Monday, November 19, 2012

it's not exactly a manic monday

This was not supposed to be how my glorious First (Week) Day of Thanksgiving Break was supposed to go. Let me tell you how it was supposed to go:

Sleep in til 10 or so. Spend an hour or so lounging, drinking coffee, etc. Get dressed in a cute and leisurely fashion. Go to Athens and enjoy Thanksgiving potluck at Matt's work for lunch. Walk across downtown and get a long-overdue haircut. Go to the gym. Make dinner. Depart for Atlanta (~9pm) to pick up sis- and bro-in-law from airport.

Here's how it's actually going:

Wake up at 6am unable to breathe. Discover your annoying cough from last night is now of the terrible, deep, chest-y variety. Discover you've lost your voice. And your throat hurts. Get up, take cough medicine, allergy medicine, asthma medicine, and blow nose 200 times. Curse yourself for not remembering to buy cough drops at the store yesterday. Find yourself unable to go back to sleep, so get up again and make coffee for yourself and husband and crash on the couch with the laptop. Tell husband you probably won't make it to lunch. Get mad because the haircut that was easily procrastinated a whole year now feels extremely urgent, but probably won't happen today. Write a whiney blog, inexplicably using the third person for an entire paragraph. Blame it on the aforementioned medications.

Whew. Well now that I've got THAT out of my system, let's move on to more interesting other matters.

1. Colleen posted a blog today about "Keeping the Holiday Bitter at Bay" and it really resonated with me. This is my fourth holiday season in the infertility club-- my senior year, if you will. (Only time will tell if I go on to graduate this year, or start straight in on Infertility Grad School. I wonder how long it takes to get a PhD in this crap?) I'm a seasoned pro, right? Unfortunately, that probably won't make it any easier. What does make it easier is the amount of fellow fertility-challenged friends' phone numbers I've collected over the years. I've sent many a panicked text in the midst of holiday (who am I kidding...ANY day) emotional meltdowns to other ladies who know exactly what I'm feeling...and it makes me feel SO much better and less alone. Anyway. That's my tip for today: when bitterness starts taking over, text someone who can be bitter with you!

2. I was going to get my hair cut today and it was going to look awesome. So right now, imagine that this is me showing you a picture of my new 'do. It is perfection. And then you tell me I look just like Zooey Deschanel except way cuter!! And I humbly thank you for your kind words.

3. In a complete contrast to what #1 would have you believe, last night I had an absolutely amazing time at my church's annual Thanksgiving dinner/party. In addition to lots o' food, I took my Big Girl Camera with me last night, thinking I could spend time taking (ok- attempting to take) beautiful food pictures, candid pictures of people having fun, etc. As it turned out, though, I actually took exactly ZERO pictures and never even took my phone out of my purse because I was actually-- wait for it-- having so much fun just BEING there and chatting with people, I never wanted to stop to do something else. I know I probably sound like a jerk that this even surprises me, but it is what it is. Big social gatherings like this can often be really lonely situations when everyone is focused on kids and plans and other things that just generally serve to remind me of what I don't have. So over the years I've developed various coping mechanisms, like being that girl texting in the corner (see #1!), or wandering around taking pictures. Or being stuck like glue to Matt. And last night I did NONE of those things! I was so thankful for good conversation with lots of different folks, and honestly not hardly a minute of my usual angstiness. Thank You God for that-- I really needed a wonderful night of enjoying the people I love. And I got it. Hallelujah. :)

4. I've tried TWO Pinterest tips lately that have been majorly successful-- and FREE! I'd be remiss not to share:

So this "miracle tub cleaner" made by mixing equal parts dish soap and vinegar? TOTALLY WORKS. And even though every single tutorial swears you must use the BLUE DAWN dish soap...well, I decided to give it a whirl with what I had on hand, which happened to be purple Palmolive. And it still worked like a boss. And trust me, I had high expectations because I HATE cleaning tubs and I LOVE buying cleaning products (don't judge me). And it blew me away that this worked better than any product I've ever bought (and I've bought them all) and required absolutely none of my brute strength. I'm a fan for life.

Secondly, I was sucked in by the amazing testimonials of people swearing by the Oil Cleansing method for skincare. I have horrible, awful skin. For a few years it was slightly better (although never good), but for the last six months or so it has become really bad again. I've tried as many different products as I've been able to afford. Nothing's helped. This method is cheap-to-free and sorta made sense the way it was described, so I decided to try. I haven't been able to locate any cold-pressed castor oil, so I've been using a mixture of jojoba oil I had on hand and EVOO. I've been doing it for 4 nights, and so far I must say-- I'm impressed. I'll give it another week or so and if I keep being impressed, maybe I'll show you some before-and-afters. Maybe. Except I forgot to take before pictures. But I took some a few months ago before starting a different (VERY EXPENSIVE AND OVERHYPED) product, which didn't do anything at all for me, so I figure that those "befores" look pretty much exactly like I did on Thursday since nothing's really changed in the months since I took them.

5. I have three unwatched episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the DVR and you better believe I'll be making good use of this sick day and spending some quality time with my favorite rich girls. 

6. My Canadian blogger pal Natasha sent me a big ol' box of Canadian junk food that I received on Friday. This was amazing because a) I freakin' got a big ol' box of junk food, and b) it's Canadian junk food, which is most definitely healthier than American junk food. So far I have basically devoured two coffee/chocolate candy bars and a bag of dill pickle-flavored chips. And I've marveled at how things are written in English and French on all of the packaging. FRENCH! I didn't even know anyone KNEW that language anymore, much less labeled packages with it (except for maybe in France, of course). My whole world revolves around English and Spanish, so I just assumed everyone else's did, too. Oh you funny neighbors to the north with your funny choices in second languages.

That's all I've got. Off to watch some Really Important TV, scrutinize my skin in the mirror, and think about how awesome my hair will look when I get it cut. Busy day!


  1. Dig in to your healthy junk food box, throw on your snuggie, plop down on the couch and live vicariously through the lives of those crazy housewives! A day of r&r will do a girl good! Feel better!!!!

  2. Ugh, I can relate to the first part of this post because both Davis and I are sick with miserable colds at the moment, and we are out of town, far away from the comfort of our own beds (and from Wade, who isn't joining us until Thursday)... anyway, I slept like crap last night, so you were in good company! Glad you have 6 things to distract you from your misery :)

  3. I'm so sorry you're sick, but so glad you had a good time last night. I'm also somewhat angry at my husband because - hello! Why wasn't I invited to the bank lunch?! I have had a supremely crappy day and he is gone for 12 hours straight bc of that lunch AND a dinner function, and I could have been invited?! Ok I think I'm done ranting now. I hope you managed to make it to your haircut!

  4. I used to get sick every year at Thanksgiving- it's the worst! I hope you feel better soon and that you're able to get that haircut soon... one of life's greatest pleasures!

    Also, I am rooting for you to graduate in 4 years, so try not to make it last any longer, ok? Graduate degrees are for dorks.

  5. I HATE getting sick on school breaks. Its the pits. Feel better!

  6. I love your new haircut! It is super-awesome and you are way cuter than Zooey.

    And I hope you feel better soon. Being sick sucks, especially during vacations.

  7. Yay for fun nights, boo for sickness! I hope you're doing better today.

    I've been using the oil cleansing method for a week and a half and love it, but you really do need to get the castor oil - go to Earth Fare. It's the oil that actually cleanses your pores...I have a friend who didn't use it and only used jojoba and EVOO for a couple weeks and it made her skin worse. So just a warning, get the castor oil ASAP and use it with the EVOO. I use sunflower w/ the castor, but have read that EVOO is the same ph as our skin, so it's excellent as well. You can play with the ratio depending on your skin type, but castor really is important. I originally went here for info when I started: - it has a lot of good tips and info.

  8. Whoops, wrote the wrong site: is correct.

  9. I've been using "Dawnegar" for months now and LOVE it! It's a good cleaner in general! Hope you get to feeling better and enjoy your break!!

  10. I'm doing the Oil Cleansing, too--and loving it so far. I'll definitely have to try the Dawnegar, though! Hope you feel better soon!


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