Thursday, November 29, 2012

the original fangirl

I know I've mentioned it a few times before, but let me just share this one more time:

I am SO EXCITED about the new Les Mis movie!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm also a little sad. Because loving Les Mis has always been my thing. And I'm finding myself stuck in that pissy hipster frame of mind where I want everyone to know that I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED LES MIS, EVEN BEFORE IT WAS COOL (ie: before it gets nominated for a million Oscars, which it apparently will be) and now that the general public is also going to be Les's like...a little bit of a bummer. I mean, it's good...because it's only the greatest story/musical ever, and good things deserve to be known about. But it's sad because...I don't know, it just is.

So for the record, I want you all to know that I loved it first. Maybe not first-first...because I'm guessing the novel had reached "classics" status about a hundred years before I read it. And because someone recognized the musical-potential and wrote a freaking amazing musical when I was a mere toddler. But from the time I've been old enough to know and understand greatness-- I've loved it most.

I don't even remember when or where I first heard the musical, but by early high school, I was completely obsessed. I spent all of my free time at home locked in my room, performing along with the soundtrack at the top of my lungs. Yes I was super cool and popular, why do you ask? In tenth grade, I tackled the novel. It took FOREVER, because you basically had to learn French in order to make it through. And Google Translate didn't exist. I know, I was a martyr for Les Mis. But anyway, I did it. Read the whole thing. And then started back at the beginning again because it is that good. I spent most of my free time (when I wasn't reading or singing) dreaming about and begging my parents to take me to NYC so that I could see it on Broadway and/or get "discovered" and become Fantine. Of course.

I never got to see it in New York, and now that it's not playing anymore, I have basically no reason to ever go to NYC. Haters.

BUT in 2003, the off-Broadway touring production DID come through Georgia, so my Dad happily escorted me to my first-and-only live theater performance of Les Mis. So glad I got this amaaaazing picture for posterity!

Try not to be jealous of my sweet choker and googly eyes. It's tough being a girl in love.

In other great acts of fan-dom, I got the giant playbill poster (ya know, the 3 feet by 4 feet version of the thing I'm holding above) that adorned the walls of my room/dorm/house for a good many years. If you knew me back when AOL Instant Messenger was the coolest thing ever, you'd know that my screen name was LesMis01...and actually, to this day, pretty much all of my online usernames are still LesMis01 (ya know, to pay bills online, etc.). 

And so now you know that when the new and sure-to-be-amazing (unlike all the previous versions of the movie...shudder) movie hits theaters in a mere 26 days, and I'm there screaming and singing and sobbing in the front (okay, maybe not FRONT...solid middle's more my style) row that I love it the most. However much you are loving the story and the songs and the costumes...I have loved them longer. And that translates to more. And I don't know why I feel so incredibly possessive and competitive about this-- it's actually a little creepy-- but I just feel like I'm losing a little bit of my corner on the market once this thing goes mainstream. Tons of people feel this way when that little garage or coffeeshop band they've been following for a decade suddenly gets "discovered" and goes mainstream. This is just the less-cool drama club version of that feeling. You can respect that, right? Right.

Well. So between this and yesterday's tale about my less-than-pleasant-smelling-feet...I think I've firmly established myself as the least cool blogger on the entire Internet. Truly a noteworthy accomplishment. At any rate...back to my awesome Life Plans for the evening. AKA paying bills and catching up on DVRd episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (lovin' Yolanda this season...anyone else?). Peace!


  1. You make me want to read the book, which I've never done. Also, when J and I saw the preview I asked if he had any interest at all in seeing it and he said "what is it, the French Revolution? Maybe if they took out all the singing." And then I rolled my eyes and felt really sad for him.

  2. I saw it in Toronto when I was 15. So Christmas of 97 I think. It was magical. And I'm pretty durn excited to see it on the big screen Christmas of 2012. Wow. Typing out those two dates made me feel old.

  3. Although I love, love, LOVE Les Mis, I have to admit I've never read the book. (Gasp!) I'll join in the uncool factor by confessing that I actually cried during the Les Mis trailer while waiting for Skyfall to come on. I was THAT girl. We must be related...

    Let's hang out soon!

  4. I read the novel in the summer of 1993 and saw it in NEW YORK CITY that August. I cried all the way through the second act, gave myself a headache and recuperated with french fries at the McDonald's in Times Square.

    Then I took Dave to see it in New York for his birthday in January 2007. Again, I cried, gave myself a headache and ate french fries.

    All that to say that I have LOVED this musical for a very long time, and am not totally dedicated to seeing it on the big screen because how can it be as awesome as the musical on Broadway?!?!

    And so I know just how you feel.

  5. Maybe I need to start using my AOL screen name for online accounts as well... CookieAJN, here I come!

  6. I know how you feel!

    Before *NSync really hit it big, I was "the original" fangirl and loved them first. I was actually teased for a while because, seriously, what's cool about a boy band?? They show up on the Disney channel! How baby-ish!!

    Well, when they finally hit the mainstream and hoards of teen girls everywhere loved them, I felt that same little pang that you do now ... I loved them more! I was a fan before they were cool!

    So, you may rest knowing that I will not try to "out love" you with Les Mis. :)

  7. I saw the off-broadway play of Les Mis in Sacramento the Summer of 2003. It changed my life :) I still need to read it though. So you definitely win at being the creepiest I mean most devoted fan, LesMis01 girl! And yes, Yolanda is a great addition to RHoBH. Lisa is my favorite though.

  8. I don't know that I have ever loved a blog more. Every single thing that you said here I HAVE THOUGHT in the last month. I need people to know I LOVE IT MOST! I LOVED IT FIRST! I don't buy the movie soundtrack losers, I OWN the LONDON version AND the Broadway version.

    And I already think the girl who plays Cosette is the weak link in that cast. Have you seen the International trailer? I wish we could go together, truly.

  9. Did you go to the Fox in Atlanta to see it? If so we were almost at the same showing back in 2003. Well maybe not THE same, I guess it was there for a week of so, but I had tickets then, and made it about a quarter of a mile from the theater, and WHAM! High school boyfriend slams his family van into the car in front of us. Cue worst night ever. No Les Mis. Boo!

  10. I had to break by blog reading "silence" for this post. I found your blog this summer and I absolutely adore it. I too share your "passion" for Les Mis. I did actually see it on Broadway... do not be too jealous. I was 14 and my mom actually dragged me there... GASP! But in my defense I was just naiive about the magic of Les Mis and from the moment the curtain opened I was HOOKED. My mom somehow managed to snag some sweet "twofers" in the third row. Anywhoo.. my mom and I plan on singing the entire score when we see it in the theaters on the 26th.

  11. I can't wait to see this either! So excited!!

    On a separate note, I was really happy to find your blog... While everyone's experience with infertility is unique (and I haven't been through as much as you and your hubby have), you are right that it is isolating. My hubby and I have been trying for two years now, and it has been difficult. I'm glad to have found your blog!

  12. Such a great story. Did you know Victor Hugo was a Christian? Cannot WAIT to see the movie!

  13. I'm pretty sure you were the one that convicted me in 11th grade that I NEEDED to read that book. Which I did. I remember crying my eyes out at the last page because it was just. that. beautiful. So thanks for making me a true fan and not a poser fan. And can we go see this together over Christmas if you are in Augusta??

    And I think I was the one in college that convinced you to read East of Eden. So we pretty much have the best taste in books ever. People should pay us lots of money to review books for them.


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