Wednesday, November 7, 2012

confessing. again.

It's a dark and chilly Wednesday night...what better way to spend it than with a little unburdening of the soul?

-I'm freezing cold right now (It's 45 degrees outside, which definitely qualifies as "freezing" in Georgia, and 65 in the house) but I am too cheap to turn the heat on yet. As much as I hate being cold...I love saving money and "toughing it out" more. For awhile, anyway. Then I'll give in. I do cheat with a space heater in my bathroom, though. I'm not insane.

-I skipped Zumba tonight. I tried convincing myself (and Matt) it was because my foot is hurting, which is true. But the real reason is that the cute workout outfit I wanted to wear is in the dirty clothes hamper. I gave longer and harder consideration to the idea of pulling it out and wearing it dirty (yeeech!!) than I did to picking something else (clean) to wear.

-I'm slightly overwhelmed, shocked, and 100% disgusted by the reactions of many of my Facebook "friends" to the election. I've never heard so many people pledging to "pray for our President and our country" with such thinly-veiled hate in their tone, implying that what they'd actually like to be doing is spitting in the faces of both the President and everyone who didn't vote exactly like them. It's pretty sickening.

-I'm going on a blog-date (blate?) tomorrow!!! My blog friend/soon-to-be-real-life-friend Jennie is coming to Athens and we're meeting for dinner and hanging out! I am both super excited and a teensy bit nervous that I will be a big huge disappointment in real life. Ha.

-I cried my eyes out during Walking Dead this week. I also concluded that no matter how Mother Earthy you are, an all-natural homebirth (prison-birth?) VBAC is just a terrible choice during a zombie apocalypse. Just FYI. And then I cried some more.

I think that's all, folks. As feels good to get that off my chest. Feel free to jump on the confessional bandwagon!


  1. Wearing dirty workout clothes is totally ok bc they're just going to get dirty again! But skipping workouts is also totally ok, so you're good :)

  2. Maybe I am more Minnesotan than I was 45 degrees here today, too, and I was running my errands after work without a coat on! Ha!

    I agree with Amanda on the workout clothes thing and also the skipping workout thing!

    I have lots of angry facebook "friends," too. I went on last night after the winner was announced just to see what people were thinking (bad idea!). One of my favorites was: "I have lost all respect for so many of you tonight."

    It sounds like such a blast to meet fellow bloggers in real life! I have a very hard time imagining you being a disappointment in real life!

    SO WISH I COULD WATCH The Walking Dead...arg! Sounds like I am really missing out this season!

  3. I've skipped zumba because my outfit was dirty. It happens :)

  4. Puh-lease, there is no way you can be a disappointment! Unless you stand me up in downtown Athens. I would be disappointed. :)

    I hope that I can make it, because many people have shared with me that the apocalypse is nearing following last night's election (and that God's wrath may in fact come down upon me while driving due to some of my election day choices).

  5. Love that you and Jennie are meeting - both of you are great, so it has to be great :)

  6. Yep. I totally agree about facebook and the election. I'm more upset today than I was throughout the whole 'season' leading up to yesterday. I may have unfriended a person or too and been formulating my rant in my head all day long.

  7. I was thisclose to de-friending so many during the election season. The freedom to vote is just that, a freedom! Getting on social media and bashing the leader of our country is a shame and disgrace.

    Oh and tonight you get a "freebie" on Zumba because cute outfits are a must! 😉

  8. AGREE with you on the FB's worse on facebook post-election than before election.

    Also, I tried holding out, but my heat came on last night. But it only comes on at night for now. And then only until I find my heater blanket and layer that on my bed. I'm cheap too. (And I just got a $300 gas deposit bill that I'm not excited about.)

    And that was a ramble.

  9. I love your midweek confessions! Is this like a thing? Can I do it on my blog? Is it something to be shared? Will it seem like it's just one more thing that I'm doing to slowly become you, my idol?

    I can't help it. You are so cool with your garden and your books and your knowledge of Les Mis. Have you watched the Phantom 25th Anniversary on Netflix Streaming? It's AMAZING.

  10. Skipping a workout means you are at least working out at some point! I am the epitome of laziness as I cannot even say I skip workouts. I just plain don't workout!! Maybe I should work on this...... :)

  11. The Zumba class here is held in a room of our library (which I wouldn't know, but we happened to be there when the music came on). It is conducted via a video on a huge projector, and the room is otherwise completely dark. Perhaps this would be a solution to your clothes woes?

    Also, can't agree more about WD. I haven't been that upset after an episode since Dale died last season. If they kill of Glenn or Daryl, I'm done.

    Sidenote: Do you watch Talking Dead, too? It's great!

  12. Your comment about the election and Facebook statuses is one of the best post-election insights I've read.

  13. I am such a wimp when it comes to cold and would rather pay than be cold...especially when I'm trying to sleep...I get the whole sore throat, cold nose thing happening. So are cheap ;) But then again, before having Asa I really kinda wanted to go the epidural route for labor this time. But since I knew it would save us...oh...$2000-3000, I just sucked it up and went au-natural again. So I'm cheap too. I ended up being a great experience and the right decision but saving that money was my MOTIVATION.

  14. Well it's freezing here already but the only reason the heat is up so high is we aren't paying for our utilities (and our house appears to have no insulation upstairs - brrr). They are included in our rent though so it's not like we're stealing them.

    And I totally understand your reasons for not working out. I must go buy some cute workout clothes because then I would be better at working out regularly. Right?!?!?


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