Thursday, April 5, 2012

the old man

Today is Matt's 29th birthday! Hooray for him catching up in numbers with me!

I don't have any cute baby pictures of him to share, but I can assure you that he was a cute baby. And he's a really cute grown man. :)

In case I don't brag on him enough, let me do it for just a minute right now: Matt is the bomb. If you think your husband is the best, then you are wrong- unless you are also secretly married to Matt, in which case we have a big problem and I retract my previous claim.

These past few days Mattie has been a champ as I've been a worthless, whiney lump under the weather. Even in the hospital-- not a place he's a fan of, given his irrational fear of band-aids and all-- he was constantly by my side, at my beck and call, making 1am phone calls to our parents at my request (not his idea of fun)...he was the best. He is the best. And I'm sorry that I'm not feeling MY best to help him celebrate his day, but such is life.

I feel like I should say more, but my brain is foggy right now and I'm not sure that I can make things make sense. If you need a little more Mattie in your day, then I recommend you read (or re-read) his interview from last summer-- chock full of all the questions, answers, and pictures your heart is desiring!

Happy birthday, Mattie!


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