Hooray for vacations! Glad you booked and now have it to look forward to officially! Looks beautiful:)

  8. I just got my passport renewed with my married name on it. Just didn't want to have to rely on the marriage certificate to get me back into the US. I went to the CVS in Watkinsville, but be warned, they WOULDN'T let me smile. Seriously! And when I then have to concentrate on not smiling, my nose flared up all funny. So-- go anywhere but here!!!!


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