Sunday, December 2, 2012

progress monitoring

Alrighty, kids. We're down to only 10 days left in my 20s (aka 10 days before I turn 30, aka 10 days til 12/12/12)...prolly about time to check in on my ultra-ambitious 30 (days) Before 30 bucket list! I tried to abide by Bren's "pics or it didn't happen" rule, but trust me...some of these things are extremely un-photo-worthy, and I'm not into torturing you,'ll just have to trust me that they happened (if I say they did). 

I will put the item in bold if I've completed it, okay? It'll be purple if it's in progress. Exciting details/stories are italicized. Annnnnd...go!

1. Play video poker at the local gas station. [This is all Matt. He is begging me to list this. Evidently he really wants to do this, so that's why he's forcing me to put it on my list. Don't worry, I'll make him fund it!]

2. Eat a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce on it. I had several Thanksgiving-leftovers sandwiches with this delicious combo, and just today had a turkey-cranberry sandwich at Panera...YUMMY!

3. Cook/bake a new recipe. We made several new recipes around Thanksgiving and one this afternoon- Crunchy Cranberry Waldorf Salad. 

4. Obtain clean fan blades in the master bedroom and living room. [Note that I said "obtain." This means I don't necessarily have to be the one doing this dreadful, most terrible chore. I can beg/bribe someone else and it totally counts!] Yep. Matt did this one for me!

5. Eat at (from?) a food truck. Knocked this one out yesterday at Elizabeth's wedding reception! Ate from three food trucks and one popsicle cart!

6. Shoot Matt's bow and arrow in the backyard.

7. De-lurk myself on at least 3 blogs. I'm not sure, really. I've been making a point to leave comments on blogs that I don't normally comment on, but I haven't really kept track, so...don't know.

8. Choose and decorate an amazing Christmas tree. Yup! Still no pictures of the final product, but you already know I was a little controlling about the process...

9. Roast marshmallows in the backyard.

10. Not sign this petition, so thoughtfully brought to my attention by one of my most ...umm... special... Facebook "friends." It's going to be really tough, since the thought of Georgia withdrawing from the United States to create its own new government is SUCH AN AWESOME IDEA, but I'm sure I can manage... Man, this has been soooo hard to resist...

11. Brinner. A couple times. At least.

12. Get a haircut. You know I did!!

13. Take my vitamins every day. Ummm...I totally fail at this. I did great for like a week. One day I even took them twice. And then...yeah. This one's not gonna be able to get checked off.

14. Actually take the bag of "give to Goodwill" clothes to Goodwill.

15. Get to 150 followers. Come on, yall...surely 12 of you lurkers can tolerate me enough to jump on board, right? Almost there!! Five more people wanna join in on the party?

16. Finish watching seasons 1 & 2 of Modern Family. Haven't even rented the DVDs yet. But I have caught up with this season, does that count?

17. Make a vlog. [Suggested by Amanda. Now I will need further suggestions as to what this vlog should be about. Go!]

18. Rate 150 books on Goodreads. [I've currently rated 125.] I'm up to 139...almost there!

19. Take pictures with my mom and dad.

20. Take a ridiculously long bubble bath. I know, no pictures?? What kind of self-proclaimed over-sharer AM I?

21. Walk on the highest incline on the treadmill at a 3.5 pace for 5 minutes.
For the record, I felt like I was sliding off a mountain the whole time. 

22. Memorize Psalm 30:1-5.

23. Make a secret Pinterest board. [I'm totally intrigued by this new capability, although I have no idea what to make a secret board about. Suggestions are welcome! ] TOP SECRET!!!!! Haircut ideas to show the guy cutting my hair!!! For my eyes only!! (And his, I guess)
However it turned out to be an epic fail because the "secret" board wouldn't show up on the app on my phone!! Even though I was logged in as myself! So...thanks for nothing, Pinterest.

24. Diagram a sentence. [Random, yes. But I feel like it's a lost art. At least it's lost to me. And I'm concerned I've maybe forgotten how. So I should re-learn before I'm too old, right?]

25. Have 9 consecutive no-work days. [Hahaha, thank you Thanksgiving Break!! Done and DONE!] Obviously.

26. Make a new Christmas craft. My woodburned ornaments! And I bought my very own woodburning kit today, so prepare yourself for an abundance of woodburned beauty in your future!

27. Play piano for 30 minutes.

28. Make out with a tall, dark, and handsome bearded man. [My husband-whaaaat??!] [PS. Guess who suggested this one?] Shockingly, it was Matt. And good thing I jumped on that one early (not literally.) (Well, maybe.) because he just up and shaved the thing off the other night with no forewarning!! Glad I didn't procrastinate on this one or things could get reallllly awkward...

29. Learn a new way to tie a scarf. Not that I've actually left the house with it tied this way yet, but I can do it!

30. Beat Matt at a game of Jav. [If I've never described Jav before here, I'll be sure to do so at some point. Possibly.]

So that puts me at 15/30 totally completed, with another few in progress. Yikes. I better get busy! 

I had a busy and FABULOUS wedding-weekend, full of friends and food and primping and laughter and Instagram-ing (sorry if you follow me and got a little sick of seeing my feathered hairpiece) and also I bought two more lipsticks because I've decided I enjoy wearing lipstick. So that's that. Perhaps I'll give you a glamorous and photo-filled update later this week! 
But here's a teaser in case it takes me awhile to get around to it. Please note the feathers and the lipstick. I promise this is how I look on a regular basis.

And I'm out. Happy December (aka BEST MONTH EVER)!


  1. I got confused with numbers 27 and 28 and thought you had to make out for 30 minutes! Ha! Anyways...

    Congrats on getting so close on your 30 out of 30.

  2. Hooray for progress! Ok as for a vlog... you could vlog a demonstration of your new way to tie a scarf? Or you could do a tour of your house (if your computer can move with the webcam)? Or you could ramble purposely like Allison and I did on our last one... ha!

  3. Way to go! You are really knocking the items off this list. (And nice job with the photo-documentation). I'm loving the feather in your hair... I think you should wear it everyday to celebrate your Birthday month!

  4. haha. have fun with your woodburning kit. just don't let matt mess up the saw again. hehe.

  5. I agree with Amanda - do a vlog house tour!

    Yay for almost turning 30. I turned 30 last month and it was a fun milestone :) Although I feel absolutely no different. ha!


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